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  1. I'm thinking you probably need a concealer instead of foundation. Estee Lauder Double Wear is super pigmented to give good coverage. I'd go to the Estee counter and ask your questions there. If you have widespread redness they may recommend the Double Wear powder (since that's your preference) or just color match you with a concealer and show you how to apply and set it.
  2. One thing you might want to check is to see if your moisturizer is compatible with your foundation. If you use an oil based moisturizer with a water based foundation, (or water based moisturizer with oil based foundation) your foundation will tend to break up and look splotchy.
  3. I found Tarina Tarantino! I got two eyeshadows and the last two of the eye primer. All were priced $2.99, I couldn't pass that up. I'm hoping some of you have hit your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls and are finding more TT. I'd love to find some blush. . Come on people! Let's revive this thread! What are your recent finds?
  4. I hit up CVS today too and my receipt says I saved $100.99! I paid $47.19, but that includes a few non-makeup items, like a couple of diet cokes and the copay on my two prescriptions. I got mostly the 75% off stuff from Revlon and Sally Hansen but I had to try the Clump Crusher mascara that I've been hearing about. Only the brown is supposed to be on sale, but my CVS marked down the black 50% too. I also got one of the Milani baked blushes in Fantastico Mauve for 50% off and some Ardell lashes. I don't do fake lashes, so I figured that if I want to learn, now is a good time while they are so cheap! lol And for the 75% products: from Revlon I got those chubby pencil lip stains, two nail polishes, and the Nearly Naked foundation. The foundation looks a shade or two too dark, so I'll keep it for next spring/summer when I get a little sun. And the Sally stuff is their chubby pencil lip stain? gloss? balm? I'm not even sure what it is! lol And I got a couple of the nail sticker things. Oh yeah, I also got that old fashioned Coty Airspun loose powder that my mom and grandmothers probably used. It's been around forever! lol I figure for like $2 I can give it a shot to set my makeup and if I don't like it, I'm only out $2...and I'll just give it to my mom. lol
  5. Kohl's sells The Balm? WooHoo! I love that I won't have to order online!
  6. Jordana Fabuliner. It's like $2 at Walgreens, nice and black, gives a perfect line, never dries out.
  7. I haven't gotten them yet, I just paid for them yesterday, but was so excited I had to post about it right away. lol The two palettes are the Jenni Rivera one, which has 36 shadows and 6 blushes. And the other is the day and night one with 60 eyeshadows.
  8. My last purchase...I won a couple of auctions on facebook for two brand spanking new BH Cosmetics palettes, and only paid $20 for both! OMG! I am so happy and excited!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DeSha I hit up the annual CVS beauty clearance sale. Ladies, be sure to check your local CVS for good deals on beauty/cosmetics. I managed to sang eight Sally Hansen polishes for less than 15 bucks. Actually I only paid 7 dollars, but I had some CVS bucks and coupons, lol. All the polishes were 75% off... insane! I think the cheapest one was .82 cents and the most expensive was 2 dollars. Today was polishes. Tomorrow I am going to scour the lipsticks and eyeliners. Has anyone else visited their local CVS? WOOHOO! Thanks for the heads up! For anyone who doesn't know, every year (twice a year) Nouveau Cheap keeps a master list of all products that go on clearance at CVS, so go check there and make a list before you head out (or use a smart phone at the store).
  10. Oh lord, I don't even know. But I thought I was the only crazy one, some of you are worse than me? AMAZING! LOL I would guess that I have between 40 and 50 blushes. My favorites are Cargo, Tarte, and Milani.
  11. You could also try the Milani Shadow Eyes chubby pencils. There is a shimmery white in the normal display, but... right now there is a limited edition display in my CVS with a matte white! So if you're interested you better go looking very soon before it sells out. I'm not sure if it's showing up at other drug stores, but definitely try a CVS if you have one nearby.
  12. I'm wondering if they are discontinuing it already? I know it's half off at my CVS and I've seen it at Ocean State Job Lot (it's like a Big Lots, but in New England) which does get a lot of discontinued products.
  13. I missed this when it originally was posted. I am so glad it got bumped. This was hilarious to read and made my morning. I can't see any reason to buy Kardashian branded products at this point, but I think I may be the only person who likes Kim Kardashian's perfume. I'm waiting for it to get discontinued and to buy it up cheap though. lmao! I really do not get reality show celebrities. People who are famous for being famous, but actually have no real talents.
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