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    After a lifetime of not really giving a dammmmm about make up - colors, brands, texture, reducing my pore size, making my eyes POP - I suddenly became obsessed with putting the slap on. I wore makeup in the past and always had a small collection, but I could rarely be bothered, especially when living in a tropical country with 100% humidity. I don't know when that all changed, why or where it happened, but it sure did. In the last few years, I've amassed a stupid amount of eye shadow, countless foundations, lipsticks and glosses, endless brushes, and god knows what else. My husband is quite bewildered, to say the least. His wife went from throwing on some cargo pants, sandals and a singlet with no bra, leaving the house clean faced with her hair tied back, to refusing to leave the residence without a full face of paints on and being obsessed with having every shade of every product on the freaking market. He didn't realize that when he married me, he was marrying into a 'rest-of-my-life-obsession-with-pretty-colors' thing! But the sweet guy never complains and now calls my 'makeup station' > my 'office' :-) Damn near takes up as much room as an office :-)

    Oh well, it's a hell of a lot less destructive than boozing, smoking crack or having sex with random strangers :-)
  • My Interests
    computers, internet, website programming, digital graphics, Android smartphones & tablets, reading, meditating, researching the true origins of religions/cults, international travel (lived overseas for more than 10 years), researching anything at all I'm interested in (love the internet!), dogs, tropical animals, tiny uninhabited tropical islands, snorkeling, climbing volcanoes, visiting ancient temples, speaking foreign languages, spending time in small foreign villages, food, cooking, becoming transfixed with all the pretty eye shadow colors available, putting together new color combos, concocting custom mixes of face creams, serums, facial and hair masks, eye makeup removers, etc....have worked with herbs since I was a little kid rummaging around in the garden with my grandmother and still use them in vast amounts to this day
  • My Occupation
    former teacher and private tutor of small kids/teenagers/adults/government officials overseas, website designer and programmer, digital graphics tweaker and producer - I wouldn't call myself an 'artist' by any stretch of the imagination
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Any and all mineral makeup lines I haven't tried, which doesn't leave much at this point. Have gone a tad overboard scoping out all the brands I hadn't tried and have quelled much of my curiosity. I am still determined, however, to put together a nice big collection of Inglot eye shadow palettes. All of the swatches I've seen online make me literally drool....!
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    No longer wheelchair bound thanks to my spectacular husband :-) We have a couple of cars but I really hate tossing around brand/make/model names, so I'll leave it at that....
  • My Favorite Movies
    Not big on movies, but I loved The Green Mile.....foreign films, and I truly can't recall anything else in this category. Most films bore me and I haven't been to a theatre in probably well over 15 years, if not longer. Documentaries are more my thing. I've always got Knowledge Network on if the tv is even on.
  • Favorite Music
    Lost interest in music after working in the music industry for several years. We used to have a rehearsal studio, recording studio and I used to do live sound for live performance rock bands. After putting up with one too many wanna be rock stars pissing their pants after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels, or peeing all over the floor in the rehearsal studio, I pretty much had it. WTH is it about guys who want to be rock gods - in their own heads - and urinating everywhere like untrained dogs?? Keep it in your pants, little boys......
  • Favorite Books
    Kurt Vonnegut, Terry Pratchett, Pramoedya Anan Toer, CS Lewis, Jules Verne, Japanese/Chinese authors. I love foreign authors. They have a very different perspective on the world.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Monave foundations and concealers - best hands down anywhere

    Rimmel glosses (2 for 1 Vinyl Gloss!)

    L'Oreal mascaras

    Rimmel lipsticks although I more often like glosses

    Meow Cosmetics/Detrivore/Concrete Minerals/Aromaleigh/Monave when it comes to mineral eye shadows

    Isomers skin care line and lip gloss (spectacular stuff!)

