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  1. AmourAnnette

    UD Gwen Stefani Palette

    I think I am the only person who is utterly bored with this palette. It's just so underwhelming, and the only shade that stands out to me is "Danger" (dark blue shimmer) ... so, no. I will be passing on this one!
  2. AmourAnnette

    Makeup tips to look older - help!

    Posh Spice by Jeffree Star =)
  3. AmourAnnette

    Makeup tips to look older - help!

    I really don't have much input to help you, however, I think that you are stunning and you do look your age!
  4. AmourAnnette

    500,000 Likes on Facebook!

    Woohoo! Way to go, MUT fam! Here's to many more
  5. AmourAnnette

    How do you tell if a foundation is too dark/too light?

    I never trust anyone at the store (any store) to help me with color matching anymore, because they always urge me to get a shade that is too dark (dear store employees... pro tip: I am always the lightest shade, trust me) Anyways! The best ways I have found to color match is to test the color on your neck or inner wrist, check your reflection in the car visor mirror (sounds silly, but it works!), or take a selfie in natural lighting... or all of the above! Also, keep in mind that certain foundations can oxidize darker than their initial application. Hope that helps!
  6. AmourAnnette

    Secret Santa 2015 - heads up

    Thank you! We're moving to Seattle... I am SO EXCITED!!
  7. AmourAnnette

    Secret Santa 2015 - heads up

    Curses! I so badly wanted to participate this year, but I'll be in the process of moving during it :'(
  8. AmourAnnette

    Hi Everyone! Just joined :)

  9. AmourAnnette

    2015 Holiday Goodies!

  10. AmourAnnette

    2015 Holiday Goodies!

    I am most excited for Kat Von D's Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, which launches online tomorrow! Just look at those colors!! Perfection! ♥
  11. AmourAnnette

    Cool, warm or neutral? (pics)

    I agree with Reija, while it is very difficult to judge a skin tone from photos, I am also leaning towards "warm"
  12. AmourAnnette


    I've ordered before, and absolutely love their stuff, but realistically don't need more every month... with that said, my piece of advice is: don't forget to skip, if you don't want to be charged every month!
  13. AmourAnnette


    I recently picked up a few things from SheInside, and wanted to show you what I got! ^.^ Do any of you shop at SheInside? Why, or why not? Do you have recommendations of other online stores of this type? Let me know what you think!
  14. AmourAnnette

    Birchbox pick two mystery packs

    I love their teas too! So delicious :3
  15. AmourAnnette

    Memebox Spoilers!

    Is it just me or are boxes getting more and more lackluster?
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