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    I am a fun, fresh, fierce redhead who loves to live life to its fullest. I've been involved in the field of glamour and skin care for over 10 years and love all aspects of the industry. If I am not trying out and wearing the hottest & latest glam, I'm probably writing about it. I am a featured blog writer here at Makeup Talk and I also have my own blog at sassyauburn.wordpress.com Feel free to check me out!!
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    Makeup, skin care, fashion and glamour are the things I follow the most. I am also a big fan of reality TV shows and many movies. I love all music from the days of Woodstock, to disco balls, to 80's hairspray metal right up to current rock and pop of now.
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    I am a mom of two teens and the wife to my soulmate. I get paid in smiles, laughs and memories.
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    Always changing..... I love to try what is new and hot!
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  1. I have an iPhone app that tells me where certain stores have certain deals going on or have introduced new items. Today they featured Victoria's Secret and their makeup. I knew they had some lip glosses and eye liners but now it seems they have quite the variety! I'd love some feedback from anyone who has used some of their things...what's good, what's not. And any comments on their perfumes too? Thanks!
  2. I bought my first ELF product about a month ago after it was featured on a look in a magazine. It was a blush in a fuchsia shade and very pretty. I went out and bought it the next day along with a few brushes. I really liked it. Last week I got another blush is a warmer shade and more brushes. Very pleased. I don't think, though, I would try anything else. I am just very particular (and very happy) with the brands of other products I used and wouldn't chance it.
  3. I got the skin care line to test. I get all my tests through "Allure" magazine. I filled out a survey, said I qualified in about 5 days, and got a full sized set (over $70 value) a few days later. I like it. A LOT. Allure sends me a "tester" about once a month. I've gotten mascara, perfume, lip balm, shampoo, lots of stuff. I like being a preferred Allure insider. Always quick with new information & products. Always full sized too.
  4. Seche Vite it is! I had some beauty bucks from CVS so I got it for a decent price. I will keep an eye oh at both Sally's and CVS for future sales. THANK YOU all so much for the suggestion and recommendation. I think I found a fabulous replacement.... or just a great new fave product. My nails were dry in seconds and the shine is great. Love you all!!
  5. I had looked everywhere for a good top coat after Sally Hansen stopped making the one I loved. I got a suggestion for an alternative which I really fell in love with. Now Ive found out this company has some practices that I'm not thrilled about, some I'm hosting my own personal protest of the brand (which I won't say). So I'm turning to you, glamouristas. All you nail fanatics: what is your favorite, quick drying, long lasting clear top coat?? I'd prefer to spend less than $10 if possible too. Suggest away!!!
  6. I love the look and stay power of liquid eye pencils for my top lids, but I can't get them to last more than a month before they begin drying out. Anyone have tips for keeping them "moist" all the time? And anyone have a suggestion on how to get them "flowing" nicely if they HAVE somewhat dried out?? It's a total waste to throw out a once fabulous liner that's only a month old because it's "dried up" a tad. (BTW? I take care of my makeup. Room temp, dark, storage in a bathroom makeup drawer) Thanks makeup-istas!!
  7. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a fanatic when it comes to lip products. I don't even get my mail unless I have a colored gloss on. Well, recently.. because of allergies... my lips have not just become chapped, but they will occasionally get mild sores and bleed. Of course, I lick them, nibble them, bite off the dead skin which doesn't help either. But now it's really bugging me. Because of the cracks & sores, my lipsticks and glosses always look blotchy after a while which I hate.Sometimes they even dry them out more. So I'm turning to you for help: What do you use--not a color or glamour product--to HEAL and/or SOOTHE your lips. I need something healing and I really don't know what is out there other than the ancient candlestick wax Cherry Chapstick. Give me YOUR favorite products for keeping your lips soft, moist, healed and soothed!
  8. Everyone knows I am a makeup fanatic. What most people don't know is I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years where I couldn't even wear lip gloss without "paying" for it. It was difficult for me to be someone who I really wasn't deep down just to put on a front ad a happy housewife who loved her husband unconditionally. I couldn't be who I really was. I was a writer. I was a dreamer. I was a makeup expert. I was a fashion follower. And I had lost myself in this relationship. Then.... I made a change. I took my kids, my car, my pride and what was left of my self esteem and decided it was time to start over. For me. On that day, I stopped biting my nails and still consider it my biggest achievement. I got into the makeup and fashion business and I began to write. I came out of my shell and became the Sassy me that I really am. People who haven't seen in years are amazed at my change. What they really don't know is... I didn't change. They just never had the chance to know the REAL me. Until now. My life now is blessed with a new, loving, supportive husband, two beautiful teen children and and past that I am not thrilled with--but wouldn't change--because it made me who I am today. (BTW, all social medias have been "liked" or +1'd!!)
  9. Eye Studio Master Drama Eyeliner or Eye Studio Master Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline - LASTS and LASTS all day. and Covergirl Lashblast 24 Hour Mascara. If you want some eyeshadow that lasts just as long, or goes even longer, L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow. Great colors, long wear. Good luck, have fun!!
  10. I have been using the same foundation for over a year now and really love it. It's L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle. I get the sunscreen from my moisturizer since the foundation has none. Lately I've noticed when I get my photo taken, my skinn seems shiny and looks oily. Ugh!--My biggest dred! Thing is... I don't have oily skin at all . In fact in can be a tad dry at times. I don't have time to dust my face with a powder every 15 min to make sure I'm not being a shiny Sally. Geesh, it's not even summer yet. Any of you have suggestions? Different foundation? .... A perfecting base??? HELP!
  11. I think black polish looks great on your toes in the summer and my hunt has started for a good one. I am pretty open to all brands, don't want to spend a ON but will go as high as $9. I want something super shiny, and frosted and glitter polishes are a possibility. Of course, long wear is a must. I'd also like to get it on a retail level, without having to order it online. Suggestions are open.... anyone have a black polish they absolutely love?

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