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    <p>Mom of 4, plus a dachshund, a guinea pig, a plecostamus, and a wicked husband.</p>
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    I draw pixel art, play WoW and swim.
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    Domestic Goddess, Mom, Wife, Graphic Artist, Web Designer.
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    All the pretty things... especially freshly released palettes.
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    Urban Decay, Wet 'n' Wild, Guerlain, Starlooks, NYX, and Shea Terra
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    I like cake but hate frosting.
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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mariahk83 DQ'ed on skin type too :/ Same. Boo.
  2. Dalylah

    10 Year Anniversary of MakeupTalk

    Woohoo! Congratulations to all of those who contributed and participated in the last 10 years. May there be many more years of fun and makeup!
  3. Dalylah

    Really like it

    Really like it
  4. Dalylah

    Jordanna Cosmetics Customer Service - Beware!

    I am not sure if this is a different company or if you mean Jordana Cosmetics. Sometimes names are close but aren't the same. I haven't ordered from their site but I shop their stuff at Walgreens quite often. If you have a Walgreens locally you might check them out to avoid hassle in the future. Just a thought. Sorry about your bad experience with them.
  5. If you want to make them appear bigger you can use white or light pink liner on your lower waterline. Dark colors definitely make them look smaller because it has a "shadow" effect.
  6. Dalylah

    best cheap makeup brands

    I will fourth the ELF recommendation, especially their Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. Their stuff is hit and miss but the primer is really great. Fyrinnae and Glamour Doll Eyes are some of my favorite loose shadows. Good prices and they are super pigmented.
  7. I have tried a ton of them and at one point was getting more than 20 subs! I end up dumping most of them though. The subs I have stuck with are Ipsy, Starbox, Birchbox (it was gifted), and Graze. I am too picky for clothes subs.
  8. Dalylah

    Starlooks Starbox August 2013

    Yes. Mine still says not found. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to correctly update.
  9. Dalylah

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I haven't seen a survey on their site in months except the address change one.
  10. Dalylah

    MakeUp Talk Mavens

    Hehe I got in too! I am so excited to do this!
  11. I just got into a foundation study. So excited!
  12. Dalylah

    Starlooks Starbox July 2013

    Me too!
  13. Is anyone else having trouble accessing their questionnaires for Skin Home Study S13-212? I tried 3 browsers, emailed them and called with no response.
  14. Dalylah

    Birchbox July 2013

    My ModelCo Lipstick was too. Nice stuff too!
  15. Dalylah

    Sircle Samples

    Thank you, got it!
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