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    I'm a makeup addict and formulator. Owner and founder of L.A. Minerals. I started the business in 2007 after trying my first mineral foundation from another company. I loved how it looked and felt on my skin, but it itched like crazy! My passion for makeup lead me to study formulating and coming up with my own line of makeup.</p>
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    <p>We have trial sizes for $4.99, Starter Kits, and 3 different mineral foundation formulas.</p>
    <p>If you have sensitive skin or acne, give our Valley Girl formula a try.</p>
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    <p>Our concealer and Valley Girl foundation is very water and sweat repellent! Stays on when you swim!</p>
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    Owner - LA Minerals
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    Wish we could finish our skin care line! LoL
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    2016 Toyota 4 Runner LOVE IT~
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    Forrest Gump, Green Mile, Titanic, Men in Black
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    Twilight series
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    LA Minerals
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    I raised two step sons with mental retardation. I love them like my own :)
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  1. If you have it on in the first pic, then well done! Looks totally natural.
  2. You are gorgeous and did a fantastic job on your first video! Love your background too
  3. I would recommend that you just try to remove the cause of the red marks, the acne. I'd suggest washing with African black soap. I get mine on Amazon. Then follow with rose water witch hazel. I use Thayers. Use a few drops of PURE jojba oil as your moisturizer. YES it's important to moisturize acneic skin, and oily skin, as this tricks your skin into NOT producing excessive oils. Try that for a week, and while it's clearing up, just cover the red spots with a concealer.
  4. You may want to try some baking soda, and just scrub your nails with an old toothbrush.
  5. Well I'm 51 so I have those wrinkly loose lids! What works best is using a loose pigment on a damp brush. This won't give a DEFINED line, like wet liner will, but it will look smoother and less harsh on older eyes. Won't emphasize the wrinkles. Dampen with visine if you want it to last longer. I use this under my eyes too. Really gives a nice, smudgey natural look. Hint: matte shades work best for this and on wrinkly lids overall. Shimmer shades emphasize wrinkles on lids. We have a LOT of matte shades!
  6. are you over exfoliating? That will create dry patches. You should only exfoliate about once a week, and then gently. Be sure you use moisturizer and let it soak in, or makeup will stick to it in patches too.
  7. Your skin is CRYING! You are over exfoiliating. You should only exfoliate once a week. Skin HAS to make extra oil to combat the drying out from the benzoyl and exfoliating you are doing. Here's my pro advice: 1. Wash with Raw African black soap (great for acne without burning your skin up. Get it on Amazon) 2. Toner- use witch hazel (find it in the pharmacy. It doesn't smell pretty, but its gentle and pure) 3. Moisturize - Pure Jojoba Oil (just a few drops applied with damp hands and damp face. Order it on Amazon or buy at health food store) Jojoba oil most closely resembles your skins natural oils. If you strip the oils and don't replace them, your skin will work OVERTIME to create more oil and this results in more ACNE! 4. Wear a talc free mineral makeup - NO PRIMER! Our Valley Girl formula had Allantoin and Kaolin clay and is great for acneic skin types. 5. Drink a LOT of water - gallon a day and stay away from Sweet Sodas and Sugars
  8. Our loose mineral pigment shadows don't have talc. I don't understand why so many companies use talc rather than mica as a base. Honestly the price is about the same by the barrel (yes that's how we buy each ingredient). Also, please avoid the ones with bismuth oxychloride. It can cause a reaction on your lids, make them red and swell.
  9. I go back and forth too! In the winter I seem to prefer the luminous look that I get with our NoHoGlo foundation. In the summer my oily skin does the luminating just fine on its own, so I go with a more matte foundation or none once I tan. I'm part hispanic so 15 minutes in the sun and I'm J-Lo color!
  10. If it's pressed minerals, probably no way to fix it. Sorry. I'd toss it.
  11. just accept yourself for who you are an accentuate the parts of your face that you like better, like your eyes or lips.
  12. in building your "kit" do you mean as a Makeup Artist kit? Or your personal use?
  13. GREAT job! Can't believe this is your FIRST video? You did it better than the pros!
  14. Hi Shirley! Welcome to MUT Hows life in Malaysia?
  15. Welcome to MUT! How's life in Paraguay?

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