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  1. I'm looking for a good scent that's floral with a hint of citrus (not in-your-face citrus), not extremely strong but at the same time long-lasting. I purchased Coach Poppy today, and it only lasted about an hour and a half before fading completely
  2. A lot of people like Monistat, but it really messed up my skin when I used it. I use Smashbox Photo Finish Light. It does a good job at helping my makeup apply more evenly, and it makes my foundation last a bit longer. I would love to find an alternative, though, since it's getting difficult for me to spend $36 on a new one every few months.
  3. I've been through a ton of cleansers the past couple of years - Philosophy, Clean & Clear (2 kinds), Mary Kay, and Cetaphil. The Cetaphil has by far been my favorite. It's not very good at removing makeup, so I always do that before I use it. But out of all the cleansers I've used, it's the only one that hasn't left my skin feeling taught/dry afterward. Quote: Originally Posted by Evster Why should you avoid Proactive?? Because it's expensive? It doesn't work? Just curious! I've heard it doesn't work very well and for a lot of people irritates their skin because it's way too much medication. I had thought about paying a lot for Proactiv, but then I started using the regimen on acne.org (wash face 2x a day, apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide 2x a day, apply moisturizer 2x a day) & it cleared my skin up without irritation.
  4. What are the best drugstore hair care products? I have straight, fine hair and specifically need a good mousse, and I haven't had much luck with the Herbal Essences that I've been using. But I am looking for a good overall brand as well, if there is one!
  5. Jesus Christ, you got a bad threader. The one who does my eyebrows seriously gets it done in less than 5 minutes. I estimate about 3 minutes max for her, and they come out completely even. This is even if I've gone a few weeks without doing my brows! I have encountered people who are really bad at threading, though, not because they make my brows uneven but because they take so damn long. You may as well have just tweezed them yourself if it takes them half an hour. That sounds so painful
  6. University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The program fees include housing if needed. http://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/index.php?type=courses&discipline=A Not sure about other countries or makeup artist programs. This is a good site to look at: http://www.summerschoolsineurope.eu/ (This is assuming you're able to go over the summer.)
  7. I'm grateful that the person who does my brows is really good at it. I can't believe that the person who waxed your brows does permanent makeup!
  8. I get mine threaded. I used to tweeze until I got fed up with it, and besides, I was really bad at shaping them correctly. The woman who threads my eyebrows gets it done in just 2-3 minutes or so, but tweezing them myself took so much longer. It's definitely worth the cash to get them threaded imo! Mods, if this isn't in the right forum, feel free to move the thread
  9. I agree with everything about this answer. Make yourself more busy, and you won't notice as much how busy he is. Do you think there is a lot of time in his schedule that could easily be freed up, or is it all packed with work and school? If it's the latter, then there won't be much you can do about it, and you will come off as needy if you ask him to sacrifice his school/work performance. (I know, I've been in a relationship in which I was very busy and he wasn't.) If you don't think that it's a good idea to be in a relationship with him because of how busy he is, then maybe you do need to take a break. And I definitely wouldn't recommend having a child with him until you are both settled, he is less busy (the father needs to be there just as much as the mother imo), and you both feel VERY, very secure in the relationship.
  10. The Revlon lipstick I use (Colorburst in Raspberry...AWESOME color) tastes very neutral to me, even when I licked my lips to purposely see what kind of taste it had. I really like it. It retails for $6 and is great at moisturizing lips. However, the wear is average & it's kind of sheer if you only run it over your lips once, but I don't mind because I love the color and how easily buildable it is. So I guess if you are trying to spend less than $5, wait for a Revlon BOGO. I'm really curious to read all the responses to this thread. I shy away from lipsticks from NYC because I feel like they'll be terrible because of the price. But people here are giving them good reviews, so I might try them out!
  11. Only if I'm very drunk. My skin reacts very quickly to improper care, so I always wash my face before I go to bed.
  12. Really? It's never wrapped in plastic in the places I've bought it before. That's really strange.
  13. I might try it, but with a lot of clothing, nothing can replace actually trying it on yourself. For instance, I don't think something like this would tell you if the top you're "trying on" is too tight in a certain area, even if it looks like it fits you. And it can't tell you that the material will be uncomfortable. etc. Still, when I go to NYC I might check this out just to say I did.
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