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  1. I took the plunge and bought some about a year ago. I don't wear make up all the often, I was down to about twice a year, simply because I couldn't find any that I wasn't at least mildly allergic to, so I would only wear for special occations, and given the shelf life of makeup, most of it had to be replaced each time I wanted to wear it. Selling points: 1. "Forever" shelf life. Couple of full makeup replacements, even with the cheaper stuff, and you have paid for the micabella. 2. Not a bunch of chemicals to be allergic to. 3. Didn't react when I put it on my skin, even on a day when I was already being allergied. Experiences: The shadow can be a bit of a pain to work with if you aren't used to the loose stuff. Especially if you aren't using the eye primer (and I don't since it's something with a shelf life that I can be allergic to.) Getting the consistancy correct for the eyeliner can be a bit of a pain. I'm STILL trying to learn to get that one right the first time. Much easier to mix the powder in with the clear mascara than it is to try to mix enough correctly to cover the lashes as you need it. Down side to that, you'll go through the stuff more quickly as mascara has a shelf life. I've actually worn make up 6 times since I bought it about a year ago, which is up from my 2 times a year. I find the foundation coverage is good, and it was easy, even for a relative novice, to master application. The lip stuff was fairly easy to master as well, even using your own balm base (homemade in my case as I cannot wear what they sell). Admittedly, I have enough of the stuff to likely last me 10 years at the rate I wear it, even if I'm not careful with it, but at least it will last that long. The sales pitch is pretty high pressure, but if you can resist all the 8 million extras they try to give you, the starter kit can be a pretty good deal. That's my two cents. I wouldn't say it's the greatest, and certainly not the simplest to apply, but it has given me back the ability to actually wear make up, which counts for something.

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