    Stila Smudge Pots for gel/cream liners - gorgeous texture and pigmentation, they apply beautifully with very little effort

    Bobby Brown lip glosses - love the texture and shades of them

    Coastal Scents Hot Pots - although their 88 and Go palettes bite big sausages

    L'Oreal HIP cream shadow paints
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Hmmm...I'm not so sure I'm all that interesting, although I've been urged quite a few times in my life to write a book. Starting to think seriously about it, although I don't know quite where to start. You'd have to ask somebody who knows me as to how 'interesting' I actually am.

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  1. Another silicone-free option I discovered this week is Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. Dunno why I've never heard it mentioned anywhere before but apparently it's been on the market for quite a while from what the Sephora sales associates told me. It's good, but nowhere near as good as Nurturing Force Blot Out, which has far superior ingredients and applies much better under & over foundation without disturbing it. I'll very likely be using the Nurturing Force primer for the rest of my life, or as long as they keep making it.
  2. I just discovered another product I'd never even heard mentioned before, although it's not the cheapest out there. But it is silicone free. Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. You can supposedly use it under or over makeup, but I much prefer it under. It applies completely clear & most definitely does minimize the appearance of pores. I was quite surprised by it because, as a rule, I'm not a big fan of Becca products due to their ingredients which I personally consider to be substandard. I still prefer Nurturing Force Blot Out overall, though. It applies spectacularly over foundation or under it without disrupting its application & it's ingredients are far superior. It's also significantly less expensive than this Becca product, but the Becca primer still might be another rare silicone-free option some people prefer. Unfortunately, there are very few silicone-free primers on the market for those who don't like silicones or whose skin can't tolerate them.
  3. I personally would go with Bobbi Brown Long Wear or Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme. Both cover well without looking heavy on the skin, both last really well throughout the day - especially when set with NARS new loose or pressed powder, and both feel very comfortable on the skin. They can also be built up for more coverage, or worn more sheerly mixed with Laura Mercier Radiant Primer (I believe that's the correct name of it). Josie Maran tinted moisturizer also works really well as a base under both of these foundations, giving them an even better finish. Neither, however, have that silicone feel to them, which I really don't like.
  4. If I didn't have so many brushes already, I'd definitely buy a full set of gossmakeupartist's new brushes. Actually, I'll most likely buy them anyways :-) Can never have too many good brushes! They're not outrageously priced compared to many brands, they're very high quality as I've heard from many reviews I've read, they're very much multipurpose brushes, the guy whose line it is - Wayne Goss - has a lot of knowledge regarding brushes being a professional makeup artist himself, and he put a lot of time & effort into designing them/finding Japanese artisans to manufacture them by hand from top quality materials. I'd also buy them just to support a very good makeup artist who puts a great deal of effort into assisting others without receiving anything in exchange, and who has far more integrity/ethics than the thousands of wanna-be-makeup-artist You Tubers who will pimp any company's products in exchange for freebies. If I want an honest opinion on a product, he's one of maybe 3 makeup artists I check with. All reasons why I'd buy all his brushes. I trust I'll be getting quality when I spend my cash on his products.
  5. I've got kind of whispy lashes, not super thick or naturally long, and kind of medium brown in color. I've found that whether or not a mascara clumps very often depends on the application technique used. I always use a very small, skinny spoolie brush or stiff, tiny fan brush for my bottom lashes to prevent clumping or making a mess beneath my eyes, not the applicator that comes with the mascara. I use the same spoolie for my top lashes as well. You can also try a metal-toothed lash comb, which also works really well. Best waterproof mascara I've found is L'Oréal Double Extend. It's a double ended product with lash primer on one side & mascara on the other. The primer has fibers in it, which really helps with lengthening & volumizing, although I don't always use it on my bottom lashes. Generally only when I have a bit more time. It does work well for making my bottom lashes stand out more, however. Try applying some lash primer first on the top & bottom, comb through your lashes to make sure they're well separated, then let dry for 20 seconds or so. Next, apply your mascara, combing through again & allowing to dry between applications. Using the product I mentioned, along with the technique, I can easily layer my mascara 3-4 times & not get any clumping or nasty spider lashes. Lancome & Estee Lauder also make very good lash primers, which also have fibers. I'd avoid Dior's, though. I don't find it does much of anything at all, considering the price it's sold for.
  6. If! you're willing to buy online, Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage is really good & quite inexpensive. I just use it with a tiny-tipped synthetic brush to conceal spots when necessary, then set with powder. It doesn't budge all day on my oily skin & comes in a wide variety of shades. Because it's much more affordable than many other brands, you can easily purchase multiple shades to use throughout the year, or custom mix as you like. I usually buy 3 shades at a time, which gets me through all the different seasons. Camera Ready Cosmetics might carry it, but I haven't checked. They do sell some Kryolan products, but not the entire line. You can also check Paints & Powders online. We don't have Ulta where I live, so I'd have no idea otherwise :-)
  7. satojoko


