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  1. Shadows "pull," highlights "push." That's a quick way to remember it. Basically, hues darker than your skin are shadows; hues lighter are highlights. The areas you want to come forward would be highlights, the areas you want to recede are shadows.
  2. Very fun! I'm not trying to be critical, but I'd like to know what photoshop (or lack of ) was done to these images.
  3. I can't speak for a majority of her recommendations--but this is for sure: NIX the wipes!! ( totally agree zad!!) CVS brand does the same job as MAC, if not better--and is offered at a much more affordable price. And, they are texturized.
  4. I agree that you should discontinue use; however ,where exactly on the eye do you apply it? (Waterline, under eye, top lid, etc..) Have you had this experience before? Could you compare ingredient lists of products that have irritated you?
  5. ^ Yeah I'm not seeing or feeling a lot specifics (or purpose) of this? Please clarify if you can
  6. Wow all of you ladies look so beautiful! I love the creative uses of the warm shadows w/shimmer. Amazing!
  7. Hi Sweetpea! I can understand your feelings--I wasn't allowed to be in a car/ let alone DATE until i was 16. And the same applied to makeup. In middle school, all I wore was mascara and gloss...and maybe some browliner. What I would suggest is googling teen "looks" and writing down a product list. This way, you and your mom could go over it together. Here's a conversational thought you could have with your mom: What exactly are you looking to achieve? Thicker lashes? A more "even" skin tone? I would narrow down what you are hoping to achieve first before bringing it up. Keep in mind that your mom (or any of your relatives) aren't trying to be "mean" etc...they are looking out for you. There are a lot of creepers out there....your parents are just looking out for you girl
  8. You will find many other makeup enthusiasts here! Thanks for joining, and feel free to ask away
  9. You could try mixing in Cetaphil or Mac Strobe liquid to thin it out/add moisture to it. If it's still not suitable for you, I'd suggest going with a more moist foundation. Merle Norman's foundation is pretty moist, and MAC's face and body foundation has a bit more "slip" to it. Let me know any questions you may have
  10. Jemma Kid makes a good one called Makeup Masterclass..lots of great techniques!
  11. I'm here with you on this one; although I love the colors in the Anniversary Palette, I just can't see myself wearing the kind of vibrant colors (hey I'm getting finicky in my old ways lol!!!). I own the Naked Palette and use it all the time. Thanks for showing!!!!
  12. Hi Bombshell! I have mac's face and body foundation, and found it a bit tricky to get used to at first--it has a lot of "slip" to it--I'm used to working with dryer foundations and matte foundations that don't have much play time so this took a bit to get used to! As far as keeping a dewy look, maybe you could try mixing the foundation with a few drops of mac's strobe liquid--it's got a hint of shimmer and would create a dewy look. Also, you could try nixing powder all together and just use a setting spray. The other option is Urban Decay's dewy mist spray (forgot the exact name of it but you can find it at Sephora) or mac's fix plus spray. The other option is to use a pressed powder with a fan brush and use VERRRY sparingly (t-zone areas only with a light touch). Hope this helps!
  13. As far as a matte bronzer--I like Laguna beach by NARS, as well as Dior's bronzer pallets ( they are a complete bronzer and highlight palette and come in a few different shades (light to dark). In regards to getting sweaty, unfortunately skin > makeup and will get its way. However, you could try using a cream foundation (oil separates from water). Graftobian makes nice ones as well as RCMA. They take a bit of practice to custom blend, but once you get the hang of it they are amazing. For liquid foundations, my favorite is Makeup Forever Professionals Matte Velvet Foundation. I don't get nearly as oily with this. I use LORAC's primer as well. Best of luck!
  14. Hey girl sorry to hear about your makeup problems! Believe me there are many women here (including myself) who can empathize with your situation. I was put on Acutane for my severe acne, and although it had crazy side effects, it worked. (but i'm still oily!) Before trying anything with your makeup, would it be possible for you to discuss your problem with your current dermatologist? Human skin is organic, and no matter what uber-strong makeup we put on it, our bodies will react with it in their own ways. If you are hyper-oily in your t-zone areas, foundation will never look the same as it did at the beginning of the day. You mentioned breakouts revolving around hormone levels--again, no makeup can over-ride your body's natural process. (It gets better believe me!). In a way, people who are naturally oily have an advantage (I had a dermatologist tell me this). The more oily/hydrated your skin is, the better the prevention of wrinkles. I know you're not thinking about this now, but when you're my age you'll LOVE it! So...my first suggestion is talk with your doctor. My own personal way of dealing with the makeup fade issue is to be gentle on your skin; use a primer (I like Lorac's), and use a mattifying foundation. (I loooovee Makeup Forever Professional's Matte Velvet; however, it's very pricey.) I use a stipple brush (being very very quick as there's not much play time) to apply it. Also, as far as the makeup problems-- are you experiencing color problem issues (like redness around the nose showing throughout the day?) If so instead of concealing try color correcting first to help the problem (green cancels out red). One last thing: When applying powder to set, don't over-do it. Use a fan brush or a stipple brush to gently and lightly put the powder only where needed, and only in thin, light layer(s). Don't use the sponge thing to cake it on as it will only make matters worse. Hope this helps and keep us updated!
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