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  1. Welcome, I too am new here and I loke it alot and I think you will too
  2. As with any medical condition, Id wait to tell him until you are comfortable. You dont want to throw things out there too soon. And I know it sounds cheesy but when you do feel comfortable enough, Id tell him just the way you said it here. Its very "to the point" without too many details. Id probably wait until you guys are "official", so after however many dates you go on until you guys dont see other people. Idk I hope I am saying the terms correctly, I wasnt much of a dater myself and Ive been married almost 5 yrs and with my hubby for a total of 7+ lol. And if you're not comfortable shwowing him your scalp, then just politely tell him you're not ready yet. If he cant understand that, then too bad so sad for him. Hope this helps
  3. I include my extended family-its pretty big, I have lots of aunts and uncles, which lead to lots of cousins lol. I am an only child myself. There are a few close friends of the family that I would consider "family" too. So I guess to answer your question, yes and yes lol
  4. what does that mean? I have their card which everytime I buy something I accumulate "points" and get good freebies and an awesome bday freebie. Is this something different?
  5. I am all about a nice beach with a great book and cocktail. I went to Jamaica last February and it was heaven-Id like to go back thats for sure
  6. Yeah I really have to look into going there sometime in the near future lol
  7. Katina, no-but I am about an hour away from Niagra Falls- its funny because I havent been there since I was a kid. Ive been through there going to Toronto, but Im thinking its time for a road trip to the falls
  8. Thanks ladies Katana I love your Marilyn quote. I just watched Niagra with her in it. I love that movie-esp since it has Niagra Falls history.
  9. Ive tried a few of thier products including their mineral makeup. Ive never disliked anything I tried. Ive tried a mascara, sorry dont know which one for sure. Im disappointed because last time I looked, they didnt carry their mineral powder anymore. I really liked it. Maybe they have a new one out, I will have to check it out.
  10. wow thank you everybody-these are some great tips!!!! What do you suggest I use to clean makeup brushes-I dont want them to be drenched or damp the next day I go to use them. I am definitely going to try these helpful tips- and I love salmon so I am going to stock up on that for sure Thanks again everyone oops had to edit because I forgot to answer the BC question-no Im not on it-I pretty much went off it after I got married since I had been on it through most of my 20's-even on BC I still broke out- it definitely is embarrassing
  11. Hi my name is Tracie and I love makeup, therefore MUT is right up my alley. I discovered MUT through twitter, and so far I love it. I love the forums, the reviews, the suggestions. I am looking forward to making new friends and also hopefully helping out others with questions,as I hope to get help with any questions I have regarding makeup, skincare, etc. I posted my first forum, about blemishes and wrinkles, so hopefully I will get some suggestions. I have no kids, just a cat, and I have been married for almost 5 years. Like I said I love makeup, Sephora is my guilty pleasure lol. Its like my candy store. I also love perfume and body sprays-and my favorites are light clean scents. Well that about sums it up I suppose. Any other info or questions just ask Thanks for this forum btw, this is great for us new peeps.
  12. a nice ray of sunshine coming through my window as the sun is setting
  13. Did the person who originally start this thread even respond again? I didnt see anything. While I am a new member, literally like 3 days old, I am disappointed I cant par with the SS thing, but I understand it. I signed up wayyyyy back probably 10 years ago on another type of forum site-not MUT related-for a SS thing and I never got a gift from whoever my SS was. Everybody else was posting their pics of their gifts, I was pretty bummed. So now I am posting and reviewing and doing my part so I can par next year. Hey moderators maybe you guys can do a VALENTINES swap. That would be cool (who knows maybe you already do haha). That way us noobs dont have to wait a whole yr to do a swap. Just an idea But I dont feel as if I am penalized. I was given a very fair reason in a pleasant msg so I wish this person would respond again so we can see where they are coming from and the mods can try and help :/ Hope everyones having a good week.
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