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  1. The problem is im in the UK so we don't have Wallmart or Walgreens
  2. that's a great suggestion, i'll definately try that! thanks x
  3. I'm not really sure what to make of it but it is starting to worry me. My boyfriend is tall and slim (the slimmest i've ever known him in 5 years but not too skinny, if you know what i mean) but lately he seems on this health kick of not eating dinner only sometime little, special K and hiding skimmed milk in the fridge. Before he said he hated skimmed milk as it "tastes like watery crap" but now he's been skipping lunch too sometimes. When I ask him why is he buying special K and everything else in "lite" variety he just says "it was on offer". He goes quiet and defensive whenever I ask. I see him looking in the mirror sideways at his tummy (which isn't there) and i'm starting to worry if he's getting an eating disorder. He really doesnt need to lose any weight. I know he was a bit big when he was a kid and i wonder if he's carrying that in this mind. He won't listen to me when I say he doesnt need to diet. Should I just ignore it? I really don't know.
  4. I'm loving my new mac Soiree I thought it was time to konad it! Mac: Soiree Konad Special Polish: Black Konad Image Plate: M59 Dotting Tool You can see more of my nail art & swatches @ www.kittennails.co.uk
  5. Hi Peeps ! I'm desperately trying to find a string glitter (example here) but I can't seem to find one (that's not discontinued!) but i can't find out anywhere online, does anyone know of one? Thanks for looking
  6. Hi! I have far too many polishes, i'm over 100 now, so i really need a better storage solution than all on one shelf (which is hard to see and find the polishes i want as there are a few rows all in front of each other) I'd really like to find a wall mounted shelf so I can see all the polishes side by side, anyone know where I pick up one? wouldnt an expensive price tag ideally. Or do anyone know of another solution that would work? Thanks for looking!
  7. any ideas when this will be on the UK site to buy? they sold out the first day at my local!
  8. HI! I'd officially like to post my nail art, news and swatches blog: www.kittennails.co.uk I'd love it if you can come check me out and if you like then follow me too
  9. i just bought the £5 bottle from models own site, can't wait for it to arrive. The appeal probably came from the £83k version though...
  10. Get them before they are gone- Nicole by OPI polishes half price at boots online! I just bought 4 great price! http://www.boots.com/en/Nicole-by-OPI-Nail-Lacquer_1051521/
  11. domestic violence against anyone, including children, women etc!
  12. Here's my entry for today too Andrea Fulerton Trio Colour Layering System Polish: Rainfall Nail Gems
  13. Nice! and nice contrast to your rings / bracelets
  14. I think dark shades like black look good on blokes

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