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  1. I do hope that your family are all Ok.This is so terrible for the people of Japan and the ones who are left must be suffering so much. They must be so scared, I am sure the the death toll will be much larger than 10,000. The implications of Nuclear meltdown are unthinkable !!. This industrious and proud country will be paying a high price emotionally and economically for such a disaster. I saw coverage of a boat full of poor little orphaned children who had been at their day centre and lost their parents. We must all pray for them. Franny
  2. Benefits, use them a lot lately That Girl Primer, You Rebel Tinted moisturiser. Full finish lipstick in flirt alert.
  3. In a word, No. I always look in mirrors,even my car mirror, always check my eyes in it !! I am well into therapies and whats inside a person,but I am still a vain bugger !! Also I am a sucker for getting compliments !! Oh dear !!
  4. How fascinating, I suppose as all of the ingredients are listed on the bottle so to speak, you can just source the ones that are really necessary for the results that you want and possibly get rid of the harsher ones that are not required unless you are in mass production. What is your hottest must have then?
  5. Hi Diva Doll I am fascinated by your skincare cookery knowledge, do you have a website?
  6. Hi, yes I have heard that the side incision is the way to go. Funnily enough, yesterday I had a discussion about scarring from cosmetic surgery and a friend was telling me about her sisters scars, she has had everything done and has a lot of marks on her. The underbreast marks look very unsightly, but I expect that they do fade in time. Hi there by the way, I am fairly new to the forum, do let us know how you are getting on.
  7. There are many,many things but the first thing that comes to mind is Cancer....get rid of that one ! We can all make a difference to the world.
  8. Wow !! I am impressed by this, makes me want to make my own home brew !! I dont always like eye-shadow on my eyes now that I have slightly crepy eyelids,what I tend to do is add a little cream blush to my eyes and just highlight under my brows. I did experiment with mineral eye shadow and Benefits smokey eyes kit at christmas for a party and really carried off the smoldering smokey look ! For daywear I am a little disappointed with my eyeshadow.
  9. Girls do you have a brand that sticks and has the most staying power.Sometimes its great to have a lipstick that lasts for hours. I am a bit bored with the Kiss Kiss colour selections.
  10. I am a day skipper (sailing exam) I turned beautiful and have attracted more men since I became 40 years of age. I am hyper-active Addicted to vintage fashion Have been needed more as a parent now that my children are 16 and 22 than ever before in my life. I look so capable but confess that I find nearly every day of my life a challenge... I have self esteem.................
  11. In my christmas stocking someone bought me Soap and Glory lipgloss. usually for me the only lipsticks that work are Guerlain KissKiss and Virgin Vie lipgloss. I think that virgin Vie have changed ownership in the UK now and are no longer part dof the Virgin group.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU MAKEUPTALKERS !!!
  12. To not waste a day, minute or second of my life having fear,worry or stress. To give out all the love that I need,as It will come back to me two thousand fold. To know when to let go of people and friends and when it is time to move on. To always turn my face to the sun. To attract my abundance............... http://www.mindmakeovers.co.uk/create-wealth-and-abundance.html
  13. Thanks I will try this out...Hope that you have had a great christmas X
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