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  1. I have this problem too right now. Nothing I do seems to look ok and it's so annoying. I have tried to use different moisturizers and also different primers but I am like you, not many primers work for me. My normal foundation just looks like a mess and I hate it. I have also tried to use moisture masks several times all night long but my skin is still flakey and dry. Anything I put on my skin just glides off. But my only recommendation for you is to use a lot of moisturizer so that your skin is not so dry. Then use a foundation for dry skin, that is dewy finish. Do not use powder but some setting spray if needed. I also need a lot of coverage so I use Joe Blasco foundation. I apply with damp beauty blender and pat it on. But it looks like a mess anyway after a while. Hopefully this is temporary for me so that things will get back to normal. I hope you find skincare products and foundation that suits your skintype as well. Everyone is different so I guess you have to try for yourself what you like and not.
  2. Foundation = Kett creme foundation Powder = Bare minerlas mineral veil Lipstick - I am momre of a gloss girl.... Lip Balm - Clarins instant light natural lip perfector Lip Gloss - the above one (it's probably a mix of lip balm and gloss) Eyeliner - No one special... Mascara - Dior Diorshow blackout waterproof Lip Liner - Clarins Blush - Stila convertible color Lillium Primer - Not sure, it varies Eyeshadow - Stila ones are great Fragrance - CLEAN BB Cream - Never use it Lip Stain - Never use it Brow Pencil - No one special...
  3. Yes there are good ways to cover the pores in the morning with foundation or powder, with primers or whatever And it do look great in the morning! Sure! But when you have oily skin this just melts and in a few hours the pores are back and looks huge again. I have now a different product that I use and that is a cream foundation. I found that this covers up the pores pretty good if you use a good brush and swirl and buff it in the pores (like the tutorial by Wayne Goss). This also has a very good coverage and it stays that way all day long. The only problem I have is the shine! But that can be taken care of with blotting papers etc. I do not use any primer with this foundation because it doesn't work well with silicone primers. The cream foundation I use is Kett and that is also from watching Gossmakeupartist on Youtube! :-)
  4. I believe that hydroquinone is forbidden here in Sweden. I am not sure what they use instead for the melasma or hyperpigmentation (other than more drastic treatments with several weeks of recovering from it). My acne scars are mostly just uneven skintone. It's red on the areas where I used to have a lot of acne before. Mostly on my cheeks. Together with the melasma my skintone is very uneven but with make up on it looks OK because it's not pitted... Perhaps in the future I can afford a treatment of some kind. I also have terrible stretch marks all over my body.
  5. What peel would you suggest for first time use and to see results in hyperpigmentation/melasma as well as old acne scars? I would like to start with something mild and gentle which doesn't make the skin peel off like this.... I am using my everyday skincare regimen with acids (MD formulations) and I have also tried Exuviance peel AP25. Perhaps I need the skin to peel off to see great results?
  6. How is Bare minerals Prime time original vs. oil control? Is it a big difference? I have only tried the normal one but I could use the oil control and esp. for summer time.
  7. No we don't have Sephora stores over here, too bad. We have other stores where it's possible to try different products but I really need to try something out for a longer time or togheter with other stuff to really see the results. But I have learned what kind of formula that works best for me now. It's not to thick, and not the ones that dries matte, and not too shiny/thin.
  8. If you want just a temporary "quick-fix" you could try Peter Thomas Roth instant FirmX.
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions! I will try ELF, I have never tried any of their stuff and if it works great it's very good price. Dior's sounds great too. It's a bit more expensive though and that really doesn't bother me if the stuff is good. I have been interested to try the Age Rewind by Maybelline but I can't find it anywhere here in Sweden so we probably don't have it here (we have the foundation though). I have tried It cosmetics, MAC, The Balm, YSL, and so on... Sometimes the formula is great but then the coverage is not good enough or too dark/wrong color for me. So it feels like an endless search. With age it's even harder. Any product I put under my eyes just makes my fine lines and wrinkles look 100 times worse...
  10. I need help with my under eye circles. I don't have huge eye bags but the area under my eyes are a bit dark/blue. I also have fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes so most concealers are just too dry and makes the fine lines look worse! Or they are too moisturizing and get stuck in those lines and looks crazy. I don't want to add any powder on top because it gets just too dry for me. I have a good eyecream and serum so my eye area is well taken care of I just need a good concealer for a bit more "mature skin". Right now I am using Sensai Kanebo concealer brush. It's OK but it will dry up in the lines during the day.
  11. I know it's an old post but if someone search for this like me I can give you my answer for how I take care of my large pores. I have them everywhere but they are worst on my cheeks and nose. I have oily skin and had some acne in the past. Sometimes nowadays too but not all the time. I use Benefit Porefessional as a primer and that one is the best one I have tried for my pores. It doesn't make them disappear 100% but they do look so huge! Then I apply Lancome Teint ultra 24h foundation on top of it. It's longlasting and looks natural and feels great on the skin, doesn't clog pores. On top I use Bare minerals mineral veil just to make it last a little longer and to give a little bit more matte finish. This also helps a little in blurring the pores and fine lines although it's more temporary. For skincare I use MD formulations and it has helped a bit with the pores and acne but once you have large pores I don't really think there is much to do about it really. I do use clay masque once a week and just after it my pores looks small but that is just for a short period of time. I have also tried the Peter Thomas Roth instant firmX and it works great on both fine lines and large pores. It smoothes the skin. But to use that every day would be time consuming and expensive.
  12. I really need something else now. My skin is super oily :-(
  13. I have to use a lighter shade in their Matte formula than the original one. It just isn't the same..
  14. Have you tried Lucy Minerals? She herself also ha rosacea and it covers her up really well.
  15. I actually think that the Bare minerals Matte foundation is Bismuth oxychloride free! Of course you can use it if it feels good on your skin. I have used both the Matte and Original formula of BE and there is more coverage with the original one but then you get the shine/glow and of course the itch if you are sensitive. Lately I have been trying out a lot of other mineral makeup-brands and there are so many!! You could order samples and try some others if you want to find the perfect one for you.
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