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    I'm a student at Ogle Beauty School. I love the scene look. I love hair and makeup that has bright vivid colors. I also love to game.
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    Hair makeup nails and video games
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    Student @ Ogle
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    shu uemura painting liner
    amazing conclear
    laura mercier translucent powder
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    Chevy Cavalier
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    A7X, Steve Vai
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    Bare Minerals
  1. i think shes pretty but superficial
  2. So Im a 36G i have no idea where to get a bra ive tried all the sex shops around here i went to vicoria secrect in the store and online jcpennys in the store and online fredricks in the store and online i checked every store that sells bras and nowhere can i get a bra this is the one thing i hate about my tits in the past 2 years ive gone from DD to G idk what to do
  3. no its not wrong to hate family at all
  4. well im looking for a new job too much crap i come home almost everyday with bruises bc of violent children but yet i cant do anything about it
  5. ok so i work at this daycare im having trouble potty training the kid is mom doesnt care whether hes potty trained or not but im tired of changing his diaper any suggestions ive tried bribing and telling him to sing or pretend to put out a fire hes 3yrs old also i have a spoiled brat kid that wont do what i say and if i say something he throws a hissy fit like he wont clean he is 2 then i have another child who hates change and will whine if something changes she is 3 if i could get help on any of these i would be greatful thank you!!!
  6. I say that bc i hate myself sometimes im extremely judgemental when it comes to me even though he says he has a list of things he wants the number one thing on his list he thought he would never get and thats a girl like me he knows i hate my weight so he tells me what exercises todo to fix them like today he bought me a waist band thing i can wear at work and sweat off the weight GOOD NEWS I found out whats wrong hint of broncitus, possible strep throat, congestion sinues and stress caused nose bleed so i got all meds and i should be fine like i said it was no big deal lol So im defentaly looking for a new job its a bunch of bull shit at my aunts daycare
  7. Originally Posted by pinksugar I think that more than anything, I would be most concerned about my health if I were you. Throwing up blood "might be nothing"?! you need to get that looked at. Maybe I'm not reading this right since your post is a little bit difficult to understand, but I also think you could look into getting some antidepressants or some stress relief medication, it sounds like they could help. i come from a family were my mom said i was always faking it that its all in my head and shit like that hell i ran away from home one time from the abuse and they put in a mental hospital saying its all in my head iwas like ok thats why i have bruises but they put me on all this medication bc i was extremely moody one time out of the month..... *facepalm doctors* and all the medicine did was ruin my perfect body i was a size 0 in two months bam a size 9!!! i think im all messed up emotionally bc of my mom and pills that i didnt need my moms so bad after i left my house she started stalking me online on my fb myspace my other forum everywhere i went online and se print screen what i say take it out of context and post it in a email and email it to my family trying to get my family to hate me but she hates my bf shes never really met him. she hates him bc he got me away from her contril she tells my sis hes using me for sex what kinda a guy lives in a tent with a girl for 3 months 115f weather in texas when he could have just let me live there while he lived in his friends house why would he be with for almost a year when he can have any girl he wants trust ive seen the girls he dated and i would have dated them too
  8. Originally Posted by Dalylah This makes me afraid for you. When you build your whole life around one person and don't allow yourself any individuality you will find yourself severely let down when things don't go right with that one person. You have built your life around him and it will be very painful for you to find your whole life is crushed because you two go sour. If you start concentrating on building individuality within love you will get stronger together. i can see what you but everything ive done like get a house car and that was to have a better life with him me doing pure romance is to better myself as a women and is my money only just like his pc buisness money he makes from it is his money and our full time jobs is money for us
  9. Originally Posted by Chaeli The reason I decided to not make an issue out of them not throwing out their exes pictures was that I admired that part of them. They have literally many hundreds if not thousands of pics of me and if anything happens to us for whatever reason, I want them to be just as adamant to the next person that comes along and not trash mine for what could very well turn out to be a mistake in their life. We've had very rough roads to get where we are today and many, many happy times as well. The pictures spot light many of those times as I'm sure the pics of their past has with them and other exes and friends as well. good insite ill try to look at it that way instead of the negative I've always been the type why is he with me and i doubt my self too much i need to fix it
  10. Originally Posted by Johnnie I was at that point in a past relationship too. I was very, very insecure and told him it didn't make sense to me why he held onto those pictures. We argued about it and he eventually threw them out. After getting what I wanted....in the end I didn't feel as good as I had hoped. On the contrary actually. Now that we are no longer together I feel quite bad that he no longer has these mementos. He held on because they were simply fond memories, just like most of us who keep pictures from back in the day. Funny thing though is the pictures had nothing to do with what was going on in our relationship and really had no affect on it either except that I hadn't come to that point within myself to feel comfortable, secure enough and trusting. Maybe you should try finding that too. Insecurities can really get the best of us sometimes. ya i know im insecure and i knew going into this relationship he doesn't through out complements unless they are deserved i just dont know how to fix my self with out becoming obsessed with making my self perfect in my eyes
  11. Originally Posted by Darla sometimes just venting is helpful. ok i'll bit what is pure romance? Pure romance is something to help women We sell sex toys women's health product and bedroom apparel and other things its like pampered chef, mary kay or avon and at the parties we discuss womens health

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