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  1. I like the first makeup look as well. But the pink eyeshadow do not go with the green dress, pick another eye shadow shade.
  2. Miranda Kerr, Kim K, Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Beckham
  3. Hey ladies, I would like to know what are your thoughts on curses/jinx? do you believe in them?
  4. I had a YSL lipgloss last time, one of my favorite out of many brands I've tried.
  5. actually circle lenses were very popular for a LONG period of time in Asia even before Lady Gaga's video. Many people in North America didn't know about them before bad romance tho, that's why now you hear people talking about it. But many Asian girls were wearing them for many years and it was a trend since a long time ago.
  6. little bit of lipgloss and eyeshadow won't hurt. definitely no lipstick, foundation or eyeliner. Too much makeup on a 15 year old can attract lots of pervert guys in school and you know how boys are these days. If I have a daughter I wouldn't let her start wearing makeup at this age but like I said lipgloss and eyeshadow are fine. I remember when I was in high school which was the year of 2002 -2006, most girls didn't wear makeup besides lip gloss and little bit of eyeshadow, those who had full face makeup were most likely... well lets just they acted very slutty. But again things are different now, I see lots of young girls at age 12 wearing lipstick and miniskirt with a designer bags. *sigh*
  7. this probably isn't as good as my lancome mascara and they are cheaper than Guerlain! I tried on a $50 Guerlain lipgloss in a department store one time, so NOT worth it, just like another cheap covergirl lipgloss!
  8. damn >< that sounds scary. next time don't have any pets in the room while you are doing your makeup. On another note, I only use Lancome mascara, lancome makes the best mascara out of any makeup brands out there.
  9. Oh my god I am so sorry to hear that, it is so unbelievable that such mental illness can exist. I just can't imagine what you must be feeling/going through right now. Are you relieved that you left him or are you heart broken that you lose your man of 6 years to such a horrible illness?
  10. Perlanga I am not the type of person to judge anybody especially when I've never been in the situation that you have been going through. But how long has his illness got out of hand? cause in your first post you said months, if I were you I would give him more time and see if there is any improvement, if I were with a guy for six years it would be very hard for me to walk away knowing that at this very moment he probably needs me the most, if you walk away from him right now when he is at his worst I am afraid that would make his illness worsen rather than getting better. But then again at the end of the day, I understand it is you who have to make the final decision and you too have to care about your own happiness and to start a family etc, but do you think this is the right time to let go of everything especially after a 6 year relationship?
  11. My most expensive pair of shoes are my mui mui platform pumps in pink for $600 and my Yves Saint Laurent patent leather pumps for $900 My most expensive handbags are my Tous for $1000 and my fendi for $800
  12. animal abuse poverty (which includes food, shelter and every child should have a chance to go to school)
  13. depends how bad it is burning, if it's not too bad I would do it for free to save a life. For $500 would you eat a small bowl of dog food?
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