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    amelie, secretary, forgetting sarah marshall, american psycho,
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    favorite writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alduos Huxley,
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    M.A.C., NARS, Urban Decay, Coastal Scents, Too Faced, Ben Nye
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    My eyes change color green/grey/blue depending on the weather, my mood, or the colors i'm wearing
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  1. definitely. i remember when i could purchase a lot more at a time, so obviously now i'm picky. i usually go for things that will keep me occupied the longest or i'd use the most.
  2. not anymore, when i was in my early 20's i bought everything. now if i try it, like it and don't have a similar color i'll buy it. i think a lot of makeup with hype is overpriced.
  3. Thanks for the analysis. I was considering getting one just to see, but i think i'll skip it. Plus i can't get the shake weigh southpark episode out of my head.
  4. I think matte red looks good on everyone at the right time and place if it is a good match for their skin. I'm not a fan of reds on teenagers though especially younger ones, i don't think they can pull it off without looking awkward. i like brick reds for myself. I usually don't wear matte red in the daytime. Viva Glam is probably the red i pick up the most.
  5. short of surgery, try mederma and keep the areas well moisturized. Creams with zinc in them are good, because it allows the skin to stretch easier, preventing further marks. when you are out in the sun you should wear a good sunscreen so they don't get any darker. I'm white and my stretch marks are white white, no pigmentation and they stand out pretty good too, i've had them since puberty and used to be really self conscious of them until i got older. They stand out more in the summer, because they don't tan. To be honest, nearly everyone has them, even guys, so what you see on yourself probably is not as bad as you think. I don't notice them on my friends until they point them out and even then they aren't scary to look at, just nature.
  6. I don't know how many of you use the site Etsy, but it has changed it's privacy practices, and failed to tell the users until days after the changes...now other people can see the purchases you've made...please read this article: http://arstechnica.com/web/news/2011/03/etsy-users-irked-after-buyers-purchases-exposed-to-the-world.ars
  7. ahh, no, i don't like the style. I don't think it looks very flattering on the models, much less me.
  8. yes, she's been getting thinner and thinner and looking very tired.. it's not good compared to the way she used to look, she needs to take a serious break. I remember last summer she admitted she still used cocaine a "a few times a year" and more recently she smokes a lot of pot when she writes music. and she drinks. i cringe. I know that most cocaine users don't use it "a few times a year", but habitually, its very addictive. i see the other celebrities that have gone down that road and ruin their careers, and gaga is admitting to still use in interviews?! thats such a bad message to send your fans, especially the younger crowd. i know that cocaine is worse than pot, but both are illegal and do ruin people's lives. I hope she finds some solid ground to stand on and take a look at her life and all that could be lost.
  9. they are pretty neat, i like the idea of the picture flowing across the nails. i think the easiest way to do this would be to buy some very thin nail art brushes from a beauty supply like sally's, get the right color polishes. If you get fake nails you'll need the "hand" or something to hold them still while you paint them. Get the picture you want to use and practice on a piece of paper with a pencil to get the basic "flow" of the picture.. then on your nails apply a basecoat, then it looks like she used a blue background, green, white and diluted yellow(with white) and black to paint. I don't think the design itself would be too hard, just getting the polishes to blend would be the most difficult. I'm pretty sure the artist mixed together the blue and green, green and black then white and yellow, so make sure you have something to mix a little of the polishes in. i think the in the order of the colors applied was the blue, then the green octopus and treasure chest (maybe a mix of black and green polish), then the pale yellow accents, then the white highlighting on top of the yellow and finally the black on the far left octopus . if you know who painted these, you could try to contact them and ask how it was done. it would probably be time consuming, but i like the design and concept.
  10. that's crazy! i couldn't ever tattoo my face..but the artist did a great job.. i remember a member on this forum posted a similar skeleton look around halloween, it was like this and pretty neat. as for the video, i tried to look the meaning up, and came across some really strange theories.. here is one break down that was interesting to say the least, plus other weird stuff: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/lady-gagas-born-this-way-the-illuminati-manifesto/ so then i went to youtube and searched "born this way analysis" and came up with a bunch more crazy stuff. i watched a few of the videos and was really disturbed..so i stopped, i didn't want her to be totally ruined for me.
  11. i really like the pictures of this color. i'll probably seek the gloss out. her other viva glam didn't look good on me at all, but this one looks to compliment my coloring more.. i'm an nc25.
  12. their is only one seller that i'll buy mac from on ebay and that is very rare. its easier to buy directly from mac and know what you are getting is real. Plus having to go through paypal/ebay adds more problems if something goes wrong, such as your package not showing up.
  13. i really like their lipsticks and lipglosses, they were really good quality for the price. they were available at walgreens then they were replaced with another brand. i didn't get to try out anything else though.
  14. I don't understand..generally i've liked all the songs with videos she's released and other songs without videos too. I hated Born This Way.. the song was only mediocre.. very reminiscent of madonna, but the video was DISGUSTING to me. Seriously the giving birth stuff was unnecessary. Her dancing/choreography was just as bad. Her skeleton makeup was the only thing interestingly well done, although it too was creepy. At fashion week in paris? she debuted her new song Government Hooker and i didn't think the song was very good. I listened to it a couple of times and it didn't catch on. What happened Gaga? In comparison to her other music this stuff is just not the same..and i don't expect to like all of her music, but she is drastically grotesquely different. Does anyone else see this?
  15. these colors are called duochromes: you can do a google search and pull up different brands. these are a few mac makes a few i can think of off the top of my head: eyeshadows: club tilt motif stars n rockets vex vellum pigments: blue brown old gold pink pearl

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