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    Aussie, deaf & aspiring beauty guru.
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    I love playing on my ps3. My favourite games are Batman: Arkham series & the God of War saga.

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  1. Kind of annoyed at myself. I just bought the Lorac Pro palette (1 & 2) from beauty.com & then the next morning, I went to check out Ulta and bam! They have both palettes as well as a few other items for $98. :l Tragic. I ADORE the Lorac Matte lip crayons, they are just easy to use & glides on smoothly. Lorac should just shove the whole thing into a collection so I can be happy & buy that. PS. Does anyone know where I can buy a Philosophy mini collection? I'm dying to try their stuff, so any recommendation would be awesome!
  2. SparkleBaby Palette
  3. At the moment, my wishlist is sitting at a lovely price of $790ish if I were to buy EVERYTHING that's on my list. Oh, why aren't I a millionaire. :'l
  4. Does anyone know who else is selling the Tarte Oui away away set? I can't buy from Ulta due to MYUS not being able to work with their system.
  5. I hit the pan on my now discontinued Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Luminous Matte Pressed Powder in Neutralizer (yellow). I don't know how I'm going to live without this product. It doesn't irritate my skin like most powders do. Worse, it's a bombshell on Amazon compare to the price I paid for in a cheap store which is several hours away from me. D: Oh and I hit the pan *finally* on my Urban Decay Naked Palette (Buck, Naked, Sin) as well as NYX matte shadow in 'I have a headache' but I already brought that replacement.
  6. Nail polish is the number one contender for me, I just don't know why I keep buying them when I don't wear them enough. I also don't see myself using up my Maybelline 24hr tattoo pots either, it'll probably expire before I even get close to hitting the bottom. Same goes to eyeliners that are colourful. I would like to state that I go through my lotions like there's no tomorrow , dry skin sometimes need a little extra loving throughout the day.
  7. Here's what I mean by flat straight contour brush. I'm also after a dupe if you know any other brands that does one like this. It doesn't have to look the same, I'm after the straight bristles, not the handle.
  8. Tossed Maybelline Color Show polishes. Too sheer & required over five layers. I also finished up a whole lot of body products I use in the shower such as, Nivea In Shower Body Lotion, Palmolive body scrub in Coconut, Woolworth Select Herbal Sensation shampoo & conditioner for dry hair (it contains olive oil) The Body Shop Vitamin E facial cleanser.
  9. Definitely feel your pain. I ended up buying some off ebay & later discovered that my lipsticks were fake. :/ Tossed them out immediately. Own the blush in Mighty Aphrodite but it is somewhat... Expired so I am trying to find a blush replacement to shove in the cute container. I want MAC to release another superhero series.
  10. Currently liking Covergirl Clump Crusher. A brand I keep going back to is Physician Formula mascaras. Loving Maxfactor Clump Defying mascara All time favourite is Covergirl Lash Blast (orange tube, not WP). ------------- Least favourite are Maybelline's such as Falsies, One By One Volume & Colossal mascaras. Really dislike Essence, some folks says it's the best thing but nup, nothing worked so far that I liked. Messy. ---------------------- I never really had much experience with high end mascaras but I am looking at Dior's mascaras, so if anyone has recommendation from that line, feel free to reply.
  11. Nup, no waterproof mascara for me, even in Summer. I just don't see the purpose of using them on a daily basis especially if the mascara are tough to remove and I already have issues with my natural lashes. I like to also curl my lashes with a clean spoolie as it gives me that natural effect and no clumps, so that's also another reason for me to avoid waterproof mascara.
  12. I have Kirkland (Costco), Ecotools, a special set from my course, elf and some random drugstore ones. I'd love to invest in Mac fluffy blending brushes but there's more than one to choose from! As for Sigma, I don't really see a lot of Aussie make up artists in my town using them. Ps, Model Prefer new brush collection (the rather costly one) is decent but the length of the brush is a bit ridiculous.
  13. For skincare, I am in loved with a brand called Natio and discovered how great Lush facial masks are, I have oatifix and cupcake something. Make up, haven't really splurge as much this year but top 3 are, maybelline 24 hr tattoo in 'too cool'. Sephora own mascara line, I bought a purple mascara. Annnd to finish it off, urban decay eye shadow in 'Sellout'. it's pretty good although the whole time on my USA trip, I just couldn't decide if I really wanted Naked2 palette.
  14. Yes! I'm a very neutral person and while on occasion, I might wear a shimmery eye shadow once in a while but matte/satin are far more preferable due to the fact that they are not as rough on the lids as shimmer/glitter.
  15. I also own Spoiled Brat and you're absolutely right about the pigmentation. They're really strong and not chalky at all, although I wish the silver came on a bit stronger. I also own Sweet as Candy one and it's not very pigmented, more subtle and require a few brush up.

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