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    Make up isn't about impressing any shallow man, or acceptance in a superficial society. I've learnt that confidence is key and wearing make up usually gives me that.

    Indian girl, aged 17, up for making friends here. :)
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    Benefit Eyebright concealer
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    United Kingdom
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    The Notebook.
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    Bare minerals.
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    The only reason I started wearing make up years ago was in attempt to cover up a medical condition. And now I don't often need to cover anything up, but I love it :)
  1. Oh ok... interesting lol. I'm going to have to find a suitable colour. Internetchick - you don't look like you have a big nose at all lol.
  2. Hi! Does anybody here contour their nose? My nose slants to the side slightly, and has a rather large bump on one side which makes it do this. It doesn't bother me as much anymore, except when i see it in pictures of me straight on. I've been playing around with my Bare Minerals bronzer, which is really dark, and i've managed to (for the first time) make my nose look straight in a straight on picture. But i can only achieve this with quite a dark brown, and in real life you can tell i've got something there. A lighter brown makes hardly any difference at all. Does anybody have this problem, or does anyone know of a way to make contouring the nose look natural? Thanks
  3. Ah ok! I'll be trying to find and smell these - especially Miss Dior Cherrie.
  4. ...to reduce dark circles and bags? Preferably one on this website http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Eye+Treatments/1011,default,sc.html?viewAll&fix&spcl because those are the ones i have access to! There's quite a big range, has anyone tried any of them? I'm 18 and i already seem to have more prominent eye bags than others. I don't mind it being expensive i guess, if it works. I've noticed that Estee Lauder one is over £200 O_o but i can't find much commotion about it! Thanks!
  5. Hatred... :/ that would take away 99999% of the world's problems
  6. I do try to focus on others, eg. i do volunteering but still that doesn't stop me from worrying about my appearance lol. Argh, i wish i could just reconstruct my face and than have it the way i want for the rest of my life. "Perfection is boring. If a face doesn't have mistakes, it's nothing" - i love that quote. Thank you guys. Modirty80, i'm sorry to hear that. It sucks, doesn't it . I can't believe you're saying i don't have a long face or a big nose lol. Those are the things i absolutely hate most about myself! I'm pretty shy, but like in terms of appearance, my friends are always getting boys fancying them. Even if they're not interested. Always commenting on their pictures telling them how beautiful they are :/ well, they are.
  7. Thank you so much guys. You never know what to expect when doing something like this, so i'm not sure if you guys are being overly nice or sympathetic, but i'm going to take it lol. I tried clicking on the picture and seeing it from your point of view. It's weird because i feel i have a different kind of face from most people! I don't have those "typical beautiful features" like a small nose, a small jaw. I guess i'll just have to accept that i'm not conventional looking! My friends are always going on about how one or the other is "so so pretty" or "perfect" and i have only been complimented by my ex boyfriend, and we broke up half a year ago. They've told me that they "like my looong face", i'm just like ahhhh why did you have to point out the thing i hate most about myself! :/ Ahah, but hopefully this is the next step in me buildig my confidence.. thank you! <3
  8. This is the first i've had the guts to post a picture somewhere asking that question. Lately i've been feeling worse about myself. I'm noticing things that i haven't before. I have a long face, which i absolutely hate. A big nose, but i always knew that. My lips are too far down my face, i've recently realised. I think i have kinda big eyes but they're not exactly noticeable on my long ass face. I've ALWAYS thought that i've looked manly, and my features arent really feminine ones. Big jaw/ chin, big nose, long face, etc. I feel uncomfortable/ worse going out with my friends, because they're all so gorgeous and they're always complimenting each other/ getting male attention. I really just want to hide away in a hole. :/ I just want to know, what would you think if you saw me? And what kind of tips could you give me to make me look better? I'm not wearing make up here, and i usually have a side fringe. But i'm in my pyjamas haha.
  9. Wow you remembered, i feel kind of flatterd haha well no i never got 'round to it, the Lily Lolo place is about 1 and a half hours drive. I was going to go try Laura Mercier this weekend though, FINALLY, but i've been reading reviews and it's a really "sheen, glowly" foundation apparently, like Bare Minerals. Which makes me feel EW i don't want that shiz.
  10. At this point i'm really sick of looking for my HG foundation. After getting the right colour, the colour of EDM changes on my face as the day goes on. Intensive has too much coverage, but i don't like semi matte's sparkle things. I want something i can get a colour match for here in the UK. I'm tired of buying countless samples online trying (but failing) to match a colour to my skin. I have an oily T-zone, so something "sheen" is really not what i want. On the other hand, i don't want something completely matte either. I'm looking for a mineral foundation with a light to medium coverage; i hate feeling caked in foundation. Could someone please suggest something? Has anyone tried "Estée Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Loose Powder Foundaion"? I ask only because i've just come across it and i know i'd be able to go try it out.
  11. Urgh it's so difficult! I saw a picture of myself just a couple of hours after i'd put on the erase paste, and it was practically gone from under my eyes. I have MAC's studiofinish which is actually good, but you can so tell that it's there. Maybe my shade is too light though. GRRRRRRRSEIUTGBEWI
  12. I like Benefit's erase paste, i think it's the most natural looking on me. But it's too creamy, sinks into lines and fades so quickly that i don't think there's much point in it. So i'm still looking for one myself
  13. Don't you mind the swelling on your lash line? Hmm, i'm not sure if it's worth it anymore. What do you guys think?

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