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    I'm quirky, I'm random. I love tattoos, vintage clothing, glamour and excessive make-up. My dream job would either be as a fashion photographer or a make-up artist! I'm a girly-girl with a bit of an alternative twist.
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    Music, Fashion, Photography, Art, Makeup
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    United Kingdom
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    I can't =[
  • My Favorite Movies
    Moulin Rouge, The Notebook, True Romance, American Beauty & Interview with the Vampire
  • Favorite Music
    Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Maximo Park
  • Favorite Books
    Anything, I could read for hours!
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Bourjois, GOSH, Barry M, MAC, Urban Decay & Maybelline
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I once broke my nose falling off a horse...?
  1. Sherbert-Kisses

    Bleaching gone a little awry...

    I haven't been on these forums in forever... is anyone still about I know? Anyway. I've just bleached my hair from dark brown to blonde. The roots have taken really well. The problem is. I thought my previous dye had all faded out but it hadn't. So my roots are very light blonde and the rest of my hair is sort of copper/ginger. It doesn't look horrendous. Just wondered what would be the best action to take to get my hair to match my roots? I was thinking of using a colour stripper and the bleaching after that... or would I be able to just rebleach the ginger parts and achieve the blonde that way? This is how it looks... Edit: Removed link and added pic
  2. Sherbert-Kisses

    Can you rock red lipstick?

    I'm pretty much exclusive to red lipstick, I own.... far too many!
  3. Sherbert-Kisses

    A Little Help With Songs

    Thank you guys Jack of Diamonds is the best so far.
  4. Sherbert-Kisses

    A Little Help With Songs

    Hello lovelies This may sound like a bizarre request. But get your thinking caps on and try and think of songs that have something to do with a deck of cards and the suits. Any genre is welcome. Think Ace of Spades etc
  5. Sherbert-Kisses

    Who is your style icon?

    Bettie Page, Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich
  6. Sherbert-Kisses

    How are you not dying in heels!

    I've become accustomed to wearing heels for long periods simply because I always break a new pair in whilst in the house. If I'm just doing odds and ends like washing up, changing the bed etc and will be inside for a few hours I will wear my heels to get them shaped to my feet. You make your heels comfier for when you wear them outside and you also get used to walking in heels in the process.
  7. Sherbert-Kisses

    Photo I took

    Wonderful composition and lighting.
  8. I thought we came joint first?
  9. I despise being called skinny. I'm naturally very slim and I do not diet or starve myself to be this way. Being called skinny, to me, implies that people think I am anorexic or unhealthy. I get pretty wound up when anyone says it to me.
  10. Sherbert-Kisses

    QOTD January 25, 2011: What do you drink?

    It depends very much on where I am and if I drank alcohol the night before. My non-alcoholic preference is either water or Pepsi Alcohol wise.... anything goes. Beer, wine, spirits. My favourites are white wine, strawberry beer, disaranno and archers
  11. Everyone else's is so soft and pretty!
  12. Sherbert-Kisses

    Vote for me please :)

    I have applied to a competition to be on the cover of a new vintage magazine in my city. It's being run via facebook and the winner is chosen by the shot with the most 'likes' so I need all the help I can get. You will need to add the person as a friend first and then go to the album called "WIN the face of Issue one of the new exciting Liverpool VINTAGE MAG" my picture is the 4th one. Add them here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001639700433 xx
  13. I think 2 weeks is a little long for these, we used to run them weekly and still had plenty of entries.
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