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  1. Pro's- The people who work at my MAC store are so sweet and really helpful, I've never had a problem with a snobby MUA and mine are quite funny! The color selection is huge and I can pretty much find what ever I want in a matter of a few minutes. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and stay on nicely when I use UDPP It's a cheap department store brand My MAC often times has stuff from older collections that most MAC stores run out of on the first day Cons- Some of the stuff (like Fix+) is way overpriced The lipstick can be drying The MSF Natural doesn't show up on my skin at all The stores are really small and crowded.
  2. Yes, from my best friend! When I'm with her and I buy makeup she always HAS to say, every single time, that she doesn't need makeup. Now that makes me feel so ugly and insecure that I just don't want to talk to her sometimes. Yesterday I bought a benefit blush (and we all know how expensive those are) and her and my guy friend went on a rant about how only ugly people need makeup. Who cares? Makeup is addicting!
  3. Originally Posted by Adrienne It was the result of that kind of attitude all the time. I don't like negativity and it got to the point that I dreaded spending time with her . I guess she found out what was so addicting lol. It really is! It's like you buy a lipgloss and it leads to everything else and before you know it you have no where to put all your makeup o_o;;
  4. Originally Posted by Adrienne Welcome to MuT I had one friend like that but she's not a friend anymore for the same reason. She would insinuate that by me wearing makeup that she was prettier bc she felt she didn't need to and that I somehow depended on it. If I picked up a new blush she'd call it a waste of money and say she'd lucky she doesn't need that stuff. Well, last I saw her, she's loves it all by the cakes and it's not pretty. Other than that, any of my other girlfriends love my stash and love the looks I do on them so no complaints there. Wow, that sounds just like my friend! I don't think I would ever let her go because of that though, she's my closest friend. Interesting how she changed her mind like that all of a sudden, sounds like she could use a few tips from you
  5. Does she (or he!) think they're better than you because you wear makeup and they don't? I know my friend does, she always makes a point to say "I don't like wearing makeup!" "It makes me feel disgusting!" and "How can you put this crap on your face?" whenever I shop for it or I put some on. So what about you? By the way, yes! I am new
  6. I can speak 4! I know Farsi because that's my first language and without knowing Farsi in my family you're dead! Then of course English which I'm proud to say I have no accent in. My parents speak Turkish so I grew up around it and I guess I'm self taught at that, and I'm learning French because I used to live in Toronto and I've been taking it since 3rd grade.
  7. I was in Ulta once and I asked to get color matched for a concealer and since I'm 15 the lady acted like I was only there to mess around and waste her time, when I said thank you all she said was "Mmmhm" then she said I should wash my face because I had horrible acne, I was so offended! I wash my face twice a day and she was just utterly rude. That same day I went to the nail polish section and I had 2 workers just walking around me pretending to fix things when really they were just watching me =/ On the bright side, I was once at a Chanel counter and the lady was the nicest sales person I have EVER met, I was just looking at lip glosses and she sat down in a little chair next me and and started talking about makeup and clothes it was the nicest experience I've ever had I felt bad for not buying anything!
  8. I usually either wait for it to go on sale or the brand. Generally the sales person doesn't really affect my choice, they're usually nice anyways. Sometimes they treat me like I'm lower than them but it doesn't change my mind. I like to have a wide range of colors since I don't have that much makeup.
  9. My best friend is Croatian/Bosnian and my heritage includes Russian, Turkish, and Persian. I don't discriminate when it comes to making friends, it just happens. I have no clue if this affects anything or not but I lived in an area for 11 years where half the population was Eastern Europeans. It would be strange to inquire what race a person is from before getting to know them, it's something you find out a little later on

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