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    Hi there! Thanks for taking time to come on my page :)

    Hmmm about me... i'm terrible with this section.... I'm a full time uni student and I work part time... Im still not really sure what I want to do when I graduate at the end of this year. Time flies!!!!!
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    Classical Music, Rock, Transgression Novels, Independent International Films, Vintage, Make up and Skincare, Amazing medical stories, Tea, Fine Food (Home made also), Extreme Sports, Performing Arts, Instruments, Culture, Shoes, Psychology and Philosophy, Travel, Meeting New People and Listening to Their Stories, Ice Cream, Apples..... And so much more!!!!
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    Fight Club, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING BY MARVEL! Umm.... and most adam sandler movies.
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    A variety. Classical instrumenta, Rock, Heavy Rock and Grunge, Metal, Indie, Alternative, Pop...
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    Please visit my make up channel :) http://www.youtube.com/lilynotlouise Make up blog lilynotlouise.blogspot.com
  1. I'm fairly inexperienced with maybelline products. I've tried their XXL mascara and foundation about 6 years ago, it wasn't striking, the mascara did practically nothing and the foundation broke me out. Recently I received a maybelline voucher, I decided... why not. I just need some suggestions/recommendations so I can start on the "right" foot with Maybelline this time. Thanks in advance!
  2. I received a lot of recommendation for bobbi brown's concealer (the one with cream on top and powder at the bottom) apparently it will cover everything. Personally I use revlon cream concealer for everyday use. if i break out or have something pigmented/acne to cover... i'd use IT cosmetics concealer.. that stuff is heavy duty. it will cover just about everything.
  3. It's a tough one. does your mum wear a lot of mak eup her self? if she does, then it should be easy to approach. My mum never wear make up, I started wearing some eyeliner when I was 15.. I had similar problems. i think the best way is to prompt her by starting a conversation on similar topics... ie. talk about make up, comment on cosmetics in magazines.. then start dropping little hints. My mum didn't get it though so i had to hold my breath and ask her straight out. Parents are usually apathetic or tough on these situations. Parents never want their children to grow up too fast, I agree with above... opt for something less noticable. I always parents buying clear mascara, pressed powder or clear lipgloss for their teenage daughters
  4. I've tried this... it did extend my lashes a bit. but there are a lot of fibre mascaras out there. This was "OK" here are some pictures from my blog...with model co: http://lilynotlouise.blogspot.com/2009/12/model-co-fibre-lash-review-and-my-model.html and here's just with "normal" mascara-- bobbi brown: http://lilynotlouise.blogspot.com/2011/08/bobbi-brown-extreme-party-mascara.html theres not... THAT much of a difference.. but i guess my lashes did look longer.
  5. I'm not sure about you, but my mum told me i look like i've been beaten up when I wear brown eye shadow. I tend to stick to purple, vintage bronze, and sometimes a hint of blue. line your eyes top and bottom lashline, apply your eyeshadow a little over the crease (so when you open your eyes you can still see a bit of it... it's tricky on asian eyes... so make sure you blend blend blend) then work it on your lashes!
  6. So far....shiseido sheer matifying foundation & lancome mascara .. I'm not usually a brand name spender, but I keep going back to those 2!
  7. ls820

    What's Worse?

    BOTH! I have a friend who wear foundation that's 3-4 shades darker.. she's very pale but she wants a tan... it looks.... ODD I have another friend who wants to be lighter... evenly awkward. same with people wearing a shade too pink/ too yellow
  8. I actually have this shiseido brush... to be honest.. i LOVE it. However, I don't have much to compare it to. I've been using a sponge.... a normal liquid foundation brush .... a stipling brush for mineral make up.... or just my fingers. I started using this brush for my liquid and powder foundation.... it was so damn even, the application process was twice as fast. I haven't tried any other buffing brushes, but in comparison with my previous foundation brush, this was a winner. I guess if you're happy with your current brush, stick with it. if you're looking for a top foundation brush, this one is reputable. Oh and um.. barely any fall outs.
  9. cyber color, lancome make up remover and for cream.. estee lauder.. Oh and facial wipes... WotNot, it's 100% natural and 100% certified organic!
  10. lots of the drug store products i've tried are really hit or misses. So far, i've had a bad experience with all maybelline products, i break out and the quality... well the LACK of quality really puts me off. So far, i'm liking my brand name products... shiseido, dior, etc... you really need to do a fair amount of research prior to investing in a drugstore product.... however, skincarewise, I like my drug store, natural/orangic shizz!
  11. I hate the admit, but yes! and probably too often!
  12. I play the piano, i love extreme sports, eating! that's always a big one lol... yoga... blogging? I suppose.....
  13. I'm studying to be a psychologist or an occupational therapist... favouring the latter, but who knows where this psych degree will take me. I have one semester left, the future looks bleak at the moment. At the moment, to pay rent, I'm a beauty consultant.

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