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  1. Only in high concentrations - it doesn't take much! MANY of the colored micas contain carmine and they are often included in blushes/eyeshadows. The red oxides are good for adding depth of shade and more earthy tones but it can be tricky to get the clear pinks. One of my FAVE pink/red micas from TKB Gemtone Ruby contains carmine. Gemtone Ruby It is often used in 2 - 3%. There are MANY colored micas that include carmine: Be My Valentine Garnet Mica Are just a few. Personally, I have no problem using carmine (it is of course totally FDA approved for use all over the face), though I don't have any straight up (it's on my wish list to dilute down for clear pinks.) It makes life SO pretty .
  2. Just a thought on minerals changing color - there are a few foundations that are made with coated micas (like carnauba wax treated sericite), titanium dioxide etc. to help prevent that color shift that happens with oil. I can't say who uses them off hand, but you could ask around?
  3. I like a bit of shimmer, and in all honesty - I've found that I notice it MOST after I first put it on. From a distance and without hyper-scrutiny I don't think most people 'see' sparkle, just a bit of 'light'. Hope that makes sense. My foundation is matte, but I've been wearing a sparkly, soft focus finishing powder I made myself on top .
  4. I've only purchased from CS at this point, but plain micas are carried by both CS and TKB (where I'm planning to order from next), sometimes they are even called 'plain mica', sericite is another popular name. Plain micas are transparent, and slightly shimmery, with a white to pale brown to pale grey color, but nothing like what most people think of as 'micas'. In order to obtain the color, sparkle etc. the mica MANUFACTURERS coat the mica with titanium dioxide, other colored oxides (think iron oxide here), then cut the mica to increase the sparkle/sheen. Without those colored oxides, titanium dioxide, tin oxides etc. we wouldn't have these fabulously colored/sparkly micas that everyone loves! So, the list of ingredients isn't 'additives' like cutting powders to bulk up the mica, those are actually part of the mica itself, and are added at the manufacturing stage, not by the wholesalers (like TKB and CS). I hope that makes sense and helps to add some clarity . Not trying to 'mix things up' even more!
  5. Very nice! Your eyes are so pretty, it looks like you have a lot of room on them to play with different looks!
  6. Emily, Have you tried a coasted sericite instead of the regular sericite (I'm assuming it was just regular sericite you used in your foundation, and that's the mica you're sensitive to)? It's a bit pricier, but there's one at TKB coated with synthetic wax, and one coated with carnauba (a vegetable wax). Maybe your skin wouldn't be sensitive to those? Hi Simi, Are you still looking for some thoughts on a glowy foundation? There are quite a few sample recipes of fairly heavy coverage foundations in this thread. Also, if you visit the Coastal Scents Forumulator there are some in there too. For color, you'd be on your own though . Just get a base recipe, mix it up, see if you like the coverage, and starting adding/grinding oxides until you like the color. Now, most of the recipes are matte. If you want glowy/dewy then use sericite or silk for any filler portions in your recipe (like plain mica/rice powder etc.) and consider ADDING either bismuth (if you aren't sensitive to it) OR boron nitride 30. HTH!
  7. I like the soft rose, but I agree - they are pretty close! I know it's been said before, but you do have nice lips!
  8. Hello! I found this forum when searching for details/chatting friends about mineral makeup! I'm from Canada, have 3 little princesses, and another princeling/princess on the way in December . I've been using mineral makeup for around 7 years or so, and am pretty much an exclusive user (mascara excluded.) Thanks for having me here!
  9. I think I might try melt and pour first! I'm a bit of a scatterbrain right now (pregnant with my 4th). Then I could play with molds, colorants, sparklies etc. without needing to worry about chemical reactions working out .

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