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    I'm a makeup junkie who was hibernating for 10 years. I'm awake now... muaaahahaha
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    I started making my own mineral foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks, body butters and cleansing oils last year. I was planning on doing this in preparation for my daughter's teenage years. She's 7 so I was planning way in advance :)
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    Akira, Bladerunner, Shaun of the Dead
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    I cause radio interference.

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  1. It's a total misconception that shaving makes your hair coarser or that it makes you hairier. Male hormones make men's beards coarse. If shaving makes you grow more hair, balding men who shave their heads would regrow hair. You can shave all you want, fine hair will stay fine. If your hair suddenly get coarse, it's because of a hormone imbalance and medical attention is required.
  2. I thought 3mm was too big until it was on. Then it was too late to change it. I wear a 4mm gold flower right now. Labret was not a choice when I got pierced. It may be something you'll have to get later because I dont see the piercer attaching the backing in your nostril. I have a 2mm but like the 3 best.
  3. 1. For a brief fraction of a second, it is the worst pain I have ever felt. I have given birth naturally twice, without epidurals. It is really brief but it hurt a lot.after the piercing, I felt no pain nor discomfort, even if I accidentally touched it, unlike an ear piercing where it was a slight pinch but it hurt afterwards. 2. It never really fully heals over but you can't take out the piercing until after 2 full months. I have to repierce every time I change it. If you leave it without a stud overnight, it will have fully closed no matter how long you've had a piercing. 3. Get a good stud that twists into the piercing, it's called a screw, with a long tail. Its not a problem when you blow your nose, you want it to stay in when you wash your face every night. 4. It'll look cute on you. 5. I'm not found of silver balls, I prefer a diamond, I would get one that is about 3mm size, when they are too small, the gem doesn't show. They won't fit you with a silver stud when you just get pierced. Silver will tarnish, causing irritation and infection. You'll get gold or titanium. If they will fit you with silver, leave the store and go somewhere that knows what they are doing. If you want silver, it will be white gold or titanium which is of course, cheaper.
  4. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/ This is the site I use. It has a body fat calculator on the site along with a good waist/hip ratio to determine heart decease risk etc. I love it. I use the body fat calc, not the bmi to set my goal. It is changeable once I get closer to my target. At size 11, I don't have to unbutton my jeans to remove them and I have to wear a belt. I have bigger legs so I'm still 10/11. Tops are loose at a Large. I still wear some XL because they are already in my closet. I still have size 13s and 15s jeans too. I had always been 118 - 145lbs until I had children then I ballooned. I had hovered at 190 but something's happened last year and this that I ballooned further to almost 220lb. I never want to be that weight again! Yes! Asia is the land of tiny sizes. I had ordered some traditional Chinese dresses, it is very humbling to order size xxxxl. I can swim in that dress now when it was too tight even at 15lbs ago.
  5. What are your fashion do's and don'ts? and what are your fashion Nevers? Me? I don't wear short tops with leggings. I don't usually wear socks even in winter. I do like leather and fur coats. I really hate seeing high boots on overweight people. High boots, especially high heeled high boots make overweight women look like meatballs on 2 sticks. It is so very unattractive and yet I seem to see this everywhere for the last 3 years now.
  6. We are traveling similar journeys, that's for sure. I'm 5'6" and 175lbs. I wear a size 10/11 right now. My goal weight is 153lbs for now. I calculated my body fat % and this is appropriate for my frame size. Have you checked out a body fat calculator, maybe you are closer to your goal than you think. My body shape has changed. I have gone from an A cup when I weighed 118lbs to a DD right now. I would like to keep the DD and therefore would account for the extra weight. I would be considered normal weight on a bmi scale at 154lbs so I think I have a reasonable target. I will adjust when I reach that land mark, hopefully by March I do have a hell of a lot of fun shopping. My size has gone from size 16, XL to 10/11, M/L. Gotta love it! I'm starting to look like my old self...the one that turned heads and made jaws drop and cause traffic accidents. Maybe I'll get to be that way one more time
  7. Shoes and boots are really hard to gauge, especially when the models are not of the same size. Shoes arch differently and boots have different size calves. I'd have to try them on and walk around in them first. I'm not sure why everyone is so into high boots these days. The 1990's is over and very few people look good in knee high or calf high boots, very few.
  8. 43lbs? That is totally awesome! I know how much hard work that means because I also lost 42lbs so far with 22lbs to go. Congratulations! I'm sure you feel great! Keep up the great work and I hope it is a new way of life for you when you return home.
  9. I've gone back to not eating breakfast and it seems to be working. I lost 1.5lbs this week. I'm still pluggin away. I've packed up 4 bags of clothing so far for donations because they are too big. 42lbs gone from my body.
  10. It is a matter of preference what time of day it is that you walk. If you are planning to walk outside, it'd probably be best during daylight. I walk on my treadmill at 8:30pm or a little later. I walk for 45 to 60min a day. Since June 1, 2012, I have lost 42lbs from exercising every day. I'm not on a diet plan and I eat most of the things I want without guilt. It is important to get some cardio exercise for at least 30 min per day. You can walk 2 x 15 min walks during the day, 3 x 10 min walks a day as long as your exercising 30+ minutes a day, you will see difference in your level of fitness and quality of life. If you are getting tired after dinner and falling asleep, you should consider eating dinner earlier and exercising after dinner. It will help burn off the calories. I was doing the same thing as you - eat dinner, watch tv and fall asleep. I gained 20lbs in 6 months by doing nothing. It is perpetual. The less I did, the more tired I was.

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