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  1. Very portable, purse friendly, easy to apply and blend
  2. The facial spritz made my skin react horribly! It got bumpy all over my cheeks, nose, and undereye with very small blisters and now those are gone but the skin is blotchy and very itchy! The ingredients list doesn't contain anything I haven't seen before so I think the product I got might be contaminated by something because my skin really reacted in a way I had never seen before. halp!
  3. If it's a gloss in a tube you can grab a knife, pry it between the tube itself and the ring and then pull the ring out. In this image you can see where to insert the edge of the knife in a tube of gloss. While this tube is a Too Faced product it should be similar to your Smashbox glosses. Once that piece is out you can reach the rest of the gloss with ease. However, it will become messier so take care when transporting the tube.
  4. I also "depotted" some OCC liptars into pans. For anyone curious they are a mix of 1 part liptar to 1.5 parts TKB lipstick base by weight. I weigh out the base into a heatsafe container (I used paper dixie cups because I was depotting a bunch), melted it in the microwave, weighed in the liptar, mixed, gave it a bit more heat in the microwave to make it very liquid and then poured into the pans. A good quantity for 26mm pans is 1g liptar to 1.5g base for a total of 2.5g.
  5. Applying with a lip brush takes a bit more work and I think for the next time I might add some castor oil to soften things up a bit and make it easier to pick up color. As for portability, I have a small palette from Glam Rx that came with in my Ipsy bags that is perfect for whatever color I want to take and a brush, and it has a mirror, so when I need to retouch it's not going to be too difficult.
  6. Glam RX sells tiny palettes for portability, which solves the touchup problem because of how convenient they are. The magnetic palette I used is an organizer page from Trish McEvoy. They are a bit pricy but I like how they look and they have a tab with holes in it so I keep the bunch I have together in groups of three with looseleaf binder rings. Plus, I really like the all clear look. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/trish-mcevoy-large-refillable-makeup-page/2867950 Trish McEvoy also has small magnetic compacts that you can fill and take with you but personally the Glam Rx mini palettes are good too and much cheaper.
  7. I got tired of clutter and wasteful packaging and I started depotting my drugstore lipsticks into pans. Check out the first set! There's some ELF, some L'Oreal Colour Riche and some Maybelline ColorSensational. I think it all came out rather nicely.
  8. I had laser hair removal on my body and my face so I think I can answer some of your questions. You will feel something but since it's under your chin it probably won't hurt much. It will feel very warm though and the light will be quite bright (it's possible the doctor will blindfold you to protect your eyes). You might smell burning hair, which will be alarming, but don't worry, it's normal. You will be red but they might have some aloe vera gel there for that. The place I went to did. Stay away from the sun. Sunlight after laser hair removal is very damaging. Keep the area moisturized with something gentle and soothing and you'll be ok hth!
  9. Have you considered a stain? They are long lasting but very transparent colors so they look very natural. Just apply some balm on top to add a bit of a healthy shine and you're good. Lots of drugstore brands have stains so you can give one a shot. My favorite brand for stains is Liptini, which I can get at Duane Reade in NYC, but you can also try online. The Balm's Stainiac is pretty good also. I heard good things about the Revlon stains but I've never used them so I can't tell you much about that.
  10. Best of luck in your endeavor If you ever need to talk or vent feel free to PM me. The important thing is that female is what you make of it. Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors and dispositions so never feel that you have to conform to something if you're not feeling it. The world is your mollusc.
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