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  1. Thanks for your replies ladies. :] I did go to the store and looked at a couple different dyes but I am still afraid of the outcome. Especially after reading your post Reija. I'd hate to have that happen! I did see those foam type dyes but I'm not sure either how well they'd work. I read some reviews on MUA but I'm still not too sure. It's not that I mind paying the 100 and something dollars for it to be done it's just that I don't have that at the moment, unfortunately. But I suppose based off what the two of you have said it may be safer to just hold out and see if I can come up with the money and just deal with the roots until then. It seemed like it may work to just cover the roots but I also realized the stylist has it in three different shades, two types of blonde and a brunette color underneath so that may not work with a box dye anyway? Thank you for the help, greatly appreciated!
  2. I naturally have dark brown almost black hair. For the past year almost now I've been getting it dyed blonde, but with my natural color is still visible underneath. I get it done at the salon but over 100$ every 3-6months is a lot. I unfortunately don't have the money to keep paying that. I don't want to give up this blonde hair either though. I've been considering trying to dye it myself but I've never done it before. Right now I still have my blonde hair done by the salon but already I see my roots coming in and I want them dyed. I personally don't like the "ombre" look. I wish my stylist would just dye the whole thing blonde. Anyhow, my question is if I bought a drugstore dye the same color as it is currently could I just dye it as is and it would fix my roots as well as giving an all over color? Or will dying a new blonde over this blonde and my natural hair turn it a funky color? Hopefully that makes sense, lol. :]
  3. I'm in the process of trying to buy a new foundation and I'm totally confused with these colorings and undertones. Unfortunately every time I go to my nearest Sephora the same sales people are there and they are rude and never give me the correct shades. And there is only one guy at the MAC counter who seems to be able to match me correctly and I haven't seen him there the past few days. So, currently I use N4 in the Studio Fix Powder foundation and that seems to match well. But not all their foundations/concealers say just N4 they are like NC or NW and then some number...how do I know what N4 means in the other foundations? Would that be NC or NW? I'm assuming I'd be around NC15 or 20? I can't really tell if I have pink or yellow undertones but I'm thinking yellow or neutral? I went to get matched for the MUFE HD last time and he said I was 115 Ivory but when I went in lighting it was WAY pink. (Like when it was on my jawline I could definitely see just a pink color, no skin coloring at all.) He said to go with that or 117, he said either shade would work for me. But one is pink under toned and the other yellow (according to Sephora.com) I'm assuming I have yellow under tones since 115 was too pink for me then? I didn't go back and give 117 a try because I wasn't impressed with the first one despite the mismatch. I'm trying to determine if I was a cool, warm or neutral shade to make things a bit easier. Since everyone seems to mention reference to their MAC shade I haven't had much luck trying to google it. The only MAC shade I know of for me is N4 but most people use the liquid foundations so they have the NC or NW shades and I can't compare it. From what I read I'd assume I would be the NC15 or NC20? Or for non MAC any neutral tone? Sorry if this is confusing, lol. P.S I can add a picture without makeup on if it'd help any?
  4. Ah, ok. I get what you're saying now. Someone else was telling me that Salicylic Acid causes your foundation to oxidize too, not sure if that's true? But if it is, that may be the issue. The moisturizer I'm using right now has that in it. Although just last month I was using Oil Free Neutrogena moisturizer and I still had that problem and it had no acne ingredients in that one. My biggest issue is the fact that my skin is sooo oily, that's why I can't seem to find a moisturizer that works for me. This acne one seems to help a bit but it seems like from what you're saying it won't work with any make up. Do you think that if I forgo the moisturizer in the day (on the days I do wear make up) it'd help keep my foundation from oxidizing? As I said, my skin is incredibly oily, I doubt it'd miss the moisture during the day, lol. If not, I'll look into one of the ones you mentioned. Thank you for the recommendations. :] Do you really think primer plays a big role in this? I'm not sure if I should just skip the moisturizer or buy a primer? Thank you again for the help.
