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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye I would rather use nothing before using that mascara. I don't care how jaded that sounds. Maybe older women who find that it has nostalgia or something, idk. Nope! ;-) That stuff's the worst - clumpy, bad, just all around no good. I never got the hype either, even after all these years!
  2. Last night, at exactly 9:50 PM EST, I figured I had exactly two hours and 10 minutes to go on a small online haul before I started my 2014 no-buy. I have to get serious about a no buy, because I'm trying to buy an apartment this year. So the buys this year need to only be when I run out of something I plan on buying again. No new stuff just for kicks. So last night's "Last Minute Haul of 2013" was small, but it was all stuff I was either out of or low on: 1. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - one bottle of "Kyoto" perfume oil. 2. Meow Mineral makeup - two Munchkins, both in Flawless Feline. One in Sleek Manx and one in Frisky Manx (then I open them both, mix them together, and divide them for two jars of my own custom blended shade). 3. This was the biggest haul, but it wasn't too bad. I ordered from "Dr. Jen's House of Beauty", a non-toxic makeup and skincare company located out of Seattle. Her skincare line is Xerion Skin Science, and her makeup line is Atomic Cosmetics. From her skincare line, I got one jar of her night cream, and one bottle of her exfoliating fruit facial wash. From her makeup line, I got a bottle of her setting spray, one of her eyeshadows in "Virgo" (which I did need to get another of that color), and one of her blushes in "Torrid", which was really the only thing I didn't need to have. So that's it - now comes the no-buy!
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, and my sympathies go out to you and your son. Pets are special to our lives, that's for sure. All my best to you.
  4. I'm starting my no-buy as of today - 2014 is a fresh new start, because I buy way, way too much makeup, and I want to buy an apartment this year. And I know full well that I might have been able to get started earlier if I total up all my makeup purchases and think about how that money could have been better spent. Of course, that meant last night was officially my last night that I could shop for anything. I made three small online purchases, which I won't talk about here, because I don't want to mention any hauls in a no buy thread (they aren't huge, but I'll take them to the haul thread!). I looked at the clock at 9:50 PM EST last night, and thought, "If there's anything you truly need or are out of, you have two hours and ten minutes to get them." So the three purchases I made WERE honestly things that I'm either out of or almost out of, except for one blush. Didn't need it, got it anyway! So my goal for 2014 - and beyond, because I need to be a responsible home owner - is from now on, nothing else that I don't have to have. No more shopping for makeup unless it's stuff I've actually run out of that I will need again. And today it begins, so wish me luck!
  5. I love their Extra Creamy Round lipstick in Frappucino. I usually pair that up and top it with their Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Perfect.
  6. I haven't been a big fan of the ELF makeup itself. But I have a couple of their brushes, and they're really great. Their blush brush is just the right size for me - I have a really small face, so bigger blush brushes make me look like a clown. Small brushes just put tight little streaks on my cheekbones. The ELF blush brush is the perfect size for me, the bristles hold up really well, and I've had no shedding. And for the price, I can stock up so that I always have a clean one in my rotation. Also, their contour eye brush makes a great blending brush - again, even out of my better brushes, the ELF one is my favorite. So yeah, not crazy about their makeup, but I love their brushes.
  7. I haven't tried the Japonesque curler, but it is interesting - you've gotta love how it has no sides to pinch! Right now, I'm using the MAC eyelash curler, which is a traditional one. But, it is just ever-so-slightly more rounded, so it gets more of the lashes in there in one shot, which I really like about it. But you still have to be careful of the pinching! Please let us know how you like the Japonesque one after you use it.
  8. That's very true - and even so, there are some things I prefer in one brand over another, so I use both depending on my mood. My two favorites, being BM and Meow, each have different things they bring to the table. When I need heavier coverage, I use Meow. When I want a more natural looking finish, and aren't having as many skin "issues" that day, I use BM. It's no different than changing up your eyecolor or lipstick - just, what are you in the mood for or what do you need on that particular day?
  9. I think you look beautiful! I'll the only naysayer in the bunch and say that I do like the match of new foundation on you. It IS very heavy looking, so I can understand that you're not crazy about it from that angle. But I think the shade is a very nice match for your skintone (and so is your other one, too, so you could really work with either!). Not that I need ANY more stuff, but what color is that lipgloss called? I love that, I may have to track it down, LOL! I don't like a lot of Tarte's glosses, but that's beautiful, and it's a great color on you.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MUMami I may get flogged for this - but Im sorry, NARS glosses smell like dirty rags - I just dont understand? I love the shades, especially Turkish Delight which looks amazing - but I can't get over the smell and cant get myself to buy one. OMG, yes! I just posted this somewhere - I don't remember - but I said the same thing! NARS glosses have such a gross, chemical-y smell and taste that I just can't wear them. Can't go anywhere near 'em! So if you DO get flogged, I'll probably get flogged right along with you!
  11. You know, after I looked over my post from last night, I was really beating myself up. "You could be using Meow foundation. You could be using NYX for ALL of your color. There's no need for this kind of expense." And then I did my face this morning for the first time in days, since I've been off from work for the holiday. And I swear - I was thrilled with how I looked. I'm 50, and my makeup has never looked more polished. That has to say something about the quality of the products - at least I hope so! So I calmed down a bit about the actual dollar amount from last night. Quote: I am also interested in breaking it out to annual costs, and I've tried to calculate how long each product lasts for me That's true, too - I know the stuff I use is really expensive, but it's also not like I'm buying it every week!
  12. Chantecaille eye shadows. HOLY CRAP, for what you pay for these suckers, they should at least stay on. Even with a good eyeshadow primer, they're gone by 10 AM. Save your money!
  13. Concealer and foundation! I was 15, and was going to the mall, where I knew my crush would be hanging out. I got desperate and dug through my mom's makeup bag in our bathroom before I ran out the door. And what was this skin colored stick in her bag that looked like it could cover my blotchy skin? Stick concealer! Luckily, I have the same skin tone as my mom, and I immediately started covering up under eye circles and my blotchy red nose and pink eyelids. I immediately looked better! I grabbed one of her dusty rose lipsticks, ran a quick swipe of it over my lips, and scooted out the door. I was a convert from that moment on!
  14. Oh, crap, this is gonna be an eye opener. I may as well confess now, I love high-end stuff. Plus, and this is the honest truth, but a lot of the drugstore stuff breaks me out. But I do love high end anyway, skin sensitivities or not. 1. Tarte BB Cream - $34 2. Chanel concealer - $40 3. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - $24 4. Bare Minerals foundation - $27 5. Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder - $34 6. Urban Decay Primer Potion - $20 7. Urban Decay shadow single - three colors @ $18 each = $54 8. Chanel Waterproof eyeliner pencil - $30 9. Chanel Waterproof mascara - $30 10. Bare Minerals lip liner pencil - $15 11. Chanel lip gloss - $29 12. Chanel blush - $43 13. Urban Decay All Nighter setting Spray - $14 Total damage! $394 Holy crap!!
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