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  1. I wanted to add to this list of companies with the best eye pigments Archetype! The wait time as I understand is long but the wait is worth it for what you receive.
  2. While on holiday I had benefit to score many major deals in the States. One that I must share is a gel liner manufactured by Wet and Wild. I picked up several of these in pharmacy and they were BOGO at less than $3.00 USD! The liner applies somewhat more "wet" than HIP or Fluidlines (L'Oreal, MAC) but the color is as intense as either of these and smudge resistant. I would say that the longer dry down time actually gives one a bit of needed working time for blending and applying on the plus side. Definitely a product to pick up if you are a fan of gel, liquid, or cream liners.
  3. After all is said and done I would say that Cory's is indeed the heaviest coverage mineral foundation.
  4. Hello GINALINDA35, I do use a foundation brush and my method of application is 1. In one application the amount that I use is generally under 1 ml (I know this is more than most use) 2. I then press the foundation brush in the powder coating each side. 3. I then gently press and stroke the brush on the outer sections of face working inward. 4. This process is repeated generally 4 times. 5. I complete with overall blending using the same brush or a light brushing with my adored Kabuki from EDM or Lumiere - Flat edged kabuki. I will gather a final light dusting of mineral foundation with one of these brushes and dust and blend lightly the entire face.
  5. Very good. I have been privileged to gather several of these in a trade and they are indeed special! I have 15 generous samples and as I was assured they were unused. The quantity is quite generous so if the going price is under .50 USD these are an amazing bargain and value! The colors and quality to say the least are excellent.
  6. I'm a big EGM foundation fan and love Cover Me for it's coverage. If you want lighter coverage I'd say try the Youthful Glow. It's beautiful and gives a little glow - not shiny but quite nice. I interchange with it and Cover Me but find that Cover Me is my HG as it is said. The liquid is much like a standard liquid foundation - light in texture but quite nice. I have oily skin and it held well. I pair it with Youthful Glow but your needs may not require double duty. Overall I would recommend it but I would say do try Youthful Glow if Cover Me is too much for your needs. It gives a very pretty look.
  7. Definitely contact them. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with their customer service. Early on I mistakenly ordered the wrong foundation. I contacted them after opening it and they assured me no worries and immediately sent me a bag of foundation to blend with it and at (no cost to me). This was labelled as tweaker. The instructions were to blend with my existing foundation to bring to a color that was more in line with mine. It worked beautifully so much so that later I purchased a full size of foundations in both formulas Youthful Glow and Cover Me for the correct colors. I now have ample supplies of foundation for every occasion on hand.
  8. Hello CDazz, I too am thus far head over heals in love with Cover Me. Coverage is complete and performance is beautiful.
  9. I used this Botanical treatment now for the greater part of a month. I will say that it undoubtedly has lightened the edges of discolored facial areas of my face a slight bit. More than this I have noticed an overall smoothness of my face texture- by this I say that my pores are less crater like in appearance. I contacted them today to ask if this was possible and am waiting for a reply. I can't imagine what else to credit the change to as this is the only change in my skin care routine.
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