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  1. BzzAgent is really starting to annoy me. They seem to drop my score if I go more than 5 days without submitting an activity for any campaigns I'm in. WTH? Some of us have jobs which keep us from living on the internet. I always submit several activities, with lots of detail and pictures, before the campaign ends. That used to be good enough, But these days if I don't start right away my score drops and if I take just a few days off from submitting my score drops. It makes no sense to me. I'm beginning to think it's their way of keeping people from getting to a score of 10.
  2. Remember that long survey a while back, that kept malfunctioning for everyone, about what products you use? Well, once it finally worked, I was so tired of doing it over and over I didn't provide ALL of the products that I use. I pretty much chose 1 or 2 for each section (Hair, face, I can barely remember at this point) Now I hardly ever get any surveys and I'm wondering if they used that information to choose who to send them to, if that makes sense. Anyone experience something similar?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lindzebra How do you guys get "exceptionals"? I never get more than good! They didn't seem to like it when I was negative about the Fiber One cereal (even though I said that I explained the product without bias when I buzzed about it). Honestly, I think it's pretty random. I mean, it has to be a high quality review, but ultimately it's up to the individual reading it to decide and apparently they aren't supposed to give "exceptionals" out liberally.
  4. Just want to vent: My score has been dropping lately for no reason. It went from a 9.2 to a 9.1 (okay. no big deal) But today it dropped to a 8.9. I sign on every day to check for surveys and I always complete several activities for every campaign I'm in. I've also gotten about 6 "exceptionals" for activies and my score never moved up from a 9.2. This is really frustrating.
  5. I have a pretty random question. I'm in a study that starts in a few days that requires me to take a survey between 6am-9am on the second day. The instructions say I will get a link to the survey in my email, but I will be at work during those hours and I can't access email. I CAN however access the L'Oreal site and get into my account. So my question is, will I be able to enter the survey from my L'Oreal account or do I have to actually click the link in my email? I'm really hoping it will just be there in the "Incomplete Surveys" section, otherwise I will be kicked out of the study.
  6. I just qualified for a study. After I had confirmed and all that, and the page with instructions come up, telling you what exactly I am expected to do it says "You will be required to answer a 24 hour Wear questionnaire between the hours of 6am and 9am" Does this really mean I have to fill it out then? What if I'm at work?
  7. A few weeks ago I noticed a small dry patch on each of my eye lids. I thought that's all it was, so when it didn't go away for a week I put some eye cream on it and the next day both my lids were swollen. I've been using this eye cream for a year now, so I don't think that caused the initial problem. I think it just irritated it. I'm pretty sure it's one of the new shades of shadow I was playing around with. I haven't been wearing shadow for two weeks now, and I can still see the faintest hint of the patches there on my lids and sometimes they get a bit itchy. I've never had a reaction to cosmetics before. My fiance recently woke up with both eyes swollen shut after using a new face wash the night before. He looked like he just lost a boxing match! It took a few days before he looked normal again. I felt pretty bad for him.
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