    Arnica oil mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oil gets rid of bruises quickly. You should be able to get both relatively inexpensively at places like Whole Foods or your local health food store.
  8. Moisturize & exfoliate really well the night before. Don't cleanse too aggressively in the morning. Unless you're sleeping under a bridge, your skin isn't 'dirty' at all when you wake up. I've found morning cleansing ends with poor foundation application for me. I've stopped washing my face before applying my makeup. I always properly cleanse at night, so it's completely unnecessary. My foundation goes on best, appears really nice & lasts all day when I follow this pattern. If you've got dry skin, or even oily skin with flaking, buffing your foundation into your skin can work against you, lifting up loose skin cells, resulting in patchiness. Try stippling it on with a brush in thin layers instead, or with a sponge applicator. You can dampen your sponge with a bit of moisturizer if you prefer.
  9. Oh, ok, I know which brush you're talking about. Yes, with a brush that short, it WOULD take forever :-) The bristles on that particular one also aren't the easiest to work with. A brush with a medium length handle and softer but slightly stiff bristles would make things much easier for you, for sure. I don't know what your budget is like but, to cut down on expenses, it's usually cheaper overall to buy brushes in a set. If you're not at that point yet, just keep in mind that there are a lot of great brushes out there for very low prices. More expensive doesn't automatically mean you're getting better quality. Two of the brushes I mentioned above cost me less than $2 each, so I bought multiples. Love them. And don't get sucked into the MAC or other such brush hype. They're mediocre for the most part & overpriced for the quality you're getting. If you need some help with some brush brand suggestions or places to purchase them, you can PM me, no problem. I can only imagine how difficult life would be being born transgendered, trying your hardest to have your outside match how you feel inside. And, unfortunately, the backwards people in our societies with their bigotry & plain hatred make it so much more unnecessarily difficult for those in your position. But you can rest assured that despite the many people out there who are unsupportive of you, there are far more of us who are 100% supportive of you, who are willing to speak up very loudly when they see that bigotry & hatred in action, & who couldn't care less which genitals you were born with. And we're more than happy seeing you feeling good about yourself & to help you out with suggestions :-) Even us plain-old-non-transgendered women started at the beginning with no idea what the hell we were doing in terms of makeup application & fashion, and many of us are still dismal failures at both LOL Good luck :-)
  10. I personally think you did a great job. Even moreso as it's your first cat eye. Your entire makeup look & hair style really suit you. You look really pretty :-) Try various different brushes, which can give you different results with your eyeliner. My favorite ones are a bent synthetic liner which I love for gel liners & thinner liner close to my lashes, a natural-hair lip-liner type brush which works really well with liquid liners, and a medium-stiffness, angled, natural hair brush that can also be used for brows. I'll often dip it into my very soft jumbo eyeshadow pencils and apply that as my liner, or use the same brush for smudging powder product on top of gel liner. The shape of your brush, as well as the stiffness and fiber/hair type can make it easier - or or more difficult - to wing out your liner towards the outer corners of your eyes exactly the way you want, or to get a thinner line towards the inner corners. A big part of enjoying makeup is the opportunity to play with it :-) What type of brush did you use this time around? The dress BTW looks spectacular on you! Great choice with the color & the style. You look incredibly well put together. Honestly, if you hadn't said you are transgendered, I never woulda guessed. No BS.
