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  1. One of the things I miss the most about moving to So. Cali... The long walks and rides around the mountains to watch the magic of fall in the foliage views. The crisp early morning scents of the season change. The need for an extra layer of clothing after almost bearing it all during the summer. I miss the hours I would sit out in the woods watching the squirrels and birds harvesting the fresh fallen acorns while listening intently for the soft sounds of the wood mice trying to sneak by... fall was such a most beautiful time of the year.
  2. Well wouldn't ya know it, lost his oldest living man status by default! Brings to mind a case in a prior state I had been living in where a woman collected welfare on her 11 children for more than five years until dhs got suspicious when she attempted to include the new baby fish she had added to her fish tank.
  3. I've been with very materialistic persons before. Although I love spoiling my Sweetie and children, I do it by choice because I can afford to and all the bills are paid off on time always. What I hated about the truly materialistic person I have been with was how selfish, self centered and greedy they were. They spent every cent they earned on things they didn't need and most of the time never looked at a second time once they got it. They rarely offered to pay household expenses, were deeply in debt and expected me to pay off their debts. If I said anything about their exorbitant spending I was flatly told it was none of my business as they earned the money. All this while trying to get me to pay off their debts at that very moment. It's gets old quick and I simply got them distanced.
  4. Such a cutie. Lub those big floppy ears.
  5. Hello Babygirl23! Welcome to MakeUpTalk.
  6. Originally Posted by Aprill Let's toss this convo: What if you were with a man, got pregnant, told him, and he said abort the baby. He would generally be all kinds of villians. Every nasty word you could conjure up. Right? Or would you feel the same? Or is this a game of 'Who's in control' of 'I said it first?' It is so sad to see so many that turn it into a control issue. Both know that even in the event that both are using birth control, the woman the pill, the man a condom, that there is still a chance of pregnancy and it does happen. I do believe in choice, but an equality of choice except in the instance of life threatening risks to the woman. I do believe this should be backed up with real lab results and not just a generic letter. Although sad to see happen, if both parents are in agreement with abortion, then so be it. But if either parent decides to keep it... well both went into this knowing the risks and neither have a case of ignorance when it happens. I will always side with the parent that wants to bring this life into the world and give it a chance at life. Power control is bull****. He said, she said is no excuse for shirking parental responsibilities when pregnancy happens. You don't want the responsibility, then don't take the risk.

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