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  1. So I only just found out that E.L.F has started an Australian site. I like E.L.F because their prices are so damn good! For bits and pieces to play with you can't go wrong with a few new toys from E.L.F. Up until now I could only buy their products on ebay, as the site itself didn't ship internationally. So today I jump on the computer, and in some round about way I came across the Australian E.L.F site. It's fair to say at this point I am shattered and disappointed. Their prices are through the roof compared to the American prices. $6 US for their foundation. $18.95 AUS for the same product, plus shipping. I know that Australia has been getting higher prices for a long time, but I was so excited about maybe doing a little haul on E.L.F and getting a few bits and bobs to play with. It is still cheaper for me to buy the same products on ebay and have it shipped from the states then it is to buy it in my own country. Had to get that off my chest so bad. Just made me fuming! They are meant to be a low cost company, who has tripled their prices for another country. Do many other people just buy their makeup off ebay? I have been buying my foundation off ebay for nearly 2 years, because once again, our prices are through the roof!!
  2. Bio-Oil. It's very effective on both stretch marks and scarring, and not very expensive. My sister had really deep scars on her hands, and they are almost completely gone. One of my girlfriends used it while she was pregnant, and again very effective! The earlier you start using this too the more effective it is.
  3. I have one that does the same thing and I was in the same situation of not knowing whether to pull it or not, but one day I cracked it and just ripped it out. For me it didn't leave a gap or anything and was the only was I could tame it. Sometimes if I was lucky mascara would hold it, but mostly not, so plucking was the way to go.
  4. Do you use bronzer? Even use a little bronzer instead to conture your face and in pictures it will give you a more defined look. I don't use blush unless its for an occassion (other wise I look washed out in photos.) but I ALWAYS use bronzer to bring out the cheeks If you do want to give blush a go then start off using it very lightly and get a colour that matches the inside of your lips
  5. Poor woman. How would you deal with something like that? They would want to be offering more then just medical expenses in the end. I would sue them broke.
  6. I agree with everyone else. Ignore it. You can't control what other people think, whether it be true or not. If you know you have done no wrong then don't even bother. If they are hung up on things that happened ten years ago, then that's their problem and they probably aren't worth the time anyway. If you feel that strongly about it though I would simply approach them. Tell them you just want to clear the air and that you have nothing against them. I have alot of guy friends who have girlfriends who don't like me until I approach them and break the ice.
  7. I eat lunch at the same place every day that I work. They know exactly what I have and the time I will be in. Ready to go for me every day. It's great.
  8. I agree, that's thinking outside of the box! Great entry! :]
  9. Oooo! Thanks, I will defaintely take a look. I hope that they ship international!
  10. I would hardly use the steam, and if I did it would be on low. Alot of reviews said they use it without the steam and it works fine. That's why I'm not fussed about the steam side of it.
  11. So I have had my eye on a straightener for a while. I have my heart set on a new VS (Vidal Sassoon) - I feel like nothing compares to them. I currently own their $100 one and I would buy it over a more expensive known brand again. My friend has a $200 one that does wonders on my hair and that was the one I wanted for ages. Now I have been looking around I have found the Goddess straightener by VS. I have researched it alot on the net and the only thing bad I can find is that the water holder for the steam is too small, but to me that doesn't seem much of a let down compared to the positive things said about it. I'm just wondering if anyone has used this straightener and can give me a bit of a run down on their hair type and how happy with it they are, and what it compares to? I'm open to suggestions as well, I'm also looking at ISO Straighteners as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I have my side lip done, my nose done and an industrial in my right ear as well my normal ear piercings. I love them, but I don't want to go over the top with them.
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