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  1. Aww thank you! Its really funny actually, as a guy nobody ever told me I had a nice smile, but I hear it all the time as a woman! Is that just a social gender thing, or do I just have a girly smile?
  2. Lol thanks scout, I just got your reputation email, ugh!
  3. Oh is that all? And MUT decides to email me just to tell me I got a thumbs up? Snore!
  4. Awesome advice! I've really wanted to get into contouring but I'm not sure I have the right colors for it and I never know exactly what I should or shouldnt contour for my face shape. I know it can work wonders though and I really want to get into it soon. I mean of all the contour areas which do you think I might need? Thanks so much for the compliments too! believe me, I'd trade my skinny body for your curves anyday! Quote: Originally Posted by lethalglam Woah first of all you look awesome! I wish I had your legs... and I just wish my body was svelte in general like yours, lol... haha oh right on to constructive criticism: I'd use some nice babydoll demi wispie lashes (Ardell makes a pair) just to elongate your eye shape and make it appear more cat-like. I'd also encourage you to do some contouring (not quite as much as Kim Kardashian though), but just some subtle bronzer that is 2 shades darker than your foundation on your jawline (to create the shape you want) and under your cheekbones so they pop more (you can also use it on the sides of your nose if you want to "slenderize" your nose). You want to use bronzer to push back the parts of your face you would like smaller (for me that's under my chin, sides of my nose, and under my cheeks) and use a highlighter to bring out the parts of your face that would naturally hit the light (for me that's the middle of my nose, above my blush, my browbone, the cupids bow above my lip and a delicate amount on my forehead and chin). Makeup is a lot about personal preference and just learning the tricks of the trade is enough to help you customize your look. Remember to blend blend blend if you do decide to contour . Hope that helped!
  5. I'm wearing contacts, yep I have no idea how to wear makeup with glasses, but I guess I will have to figure that out eventually! I kind of figure I'll only wear glasses before bed or things liek that anyways. The last dress was just a Halloween costume so I thought it was ok for that!
  6. Hey everyone! So I am a transgendered girl not yet on hormones(but I hope to be soon). I've finally gotten serious about makeup and clothes and I wanted to post a few before and after pics to see how you all thought I was doing! Constructive criticism welcome too! I know about my eyebrows, I'm not fulltime female yet so I can't really get them shaped just yet
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by amymay7 What foundation are you wearing? Your skin looks awesome. I don't want to admit it but I ran out of foundation so all I used was some concealer and followed it with powder! I thought it looked awful but it turned out alright and the pics hide it well I guess lol. Thanks though
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by satojoko I personally think you did a great job. Even moreso as it's your first cat eye. Your entire makeup look & hair style really suit you. You look really pretty :-) Try various different brushes, which can give you different results with your eyeliner. My favorite ones are a bent synthetic liner which I love for gel liners & thinner liner close to my lashes, a natural-hair lip-liner type brush which works really well with liquid liners, and a medium-stiffness, angled, natural hair brush that can also be used for brows. I'll often dip it into my very soft jumbo eyeshadow pencils and apply that as my liner, or use the same brush for smudging powder product on top of gel liner. The shape of your brush, as well as the stiffness and fiber/hair type can make it easier - or or more difficult - to wing out your liner towards the outer corners of your eyes exactly the way you want, or to get a thinner line towards the inner corners. A big part of enjoying makeup is the opportunity to play with it :-) What type of brush did you use this time around? The dress BTW looks spectacular on you! Great choice with the color & the style. You look incredibly well put together. Honestly, if you hadn't said you are transgendered, I never woulda guessed. No BS. Hey girl thanks so much! I just used the little angled brush that came with the wet n wild gel liner! It took me forever to do the cat eye lol. Thanks for the compliments, its good to hear my hard work is paying off! its hard for any girl to look pretty, but imagine if you weren't born a girl! Its a struggle
  9. Hey girls! So I'm a total beginner at makeup, but as a male to female transgendered woman, I'm realizing just how important makeup is for a girl! I decided to finally try my hand at a cat eye and I think it went alright! It took forever and I think the angle is too flat but, I'm gonna try again soon, I really like the look! What do you all think? Thanks P.S. The last pic is my Taylor Swift 'pretending I'm surprised I just won an award' look
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Babs28 You look beautiful and your skin looks flawless. What type of look are you going for? When I was first learning how to put makeup on, for different type "looks", I would go to the MAC counter for a makeover. They give you a chart with how to apply the make up. I had a natural, a night out and day event chart. I would use that as my reference and buy other colors and apply the same way. You have to spend a certain amount of money for the makeover but it can be worth it to learn if don't know how. I know Sephora does makeovers but I have no experience with that store. Congratulations on deciding to transition. You are an inspiration to many. Hi! Thanks for the advice . Actually I'm not going for a specific look, just for something that will make me more passable as a female and that won't call attention to myself(IE not a clown!). I'm still too nervous really to go out and get a makeover even though I want one, I still present as a male currently and my voice is deep so I'm too paranoid about all that. So I'm just playing around on my own with drugstore stuff trying to figure out what looks halfway decent lol
  11. So I haven't posted in quite a while, last was close to a year ago letting everyone know I had decided to see a gender therapist. I'm happy to say I am now in transition from male to female and am trying to get serious about my look, including makeup! I'm super beginner though, and I was hoping you all could help me figure out what would look best for me, including styles and colors and such! Here's a pic of a look I think came out alright, what do you girls think? Thanks so much
  12. Hey girls. I've been on here off and on for years now, mostly just showing pictures of me dressing up as a female(pics are in my other threads). Its never gone beyond that before, but I've finally made the decision to see a gender therapist to try and get on female hormone therapy. I've always felt very female and I'm just so tired of not being myself, and I think this is the right decision. I shudder to think what will happen with family and friends and work but, I have to be me, and that is a female. I just wanted to let you all know and hopefully I can see somebody soon! Wish me luck, thanks girls Christina PS I know this has nothing to do with makeup but I wanted to let you all know!! lol thanks
  13. Hey all, its been so long since I've posted on here! I missed it! So technically I'm a boy but I like to dress as a girl whenever I can(but never in public). This year I think I may get up the courage and go to a party in my Halloween costume this year, a sexy witch! There's a party this weekend that was postponed cause of the storm, but I have no idea what kind of makeup to use(or how!) I was thinking maybe starting with a cat eye?(which I've never done!) Can you all help please? Thanks so much! Here's some pics for you all(sry theyre a bit blurry!)
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