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  1. What about "House of Cards" by Radiohead? Haha not nessesarily about cards I suppose, but it was the first to come to my mind!
  2. At least that is his reason, not "OMG I love using facebook so much I wanna name my baby girl after it!" Right..??!!!??
  3. Just curious, does anyone else on this forum rock climb?? If so, what do you climb?? What do you boulder?? How long have you been climbing?
  4. True that girls, I just needed to vent for a sec, but I look at it now and just laugh I think my biggest thing was i didn't want that person to make the asker think I was trying to pull one over on them, cause I love love love to help in anyway I can. But yeah, thanks for reading and commenting I love the people here 100 times more than any other website for sure. Thanks!
  5. I know what you guys are thinking... Yahoo answers? You're really upset over something like THAT? Why yes, yes I am.. I just feel like when some one asks a question, I will do my best to answer it how I feel is right. I will give all the information I have, and try to make things easier for that person. So when some one else comes along and says "Don't listen to that retard above me, you don't do this, you do this.." It makes me slightly annoyed. I gave my answer, and it was very helpful thank you very much! Now add to it, or dont, but there is no, NO need to belittle what I have to say just because you feel like one tiny speck of information was more important than what I said. Well eff you too. Whew, glad to get that off my chest. Was it lame? Probably. But I needed to say it, so there
  6. I feel like my baby sister watches over my family. She makes sure we are safe. Love you Mckenna
  7. My weakness is cheesey romantic gestures from my boyfriend! Sadly, he is not one to do those things often.
  8. Haha you guys are going to think I'm a creepo. My secret indulgence is engagement or wedding photos! I love going on facebook and looking at everyone's wedding stuff. Makes me excited for my future wedding.... in 2 years
  9. Shoot, I'm SO excited to get one! I have a low pain tolerance as well, so I'm expecting it to hurt. Good to know the initial pain will go away pretty quickly! yeah I'll check into a tattoo place for sure. I actually also want a tattoo! Has anyone got one? or two? Where and what is it of!? Maybe I should start saving my money haha.... OH how much did a nose stud cost!? Like actually getting it pierced, how much was it? I hear around 30 to 50 depending on where you go. Yeah?? Thanks ladies!
  10. So I am going to get a nose piercing some time in the near future.. I was just wondering for those who have had or have piercings, how bad did it hurt!? And what are the chances of it getting infected? I'm so nervous about not caring for it correctly... Also, what were some reactions you got from your piercing. Where I live, I will get a lot of head turns, even for something as small as a nose stud... And I'm not looking forward to it! Ha Lastly, how did you go about finding where you got it done at? I'm having troubles cause I don't know where a good, reliable place is...
  11. I am emotion driven, sadly! Haha it drives me crazy. My boyfriend is definitely logical though, so most of the time it works. Not always, but most of the time.
  12. I have a fear of being late, so I'm typically early, if not on time.
  13. Oh my, I have the same problem, though it doesn't stop just at night! If I don't HAVE to wake up, I will sleep til 11am. No joke. I absolutely hate it! I'm groggy all day, but I can't bring myself to wake up earlier cause I always feel SO tired!
  14. The first thing that I notice is the background. The blog attracts me most when it is appealling to the eye! Next, I'll read a blog most when there are pictures to look at, or when the blog itself is about something I can relate to! So just be open and honest!
  15. I actually find the ring Victoria is wearing to add some life into an otherwise traditional look. It is an eye catcher, yet doesn't take away from the classy dress. As for her hair, it was kinda risky do wear something slightly messy looking, but she pulls it off. Dannii looks very put together. Victoria looks more modern. This dress has the potential to be quite boring to look at. With Victoria, I feel she has added just the right amount of pazazz.
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