  11. I've never set myself a budget in the conventional sense when it comes to makeup. I more or less buy what I'm really interested in, or based on whether I've found the quality of a product to be very good OR if I love a product & know I will get a lot of use out of it. Price has started to play less & less of a role in my decision-making when it comes to cosmetics, although I take a serious look at how much product I'm getting for my money, as well as the quality of the ingredients AND the packaging. However, I don't do stupid things like buying entire limited edition collections just for the sake of having all the products in that line, especially when I know I'm very unlikely to use every single product in that collection, and especially when other people are hyping something up. For me, buying into the hype usually leads to serious disappointment. I've learned my lesson (looking at you, Urban Decay, Benefit, NARS etc). For example, a week+ or so ago, I spent approximately $400 at Chanel on some limited edition items for spring & a few more items from their static collection. But I only bought what I was 100% sure I will use & absolutely love. I didn't need, or even want, the entire collection. Only 1 product is going back because of quality issues. Then last night, I picked up another limited edition blush from a different brand - Lise Watier- that is really unique in terms of design, is very good quality in terms of pigmentation, has incredibly beautiful packaging and offered a lot of product for the money (10 grams for $32). I left the rest of the products in the LE collection behind, even though everything was gorgeous, because I knew that I'd be very unlikely to use those shades as well as the fact that I've already got many of those colors in my collection. So, yes, my decision was partially based on money in the sense of value & quality for price & not tossing money at products I knew I wouldn't use. However, had I loved everything & known I'd be using it all a lot, I definitely would've bought it all. Just want to mention, though, that I'm just as likely to buy products with much lower price tags - such as drugstore brand cosmetics like Revlon & Rimmel, providing the quality is there & I'm receiving a good amount for my money. Brand snobbery is ridiculous. Going to do a little bit more makeup shopping today, actually :-)
  12. What makes you think your body is too acidic? If you're guessing after reading something about it on the internet, I'd highly suggest you go see a reputable naturopathic doctor FIRST and discuss your concerns with them. Going to a regular doctor who knows little to nothing about this stuff won't be of any help. They are prone to telling you 'there's no such thing', patting you on the head like a crazy person & sending you on your way. That being said, put as much care into choosing a naturopathic doctor as you would choosing a regular doctor. I was rendered partially paralyzed by a so-called 'medical doctor' because of his carelessness in prescribing medications and left unable to walk for over two years, told by a neurologist that I'd be very unlikely to ever walk again. I've also been told complete bullsh1t by equally careless naturopathic doctors. There are terrible & great doctors in both fields. Never trust your healthcare to the first person you run across. Stupid people - and not only doctors FYI - kill. Formal education, no matter how prestigious the degree, is no guarantee that a person isn't a mental midget. I've been using herbs/natural medicine all my life, and have always opted to have my children treated non-pharmaceutically whenever safely possible, but I'm also aware that even the wrong dosage of herbs can have serious effects on the body. Baking soda baths may be the route you want to go until you find a reputable naturopath, as the person above suggested. I don't personally agree, however, that the body regulates itself. Especially with the amounts of pesticides, hormones, VOCs and other such garbage we ingest on a daily basis. If that was the case, we'd never wind up with diseases like cancer, where the body has gone completely wonky & begins growing deadly tumors. Our bodies often need help, as do we, but finding the right assistance is incredibly important.
  13. I'd really like to help you with this because I suffered with breakouts, from severe to minimal, for a good part of my life. I still deal with hormonal breakouts from time to time, but am able to decrease the severity of them as well as increase the speed at which they heal, with zero scarring. I know the many negative effects acne can have on all aspects of a person functioning on a daily level. This is a pretty long response because I want to share with you several of the things I've learned over the years of trial & error in regards to turmeric in skin care, and just skin care in general. I normally don't give very specific recipes to people because I often sell the products I make, but I will share one with you at the end of this response so you have a good idea of how & where to get started. The above quotes from other people are both really good ideas, good ingredients, but there's more you need to know to obtain the best results possible when using turmeric. The important thing about the yogurt - or any dairy product used on the skin - is to make sure it's full fat, not low fat, & that it's free of gelatin, cornstarch, carageenan etc. You should be seeing nothing but milk/cream & active