  5. Oxidizing? Usually that's what you refer the orange-ish effect to, I've never heard it having anything to do with transferring? I use an oil controlling moisturizer called Alba AcneDote. If I was to forgo the moisturizer my skin would be an oily mess in no time flat and the foundation would slip off my face. Before I started using this moisturizer I had this issue (and a few others), so I can't see anything good happening by not using it. As far as primer goes, as I just mentioned in my previous post I tried the Smashbox one everybody raves about and I didn't feel it made any difference. So I guess I'll look into the one that LadyDragonFire suggested. I may end up switching if I can't find a solution to this. I guess it seems my best bet is trying a primer. I'm not sure that Dior Forever Extreme would work for me as it's a moisturizing foundation and I don't need any help in that department. My skin has more than enough moisture and I'm having troubles controlling the amount it does produce. Thank you anyways.
  6. I've tried 3 different ways of applying it and it still transfers. I don't expect it to not transfer at all just not as much, it shouldn't look like your whole face just rubbed off, lol. I may have to give that primer a try then and see if it helps any. I've been told several times despite my foundation to use a primer. I've tried Smashbox primer (the clear one) and I thought it made no difference, especially with the Studio Fix. I guess it sounds like I really should just look into a new foundation. I won't say that Mac is the only one I have to use I just hate the process of finding a new product, lol. I've been considering the Double Wear foundation, only I'm not sure that I need heavy coverage like that sounds to be. Maybe more like medium would be great. If I did decide on it though, is there a brush you'd recommend to apply it with? I don't have very many brushes, I just got the studio set from ELF. Thank you for the very helpful response and tips here. :] My skin is really oily so the drying effect may be good for me, lol.
  7. Those are really pretty colors, gorgeous look, Greeneyedlady. :]
  8. The jeans in the picture I wouldn't consider "skinny jeans". Men wearing those jeans in the picture wouldn't bother me. Tight, form fitting skinny jeans on men, in my opinion, doesn't look good. But I suppose as long as their pants FIT them, it's better than them around their knees like I see constantly. That's really the only thing that bothers me about the way men dress, is when their jeans are all the way down at their knees and you see their underwear and butt.
  9. I think it looks tacky. However, if they are boots like those pictured by Annelle, that's cute. So is the ones in Divadoll's picture. The Jessica Alba outfit is terrible though. It just depends, but Uggs definitely not.
  10. Mac Studio Fix Powder Lip Smackers lip balm in Cotton Candy Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss in Treat Me Sweet Some travel sized Sephora mascara I got as their birthday present thing Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy <3 I don't always carry it around cause it's so big though.
  11. Not too long. 2-3mins to put on my foundation and a minute or less to curl my lashes and put mascara on. My hair takes the longest, but still that only takes me about 5-10mins if straightening. If I french braided my hair before bed then I just take that out in the morning and I'm good to go. :]
  12. I second this. This was the biggest let down for me, I had the same issues with it. :/ I heard so many great things about it, I was hoping it'd work the same for me as it did others.
  13. NYC Long Wear nail polish Cover Girl LashBlast Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss
  14. I currently use the Mac Studio Fix Plus Powder foundation and I love it! It matches me perfectly and covers everything and makes my face look flawless. If you use the sponge it comes with it's full coverage and if I use a brush it can be light to medium. It has great staying power and controls the oil on my face well too. As long as I make sure to clean my face well I haven't noticed any acne from it. (I was scared to use it at first cause reviewers complained of bad acne from it) My only complaint seems to be that it tends to transfer. But being new to makeup I'm convinced I'm possibly not applying it correctly, lol. I'd say it's worth a shot if you're considering it, Mac seems to have a decent return policy if you dislike it. :]
  15. Oh, it's ok. :] I've tried Revlon Colorstay but I had so many problems with it. It burned and itched and caused acne (well, more than I usually have, lol) I haven't tried Estee Lauder and I was actually going to try Double Wear before I decided on Studio Fix. My skin is really oily so I thought that Studio Fix would help absorb the oil better. I've been told not to use liquid foundation for oily skin. Plus my exprience with liquid foundation hasn't been too positive. I had Clinique Acne Solutions previous to the Revlon CS and that always oxidized on me and made me look so orange! But every powder foundation I've tried seems to transfer. My last foundation was BareMinerals, that was horrible! I'm new to makeup so I haven't tried too much and I'm open to any suggestions for oily acne prone skin. :]

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