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  1. I have stopped using skin care products with synthetic substances. I find using natural products more effective and nourishing. I only had few breakouts when I felt lazy washing my face when I woke up during the weekend. It is important to keep the skin clean if you have oily skin. I used my own mineral makeup so far, since it is cheaper for me. But I find proactive makeup quite good on me but it is quite expensive.
  2. As I promised to get back to this thread after I get the answer form Coastal Scent themselves, and I finally did. Wherever they come from, I am one of those who are satisfied with the quality of their Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallette "Most of our products are made in the USA, some of them are designed by us and produced in Asian countries like all important cosmetic companies are doing, due to lower costs giving more affordable prices to customers. All productions are made under FDA guidelines and are safe to use. Finished Makeup Palettes, Lip glosses and Gel liners are being shipped out of Hong Kong."
  3. Originally Posted by Leylani Those pallettes goes for much lesser price at ebay.... They are produced in china, CS only put their name on the readymade ones. But they are really great quality. Check them out at ebay at half the price :-P I dont think so. CS made it themselves but I will check it out and go back to this thread.
  4. you can try CS Ebook. I find it very informative specially in making eyeshadow and blushes Coastal Scents: Loose Mineral Makeup Secrets Revealed. If you find it costly, you can try DIY. I started making my foundation from this recipe and constantly experimenting until I achieved the right foundation for my sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. mineral makeup recipes, foundation recipes, color cosmetic recipes
  5. Sometimes famous brand mineral makeup companies buy their products to small companies and sell for a higher price. Aside from MAC and Saphora, I am very please with Coastal Scents eyeshadow pigments. You dont need extra products to put on your eyelid to make it last long and the colors are amazing
  6. Originally Posted by Dawn I first tried Bare Mineral foundation and it was so bad for my skin. I gave up on mineral foundation for a long time. A few months ago I started ordering samples again. Some I had luck with and some not. Once I broke out bad from a foundations and tried another right after it. I thought both were bad but later tried the second again and it turned to be ok for my skin. Sometimes you have to try a second time but I try to wait 1-2 weeks between new foundations to really give 1 a chance. Have you tried calcium carbonate? It's very good oil control. You can also try sercite treated with carnauba wax
  7. Originally Posted by Flowind Hi here. Yeah, I totally see your point... You know, I thought about giving people a second chance. (sometimes emails are lost in cyber space) Nah, you didn't rub me the wrong way. That's your opinion and you are entitle to that and I defintely respect that... However, there are things that people do not agree with and that's why we have forums so people can decide which one is to folow or believe or not. For me customer service is A MUST!! specially if it's is online shopping. There are too many fraud out there and it's hard to give money and have to wait for a couple of days and week or even months and for some NONE at all, to get something that you have paid for. Have a great day MS. Flowind
  8. Girl, the longest they should answer emails is two business days (weekend is exempted)..I really think that is good customer service..Longer than that is NOT A GOOD customer service... I always shop online so I dont know about waiting for a month for my order to arrive, unless I get a notification of a delayed shipment. The longest shipment I should wait is 15 working days (if orders coming from outside Canada).. Longer than that is NOT GOOD anymore. So everytime I want to order online, I contact them first. And if I didn't get answer from them within 2 business days, they are out of my list..Unless they are really a reputable and I got a lot of recommendations. But waiting for my order to arrive in one month?... Yay... Unless the order is big and heavy?.. Light weight and small orders, I usually get it in less than two weeks.
  9. Originally Posted by Flowind To tell you the truth, I actually got this in a month. I sent them my second email thinking they might not respond, but they did. they did say that an employee quit, and their email system has problems. I think, no matter whatever the reason, they did lose some customers. however, i was pleased at how they replied in a week and I did get my order in a month. All in all, when I see those generous sparkly/shimmery beauties cost only little show up on my door, my smile went wacko.. I will repurchase again. Seems like I did get good customer service with them. IN A MONTH?... AN EMAIL REPONSE AFTER A WEEK?.. and you will order again?... and you call that GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? ..... common girl?.... I dont know about that but I am not desperate with sparkly shimmery products...
  10. I have been looking for mineral shimmer eyeshadow that last long... all day... and I finally got one... Try coastal scent 88 ultra shimmer pallete. You'll be surprise how it adheres without using a concealer whatsoever to make it last.and awesome colors. It's worth every penny. Coastal Scents: Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette

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