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  1. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I couldn't believe how short it was!!!!!! We need to do more of those
  2. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I got mine today and it showed up in my spam folder. Keep an eye out.....
  3. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    Im still waiting
  4. I answered the same on both and got booted
  5. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    Have you received the survey yet? I thought it was only going to be 4 days. I have gotten any emails so I wonder what's up?
  6. Were you able to get into the campaign? I remember when my mother suffered from MS so I know what you're going thru. It is a touchy subject and not many people would want to discuss it with friends let alone co-workers on social media.
  7. Im actually in the Swisher E-Cigarette campaign. I've been using e-cigs for about 6 months and I've never felt better
  8. Agreed! I saw the survey and thought "Even if I did have that problem, I wouldn't be willing to participate" lol.....
  9. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I'm not familiar with Influenster but I can attest to this being short and easy
  10. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I don't think they have a Facebook? I cant seem to find one. I did find this.....so maybe its only linked to the magazine? http://www.facebook.com/allure?fref=ts
  11. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    I haven't done anything thru Facebook. This foundation trial came thru an email I received asking me to log on and complete the survey.
  12. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    SWEET! I tell ya, I have 2 of the Neutrogena lip balms and I LOVE them (Sweet Watermelon is my fave)!!!! You are one lucky girl Im still testing the L'Oreal lipstick which I got 3 lipsticks to try. I'm in the Bzzagent Garnier overnight peel and Garnier Olia campaigns as well. I'm going to be sad next week when Mr. UPS guy doesnt bring me any goodies
  13. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    Which 2 did you get? I got Medium Beige and Fresh Beige. I think the Fresh Beige will work better for me since it has a warm undertone. How bout you? I love playing with makeup (especially when its FREE)
  14. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

    Lookie what came today
  15. kikikinzz

    Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

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