bacterial cultures listed in the ingredients on any yogurt container. Skim milk, which I've seen incorrectly recommended on the internet many times, isn't going to do you much, if any, good. The turmeric needs a fat of some type to be effective, & your skin needs the fats when using dairy products topically. The other thing that's incredibly important with turmeric, whether using it externally or internally, is using/consuming it with black pepper. This is an absolute must. Black pepper increases the amount of active turmeric compounds your body is able to assimilate by hundreds of times. It makes a massive difference in the results you wind up with. It's like a super-booster for turmeric. Don't worry, it's not as strange as it may sound :-) When you're making a turmeric mask, you can very finely grind some whole black peppercorns in a coffee grinder & add that to your mixture. The whole spice retains far more essential oils/active compounds than already ground spice. Always opt for whole spices for best results. Mix in your wet ingredients - like yogurt or even buttermilk - with your dry ingredients & let your mask sit overnight in the fridge to allow everything to begin working together. Give it another good mix in the morning before applying. Another option is to use black pepper essential oil, but unless you've got some experience with EOs, better stick with the whole spice. You should NOT feel any type of burning on your skin. A sensation of warmth on the skin, while or after masking, is perfectly fine. Burning is not. If your mixture is becoming tingly or beginning to burn, you've used too much pepper & will need to adjust the amount of your other ingredients. But don't be afraid of it. The amount you use of either form of the black pepper - whole spice or EO - would depend on the total amount of your base ingredients. An example could be 1/2 tsp very finely ground peppercorns OR 3-4 drops of the essential oil to every cup of already prepared mask mixture, plus approximately 1/2 tsp of dry turmeric. You definitely can use fresh turmeric root, but that isn't available to many people & would also change the overall recipe. It's also an extremely potent root, so it also takes previous experience with this to be working with it. Another important tip: use RAW honey, which you'll get much better results with, not pasteurized. Raw honey can also be dabbed on pimples to facilitate healing & prevent scarring. It's amazing stuff. Apply it at bedtime every night where ever you need to. Your skin does the majority of it's self healing while you sleep. New Zealand exports some incredible, high quality raw honey, so if you can find this in your area you should grab some. Especially raw manuka honey from New Zealand. I buy mine at places like Whole Foods. It IS somewhat more expensive than regular honey, but you're not using it in huge amounts for skin care. And the results are well worth every penny. Another option is to find a honey bee farm in your area & buy raw honey directly from them. This would still be honey that is far superior to regular honey from the supermarket. Those with drier skin can add more honey as it's a natural humectant - as well as being antibacterial, healing & very soothing - plus a couple of tbsp of evening primrose oil to their mask mixture. Oily skinned people can also use evening primrose oil, or even jojoba or hazelnut oils. They will NOT clog your pores or cause breakouts. Total fallacy. Play with your honey & oil ratios to suit your skin, & research plant based carrier oils' properties. There are literally hundreds that are available for all sorts of purposes. You can also choose to use finely ground whole oats or even raw almonds instead of, or in addition to, chickpea or rice flour. Grind the oats to a very soft, fine consistency for a mask, a little more coarse for a scrub. Grind the almonds as much as you like, again depending on the type of product you're formulating. If you're using rice flour, check to make sure it isn't very gritty because that would indicate it's too rough, with sharp edges on the rice particles which can tear your skin. Test it by rubbing some on the inside of your arm. See which ingredient your skin prefers. If it prefers rice flour, go with that, or whichever base ingredient you choose. Make smaller batches to begin with so you can experiment until you get a custom mix that works best for you. It's a good idea to invest in an inexpensive coffee grinder, which will come in handy a lot when making your own skin care products. They're easily available under $20. Oats and/or almonds are great ingredients that will provide moisture for your skin, but which also balance your natural oil production if that's an issue for you. They also act as nice gentle exfoliants in a scrub & leave the skin baby soft after masking. If