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  1. At least my wallet won't hate me for this one.. I don't want this.. I have too many shadows, But I know I'm going to buy it anyways.. If It were all shimmers/glitters/etc. I'd pass.. But I love Matte shadows <3
  2. My Must Have's: - Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium - Prolong Wear Concealer in NW20 or NC20 - Fix + - F&B Foundation in C1 - I also love the Prolong Wear Foundation.. But I was told that its being discontinued =( - Brule is my HG, My lids but better shadow - Subculture lip liner - 190 foundation brush (use it for concealer) - 130 brush (use for hi-light) - 187 Brush (use for blush) ..This list was longer then I was intending lol
  3. I actually got it off eBay, I was really concerned about doing it because I thought it would be a fake, especially since the seller was from half way around the world, despite their good feedback... I just did as much research on the serial numbers and how they worked, the leather patterns and stitching online and etc. and I just compared all the info I had to the phots in the eBay ad.. I just bit the bullet and bought it... After my bag came in the mail, it reeked of stale cigarettes lol.. I thought that was a bad sign, but I took it to a LV store in Toronto anyways and one of the older more experienced LV sales ladies looked at it and inspected it for about 15 mins she focused mostly on the stitching, she said it was 100% legit and that I got a good deal on it.
  4. I have two "sets" of bags, I have my lower end bags, most of which I get at Winners and stuff.. These are my daily bags that see the harshness of daily life they cost anywhere from $50-$100... And I use them everyday until they desintegrate lol Then I have my higher end bags... I have a Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag that was $470 and I also have a used 100% authentic Louis Vuitton 25 Speedy that I bought for $200. I just bought a Diesel bag too, that I actually got for $50 (it was 70% off!) I feel like its worth spending on my "higher end" bags because they're just of better quality (real leather and etc.) and I know that they'll last me a long time.. My Speedy is the perfect example, it was made in 2001, its got wear and tear (obviously) but it still looks/functions great!
  5. I've been so good, on not buying much lately, I'm not on a no buy -- just trying to control myself, lol. Over the weekend though, I was in Detroit for a concert, and while I was there I picked up some stuff that isn't for sale in Canada (as far as I know anyways) - 2 bottles of Aussie 3 minute miracle - 3 Milani baked blushes - 6 Milani pressed shadows in Shocking Pink, Just Perfect, Caramel Brown, Olympian Blue, Purple Shock and Pearl - Wet n Wild blush in Mellow Wine (this is probably sold in Canada, but I saw it so I grabbed it haha) - Milani liquid eyeliner pen Honestly, I really love all the pressed shadows I got, they're such great quality.. I'm going to buffalo in a couple weeks and am planning on picking up most of the rest of them.. I also want to get a few more of the baked blushes, and maybe a bronzer or two haha
  6. I know it sounds strange, but the way I really like to relax is by hitting the gym.. Its not really your typical definition of "relaxing" but since I started going, I'm just so much more mentally/emotionally relaxed and balanced. After that though, its Shower then Dinner then Pajama Time! lol I like MizSpa on FB as: Glitter Balm
  7. I loooove essence! Over that past couple months I've picked up a ton of stuff.. I have a matte bronzer in the "blondes lighter skin" shade, you get a ton of product too, the pan is massive! I also have three blushes, which are freaking fantastic. A water proof liquid liner, a pair of lashes, a nude lipstick and a waterproof mascara. Here are some swatches of the blushers =) Top left #10 adorable, Top Right #30 secret-it-girl, and bottom left #40 natural beauty L to R - #10 adorable, #30 secret-it-girl, and #40 natural beauty
  8. Personally, I think if your not going to commit to maintaining a "crazy" color its probably not even worth doing it. After a couple weeks the pieces you've streaked will just look really washed out and unkempt. Pretty much any color that isn't close to your natural color is a pain in the but to upkeep. I have dark red/brown hair and even I have to dye it every three months (which isn't bad) or it just looks really faded. The more away from your natural color you go, the more you need to regularly dye your hair. Which is why I'm very reluctant to go blonde again lol If your dead set on doing it though, I could see purple looking pretty cool on you.
  9. Nope Shattered - The Rolling Stones
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm in LOVE with American Iced Tea.. Here in Canada, iced tea is either Nestea, Brisk or anything along those lines. When I drink it I just feel like I'm drinking another sugary juice. Today it hit me that I can make REAL iced tea at home (duh) I checked online and found a few recipes.. But the majority of them don't specify the brand of tea you should use. Or require WAY too much sugar. I'm just curious if any of you ladies have any good recipes for traditional iced tea. Preferably something with little to no sugar.
  11. I am Roman Catholic. I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten all the way through High School. I went through all the traditional steps of being Catholic: Baptism, communion and etc. Religion has never been a huge part of my life. I never attended church, unless I went because of school. I believe in and have a relationship with God. I pray, not every night, but I still do it. I ask for guidance from time to time. I'm thankful for what and who I have in my life. That's what my Religion is to me. I feel that organized religion is far too judgmental. Plus it seems severely contradictory. I don't recall Jesus judging his peers, so what gives us the right? I'm not into judging people based on decisions they make that only affect them. If someone is gay/lesbian or whatever more power to them. If someone wants to have a child out of wed-lock, cool. If people choose to have sex before marriage, that's great for them. I think people need to care less about others lifestyles and religions and focus on loving themselves and making themselves better people.
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