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  1. I heard Smashbox and Missha were good. You can buy Missha from Sears! ;3
  2. Ummm the problem is that I'm a guy soooo meaning I would bulk then. ;l
  3. Lol! My hair grew out wayyyy much longer (I think?). And my hairs reddish violet now. That pic was like... 8 months ago. XD. I look native American? O.o lol. I'm azn. XD. And my nose is smaller then that. I think it's just the picture that made it look like that ;P
  4. Exacly what it means lol. He doesn't want me having long hair. So I need to find a girly haircut soon. If I can find one hopefully I can make myself look more guyisher but only to my dad. Lol! Hard to explain. Main point is I'm trying to look like a girl and I need to find a hairstyle really soon >.< Sooo like yup. Btw for everyone that voted, please be super honest. ;P I need the bluntness!
  5. WELL, my dad's forcing me to get a haircut really soon (Might be 2morrow hopefully not)(But if not then on Tuesday) and I need a hairstyle that would make me look much more girly ;P Soooo hopefully people here could help out please? >.< Reason for my change in color is because the sun makes it reddish, that's all. My pic I just got is reddish/violet hair. Lol! My pictures (Also could you possibly rate how much I look like a girl?) And answer which one? Like with glasses or none? Also please be blunt. Thank You! Front In light In Light (Glasses Off) In no light(Glasses Off) In no light(Glasses on) Back of Hair Side Kinds of Hair I want, so maybe you could hopefully get an idea? O; If you have any ideas send a picture that you think would look good on me! Also I have no clue what to tell the haircutter. So if possible tell me what needs to be done. Likeee for example (Ask the hairstylist to cut your layers, make bangs, etc etc.) Thanks! I'll post up new pic when I finish hair IF I'm able to find a hairstyle. Prob like around Wed.
  6. Well, I heard that Shu Uemeru is a good brand. Is that the best for Asian eyes so far? I tried Revelon, however it cannot reach my eyelashes on the sides no matter how hard I try. So I was hoping if anyone knew any other good brands. Thanks!
  7. Ouch. I never heard of it ripping out eyelashes before. O_O"" I mean I heard cut but never rip. Eek. Seems scary. Lol. Where do you buy this Shu?
  8. That sounds really interesting. How does it work? Is heat exactly like the others except it heats up? Also, how do I know if it matches my eye shape?
  9. Which eyelash curler is better? The one with spring or the one without? By the way, I'm using the one by Revelon. Is that good? Thanks. Spring- http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/413ewj5inbL._SL500_AA300_.jpg No Spring- http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2010/bbb09/shu-uemura-eyelash-curler-300.jpg
  10. My eyes again. Lol Finally took pic. As you can see it's kinda like a mini bald spot because hair is going up. http://imageshack.us/f/21/photodfx.jpg/ If there are any solutions to this please do share. Thank You!
  11. My eyebrows are so weird. It grows like this <<<<<^^ >>>>>>> As you can see my right eyebrow is perfectly normal. However, my left is not. It grows upward instead of growing left (sideways). Is there any Permanent method to fix it? Like I don't need to fix it everyday? Thanks.
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