applying as a mask, you can leave it on overnight & rinse off in the morning. Don't wash your face after this, please. Just remove with a wet, tepid washcloth, then rinse with cool water, followed by an alphahydroxy moisturizer. This will further facilitate healing up any breakouts you may have, as well as help with pigmented scarring. Absolutely no need for a toner after this, which can leave your skin very much stripped of it's natural moisture, especially after masking or scrubs, causing more breakouts. Exactly what you're trying to avoid. Toner will also remove any beneficial residue from your mask ingredients which were left behind. You can also use your custom mixture as a daily cleanser which will leave your skin very clean & balanced, but never stripped or irritated. You have the option of just mixing up all the dry ingredients & store them in the fridge in a ziplock bag (to prevent natural oils from going rancid), adding slightly warm milk or yogurt as needed just before cleansing. This way, your cleanser will never get wasted if it goes bad. I prefer pre-mixing everything, allowing my ingredients to interact with each other while in the fridge. I find this to be most effective. If you ever see any kind of staining on your skin - very unlikely - it's quite easy to remove with some slightly warm hazelnut oil, which is also naturally astringent for oily/breakout prone skin. If a person has dry skin, they could use warmed olive oil to remove staining. Just gently wipe an oil saturated cotton pad over stained areas. It works. And please remember to never microwave any of your ingredients, such as honey, which will destroy a good part of its natural healing properties. If you must liquify a solid or very thick ingredient, best to do it over a bowl of warm water. Sorry for the length of my response, but I did want to give you enough info so you can easily & properly get started with this. Below is the sample mask/scrub recipe I wanted to leave you with. Don't be afraid to play with it, changing ingredients & ratios as you experiment. But please remember, caution with the black pepper. The whole point is to wind up with a product that is tailored to your specific needs. I hope it goes well :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * 1 cup finely ground, whole, raw oats (steel cut oats are also ok here) * 1/4 cup finely ground, raw almonds (never roasted or pre-ground) * 4 tbsp chickpea flour or 2 tbsp very finely ground rice flour (or a combo of both) * 2 tbsp raw honey (manuka is great, although significantly more expensive) * 2 1/2 tbsp buttermilk OR full fat yogurt OR full fat milk (goat or cow milk) - must be free of gelatin, cornstarch, carageenan etc (if Greek yogurt, be sure it's the real thing, as most labeled 'Greek' is low quality, artificially thickened junk) * 2 tbsp hazelnut oil or jojoba oil (preferably cold pressed/unrefined) * 3/4 to 1 level tsp turmeric powder (don't bother with the expensive capsules for this, they're incredibly overpriced & pointless) * 1/2 tsp to 3/4 tsp of very finely ground black peppercorns, adjust as necessary (remember you want warmth, NOT a burning sensation; the longer your mask sits in the fridge, the more warmth you will feel when it's applied. This is normal. If necessary, add some more yogurt & oats/hazelnut oil to tone it down, don't throw it out) USAGE: Simply mix it all up by hand really well & store overnight in the fridge in a glass jar before using. If it's a bit too runny, add a tiny bit more oats. Not too much as it will thicken a lot as the liquids absorb. The resulting mix should be thick enough that it's not dripping off your face, but thin enough that you can easily spread it across your skin without it falling off in clumps. The next day, warm some in the palm of your hand before applying. Smooth over dry, unwashed skin - avoiding eyes - using as a cleanser/scrub OR as a mask. This will leave your skin very clean, believe me. If using as a cleanser: after applying to dry, unwashed skin just dampen finger tips and gently massage into your pores for a few minutes. Allow to sit on your face for a few additional minutes. Rinse off with tepid water or damp, tepid washcloth, gently patting dry. Follow immediately with alphahydroxy moisturizer. If using as a mask: apply a thin layer to dry, unwashed skin using circular motions to work into your pores. Let it sit at least 20 minutes or, better, overnight. Remove with a damp, tepid washcloth, gently patting dry. Follow immediately with alphahydroxy moisturizer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good luck & feel free to PM me if you have any questions :-)
