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  1. I say sunscreen everyday! Even incidental sun exposure can cause damage! I work with Eucerin so I just started using their Everyday Protection Face lotion SPF 30. I like it a lot. It's light enough to wear under make up, but with SPF 30 so I know my skin is protected. I'm pretty sure that anything over SPF 30, especially for every day use, isn't necessary. I'd look for something with 30 or 15.
  2. I've never tried Retin-A, but I just started using an anti-wrinkle cream called StriVectin. I'm also an eye-brow raiser so I feel like I'm getting more wrinkles on my forehead that I'd like to get rid of or just make less noticeable while they aren't too bad yet. I do some work with StriVectin so when they asked if I wanted to try out the new SD formula for wrinkles, of course I said yes! So far so good - I've been using it for about 5 weeks now and my skin looks healthy and feels softer...and I've even noticed that some of the fine lines I was starting to see are less prominent. Has anyone used StriVectin for longer than 5 weeks? Did you have good longer term results?
  3. It would be great to hear from people whether they think it's better to invest in an eye cream, face cream or both.
  4. I'm with you on that! I always check out the new perfumes celebrities come out with, but I've never really found one I like enough to buy. I tend to stick with Lacoste in the summer an Burberry in the Winter. I guess I prefer designers to celebrities when it comes to perfume!
  5. Thanks for the tips. I hardly ever use hair products either and I never know what to use when I need a little extra volume or to hold curls.
  6. I was just talking about wedding cakes with a friend on mine at work. I told her that I feel so bad that I never end up eating the cake because they serve it so late during the reception after everyone has eaten dinner, desert and is already on the dance floor. Hardly anyone pays attention to the cake! She told me that what a lot of people do is have just the bottom layer as real cake and then the top layers are styrofoam and just decorated to match. Cuts down on cost AND you can have the sky-high cake you want. I'd probably just get additional sheet cakes for guests.
  7. PrettyDC

    Rain Boots

    Usually I would wear the bolder rainboots with a black or gray coat and jeans so that they don't clash horribly with my outfit. Once I get to work I would definitely change into real shoes. The rainboots are pretty chunky to wear all day, but it's great not to have to think about keeping the bottom of your pants dry during the morning commute. Do you all like these solid color Pelican boots better?
  8. PrettyDC

    Rain Boots

    Did anyone else wish they had rain boots this morning? It's raining in DC so my feet got a little soaked getting into work today...grrr. Seems like the only time I think about buying rain boots is when it's too late and already raining! I just started working with the team at Sperry and they have a TON of cute new rain boot patterns that I really like. What do you think of these new colors?
  9. Wow, I really never write checks anymore. I try and pay all my bills online now. My checks are the ones that come with opening a checking account with BoA. I think some have puppies on them, some have sailboats...so random.
  10. I just bought a new green military jacket and I can't wait for it to get cold enough in DC to be able to wear it! I also think the fur vests are so cute, but I'm not sure I could pull them off - although I recently went to my first CAbi clothing party I really liked the Fur Sure vest from the fall line. It looked really cute paired with a white shirt, boyfriend jeans and heels. Speaking of clothing parties, have any of you bought clothes this way? What did you think?
  11. I usually dress business casual for work - maybe a knee length skirt, heels and a shirt and cardigan. I try and add some fun jewelry or a colorful pashmina to make my outfits more exciting. For interviews though, I would always wear a suit, even though I hate suits! So I'm always on the look-out for professional, interview-worthy clothes that aren't just your average gray or black suit. I work with CAbi clothing and I think they have some cute suggestions for how to spice up your professional wardrobe on their blog this week. What's your go-to outfit for interviews?
  12. Tweed can be a bit hard to wear, but it doesn't have to be. I do some work with CAbi clothing and they have this cute jacket that looks like tweed but without the bulk. You could easily pair it with deep reds and camel tones that you guys were talking about. The layering may be a bit tricky, but there shouldn't be any "snowman" problems if you keep the layers fitted close to your body.

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