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    I am Dacheller from Youtube. I am a young aspiring makeup artist. I love talking about makeup & doing makeup for my few clients:) It makes me feel so powerful, strong, & independent. I am a senior in High School and I live in TN, USA. I Love life so much right now. My life is completely perfect. I'm happy that I found that being content was the dream come true.
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    Bargain Hunting
    Doing Makeup Freelance
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    Loving (in a sweet way)
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    Secretary at a local Museum
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    Huge pile of samples from TKB Minerals
    ELF Studio Line of Blush
    ELF Mineral Line of Lipglosses & lipsticks
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    Silver Chevy Cavalier 2003 (w/ a bumpersticker that reads "My Granddaughter is in the Airforce") niiiiice.
  1. Honestly: I envy the skinny skinny girl. I have given up on going that direction & have switched over to eating healthy & trying to tone up what I do have. I am curvy & I've lost a lot of weight since childhood. The fact that my 3 sisters are all 90-115 pounds...it is always in my face that I could look like them too if I starved myself. I delt with eating disorders for 10 years. Sometimes you just have to see the light. I almost RUINED my life trying to be tiny tiny. More important things in life than ideal beauty. I think I may always have a little tiny bit of envy for the girls that can wear anything & have big gaps between their thighs. But I refuse to ruin my body & starve & risk my health to become one of them...so I exercise & try to eat right & am learning to love the body I have.
  2. I have always admired the athletic girls. In my mind I imagine the work that was put into it. Skinny girls just remind me of the absence of eating. I've been on both ends of the spectrum. I hope you would never sacrifice the health of your body to become just another career-minded-anorexic. If you want to drop fat the healthy way, focus on cardio. But please never jeopardize your health to become "socially acceptable". always eat healthy! yumyum eat'em up!
  3. When I was a little younger I had that problem. I read someplace that it would help to keep a notepad by your bed so you can write down all of your ideas & important thoughts. Then convince yourself that you will handle everything on the notepad in the morning. This kinda forces you to give up on thinking on tons of stuff:) Hope that helps
  4. I went on there ONE TIME & everyone was so rude. Never went back. They are down right mean. MUT really is nice. They have encouraged me since I was 15 I love MUT
  5. I am moving into a dorm in a couple of weeks for summer classes. Is there anything specific I should bring with me or buy? What's it like? I just bought some pepper spray & a body alarm because I won't know anyone there. Lol I also have a few things for the room. Give any advice you have for any aspect of college & dorms! it would be MOST appreciated. I just graduated (!) & I can't wait to start college. I'm going to Major in Business Admin & minor in Art. This way I can run a business of my own or choose to continue my makeup business. I miss being on here as often with all you lovely ladies! I've also gotta find a way to keep up my youtube channel while at college...not to mention lighting.
  6. Rae Morris - Makeup The Ultimate Guide Kevyn Aucoin - Making Faces These are the only books I have. I love them both so much. The techniques are almost polar opposites but they prove that art can happen whichever way you prefer. But I was wondering if you guys have read any other makeup books that are informative with beautiful photographs. I am studying up to be a makeup artist...since I won't be able to go to school for it. So please, anything informative, please let me know! Thanks, Ladies.
  7. I was the same way. So was most of the girls I know. I had to find beinggirl.com to tell me what I needed to know. I've been using kidshealth.org lately which has a more scientific way of putting things. I felt intrigued so I definately want to share the knowledge. I am really trying to keep this from being an offensive or gross thing. Keep in mind that until now I have only gotten feedback from friends of mine that are in the same boat as I am, with bad cramps, unpreparedness, and never learning the truth from parents. I am really sorry if this sounds offensive to anyone in this forum but I am only trying to think of ways that I can help girls and women alike feel better and more comfortable with their knowledge of their bodies. I wasn't trying to sound like I was calling all girls and women stupid for not already knowing or that I would have a girl (during her first period) a huge obnoxious basket with tampons as decorations:) Just want to put my need for helping others into good use.
  8. Midol is an optional part of the packs that I have been making. Some women crave endorphines as their hormones fluctuate...& chocolate releases endorphines...I don't see how this is a negative thing at all.
  9. Yeah, I've considered that too. But it's really aimed at girls more my age & older. I wouldn't expect a kid to want one:) I am 18 by the way. Your example made me laugh:) I was thinking of things like nail polish and nice soap. I think the facts would be helpful for anyone, since information is so misconstrued.
  10. It isn't a stereotype that chocolate releases endorphines which put you in a better mood during PMS & cramping. Midol is a prostaglandin inhibitor...prostaglandins being released in the body is what causes cramping, diarrhea, & nausea. Midol stops that. Just because these two things work to help ladies feel much better during their period, doesn't make them a stereotype.
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  12. I was planning to go to IMATS in Pasadena. BUT it doesn't seem like a very worthy go-to, since I am on the other side of the country. I'd spend more getting there than I would there. I am going road tripping this summer. Anywhere & everywhere the wind takes me. It's my 18th summer as well as my first summer out of high school...THIS IS GOING TO BE ABOUT FREEDOM:D WOO HOO!! Gonna work hard to get there.
  13. Poser. I have made a point with my life to be my own person. I work daily to create my own normal & to be comfortable being me & not someone else. It would really hurt to be called a poser for me.
  14. I know this may sound extremely weird but I am so passionate about teaching girls the facts about their own bodies. Girls my age are so very mislead or oblivious to their own girly nature. In other words, they don't know what a cycle really is, they don't know why they have cramps, they don't know why they DON'T have cramps, they don't know about tampon safety & time limits...There are just many things that I have taught my friends because I am the one doing the research from legit sites. My point is, I am trying to begin a project of making menstrual gift baskets with items to keep girls prepared as well as facts that will keep them INFORMED. I did a test run using U by Kotex items, chocolate, & Midol...I put it all in a very small school supplies organizer (very cute & discreet). I loved it. I gave some to my friends and they actually couldn't wait to use them;) Since this is such a social blunder, I was thinking of selling on ebay where it would be discreet for buyers to buy. Here is what I would include: Cute Pantiliners Cute Tampons/Pads Midol Thermacare Menstrual Heating Pad Playtex Wipes Hershey's Bar Recipes for DIY Beauty Treatments Instructions Facts Little Purse to keep supplies in when on the go:) TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!
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