  14. When I'm referring to plant extracts, I don't mean essential oils. I personally wouldn't use any essential oils in a product like this. Not for anything around the eye area, ever. Lavender is one of the safest essential oils & is incredibly effective for many issues related to skin, as well as various types of injuries such as burns/cuts/scrapes/bites/etc, but the eye area is very different from the rest of the face/scalp/body. I took a quick look at the website you posted the link to. No reason you couldn't do the same thing. Give it a shot. I've gotten some of my best results through simple trial & error. You'd be better off using the resulting product from this procedure, rather than any essential oils. As to panthenol, I just add it to my formula. That's it. I don't manufacture it myself. That would very likely be impossible. I wouldn't even consider attempting this. I'd suggest you look more into surfactants which are available to people working in this field on a smaller scale. I was at my local suppliers the other day & noticed they've started carrying more & more of these ingredients & selling them in large quantities. At the moment, I'm not comfortable using any of them until I know exactly how they're manufactured & *which* raw materials they're manufactured from. Regarding the ratio of ingredients I use, as well as a complete list of ingredients and exactly what I use to put it all together, I'm not willing to share that info. Sorry. It's something that I do sell, & it took me a lot of personal research time & experimentation with herbs, hydrosols, plant extracts, essential oils & other ingredients over the years to develop a formula that's as effective - if not superior to - typically mass-manufactured products. It's something I've really had to work at for 20+ years, simply because I love working with natural ingredients. So far, I've come up with several product formulas that I'm happy with & which other people like. But it didn't come overnight :-) At the moment, I'm not interested in selling on a large scale, which I was doing some of many years ago before I moved overseas, because I'm aware of the dedication & amount of work involved. And I don't trust anybody to oversee a lot of the aspects involved in doing this again. There are those who are too lazy to develop their own knowledge & who just want to temporarily come in, pilfer other people's years of hard work while they're employed by a company, and then move on to start their own business. I'd definitely encourage you to keep researching & experimenting because the more of us that become educated in these fields, the better the products will be that are available to everybody on a larger scale. An example would be indie mineral makeup producers, which some years ago were virtually unheard of, which are a very important part of the cosmetics & skin care market now. They've helped women - and men - realize that high quality products are possible for even an individual person to make. They've gotten popular enough that much larger companies have been trying for quite some time now to hone in on people's interest in more natural products of higher quality, just to make a quick buck, by falsely labeling their own rubbish as 'natural mineral makeup', while still using cheap fillers & crappy ingredients which commonly cause allergic reactions, acne etc. They've unfortunately been doing this on the backs of these smaller manufacturers, although most larger companies have done an incredibly shitty job of it. Anyways, good luck & let me know how it goes with your own makeup remover formulation. You can PM me any time :-)
  15. Sorry, but I have to point out that this is incorrect/misinformed advice. ALL essential oils are going to have some type of natural 'fragrance' to them, dependant on which plant/root/resin etc they've been extracted from. Some more noticeable than others. The topic is far too much to get into here as a whole, but I guarantee you that this is a fact. But, yes, you SHOULD avoid all products with FRAGRANCE or PARFUM listed in the ingredients as they are very often synthetic, or plant derived & diluted with solvents etc, which can further irritate your skin. In addition, essential oils are NOT carrier oils. Not even close. The oils I mentioned above - sea buckthorn etc - are plant based 'carrier oils'. Not essential oils. Many essential oils can be incredibly helpful for skin conditions, but it's best to avoid them if you're not sure which skin condition you're dealing with, or if you haven't been using & researching EOs for quite some time. Using the wrong essential oil could very well inflame your already irritated skin. FYI oils like grapeseed & hazelnut, to name just a few, are astringent type carrier oils & not what you want to be using for 'extreme moisture'. Best to do some research so you can understand these differences yourself much better & make an informed choice based on fact.

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