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  1. Wow. I'm so glad I didn't fall for subbing to this box. Every single one has been MEH. It almost seems like these items should have been included in the regular PS box - that would make the regular PS box not so bad.
  2. Oh that's perfect! I almost purchased that same drink float for the pool a week ago! So happy I didn't buy it!! <3
  3. They totally just killed their subscription business. I've been a Birchbox member/subscriber since the beginning. Until yesterday, I had two active subscriptions because I was more than happy to spend $20 a month to get two boxes full of samples. I have found SO many holy grail products through the Birchbox sub boxes and whenever I'd find something that I just LOVED and HAD TO HAVE a full size version of - guess where I'd go to buy it? Yes, I'd buy it through Birchbox. Sometimes I'd use my saved up points for a discount - sometimes I'd just buy it through Birchbox (even if it cost a few bucks more than somewhere else) because I'd happily give the extra $$ to Birchbox because THEY are the one that shared the item with me through the sub boxes. Well, I cancelled my 2nd account this morning after using the $10 worth of points I had in that one and I'm going to close my 1st (and longest account) after receiving the July box. There are so many other sub boxes out there and there's no real reason to get Birchbox anymore. The samples have gone downhill since they started this "choose a sample" thing anyways, so this change in points system just tipped me to the edge to finally say good bye to them for good.
  4. The pricing on the pieces in this box are HIGHLY overinflated. it's not worth it.
  5. I LOVE this box. <3 I hate that I have to wait two more months for another one! lol
  6. I was totally taken off guard when I checked my email from work and realized it was the day the box was on sale. It was already 45 minutes after the sale started so I was totally SHOCKED that they were not sold out already and I was able to grab one. There are a few items in this box I was considering trying anyways and those total up to more than the cost of the box itself so it was a no brainer for me to grab one.
  7. I'm curious if you've tried the Mizon eye cream yet. What's your opinion on it?
  8. I got a shipping email early yesterday morning and when I went to check it, it looked like Fed-Ex still hadn't even picked it up. Imagine my surprise when it was here when I arrived home from work. What I love the most if the giant black box everything came in. Those are great for storage. As for the contents, BLAH. Blah. Blah. I hate to be debbie downer but it's nothing like what I was expecting to get in a resort box. I hate flaky coconut so the marshmallows are totally out for me. The hat is seriously NOT my style. My boyfriend laughed and laughed when I took it out of the box and asked me "What in the heck did you order?!?". LOL I tried the makeup and I neither want to look matte or dewy. Rifle Paper books... eh. Have not opened them up yet to really look so I might like them. I do like the frame though and the scrub will get some good use. Thankfully, I just got a full refund from the Holiday for Her box so I guess I could chalk this up to getting the horrible Resort box for free. The hat is totally going up for swap.
  9. I didn't think I'd like the sample at all but it turns out, it's amazing. I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it. <3
  10. Sugar Publishing INC is what Popsugar was called originally. It's all one in the same company. No worries. In relation to my refund, I got it. Approx 48 hours after I got the email above, I received an entire 100% refund of my For Her Holiday box. I was very surprised that they went so far and above for me so PopSugar CS is totally back in my good graces.
  11. Whoa. I just received an email back from Popsugar finally and here is the response: "Thank you for following up. We are sorry for the delay in resolving this on going issue for you. As a remedy we have now issued you a full refund for the Holiday for Her box. Please check your account in the next 5 business days to see this refund reflected. Additionally, we have added a credit to your subscription, this credit will be used to cover the cost of your next Must Have box in April. Unfortunately we are unable to send out the replacement candles at this time as we are completely out of stock in our warehouse but hope that the refund and credit helps to resolve. We hope that this helps and are here if you have any other questions or concerns."
  12. I got broken candles from my for her box. They said I'd get replacements, then said they didn't have any and would credit me $15 but still no credit/refund. I've sent 3-4 emails since then and only received a reply of "we are backed up but our data team will be getting your refund to you soon!". That was over month ago and repeated emails afterwards have drawn no response at all. :/ Frustrating.
  13. I never got my replacement candles and when I contacted them for the 3rd time, they said I'd be getting a $15 refund. Still no refund. Still no replacement candles. :/

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