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  1. bowbandit

    OCC's Pretty Boy Lip Tar Fall/Winter Collection

    @Bonnie: I just looked up the swatches. Queen isnt as much of an orange red as you think. It almost reminds me more of a cherry infused hot pink. You might want to check it out and see if you could do a color like that as opposed to a normal red.
  2. bowbandit

    OCC's Pretty Boy Lip Tar Fall/Winter Collection

    I love Femme... and I kind of want Butch just for the principle of it! Good thing I have my pro discount haha.
  3. bowbandit

    FOTD October 7, 2011

    Am I the only one who thinks that MAC Violetta resembles Revlon Wild Orchid a tiny bit? Wild Orchid is a tiny bit more fuschia, but it could be toned down with a blue tinted gloss
  4. bowbandit

    FOTD October 7, 2011

    Eyes: Urban Decay Peace, NARS Wicked, and a random dark blue from a Boots No. 7 palette / Avon Glimmersticks liner in Blackest Black Face: Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer in Halo / Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder / E.L.F. Studio Line Blush in Coral
  5. bowbandit

    Cosmetics brand with pink paint splatter logo?

    way to deliver zadidoll!
  6. bowbandit

    My mascara got me sent to the ER!!!

    oh my gosh! well we're glad you're okay!!
  7. bowbandit

    middle partings

    @Dream: thats reasonable. I can deal with a vintage bun. But I hate middle parts with your hair down
  8. bowbandit

    middle partings

    To be honest with yu, middle parts remind me of buttcracks. I just can't take people seriously with them. I can't.
  9. bowbandit

    Cosmetics brand with pink paint splatter logo?

    I agree. It is a little vulgar. Urban Decay and Darla Makeup both make suitable alternatives.
  10. To be honest, the Hello Kitty shadows aren't that great. Maybe Urban Decay and other brands have spoiled me, but I was disappointed the first time I tried HK. I wouldn't really recommend it.
  11. bowbandit

    FOTD October 5, 2011

    Hey ladies! Today was a colorful look. I used "Peace", "Fishnets", and "Freakshow" on my eyes. I also used Jelly Pong Pong cheek stain in "Fluffy" on my cheeks and E.L.F. HD Powder. Eyeliner was UD "Electric". Foundation was Mary Kay Medium Sheer foundation in 104 Ivory.
  12. Noella Beauty Works makes awesome makeup in small batches. It's completely natural and cruelty free. I did an interview with the owner here actually. And no, Im not trying to promo the makeup or anything. They makeup is just really good haha.
  13. bowbandit

    EEP! how do i swap?

    Normally if you want to swap, you look through the sale/swap section of the site, and make an offer to the person in a message. Swaps consist of trading items for items, but sometimes the person might sell it through paypal. You dont want to send money in the mail! Too dangerous!
  14. bowbandit

    FOTD September 2, 2011

    jeannine, your hair looks AMAZING! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!
  15. I would love to be a LeCosmetique Reviewer. My lashes are not short on density, but they're little baby lashes! They don't have a lot of curl or length.
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