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  1. No it won't be closed however if the conversation is to remain on track it needs to remain about the program NOT about Linkshare making threats, when no threats were made by a reputable company, and other drama.
  2. Sure can. It's part of the very top of the rules. Even @@Director has said that MakeupTalk is NOT to be the support site for companies. Affiliate discussion does not fall under that aspect of the MakeupTalk rules.
  3. Certain aspects can be discussed but certain ones can't. Unfortunately Memebox threads have gotten out of control and no one from the moderating staff has really paid attention to this thread. Had we been aware of situation - in that it's turned into a support thread for Memebox affiliates - it would have been stopped a long time ago. We have allowed Memebox issues to slide which never should have in the first place. That said, talking about their affiliate program to a certain degree - how to join, mentioning they're changing policies - is fine. Complaining that Linkshare is asking for too much information is NOT allowed because it goes beyond the scope of what MakeupTalk is about. IF we were to really push the rules then this thread would be shut down because it has no place on MakeupTalk PERIOD.
  4. That's good to know they're still shipping orders. Hope they reopen soon.
  5. Has someone posted a list of Indie Perfumers links yet?
  6. Is Fyrinnae still around or what? I've been seeing a white screen on their site for a few days now. I just don't get why they don't just turn off their carts instead of shutting down their whole site. Love their products but always thought how they handled orders to be odd.
  7. It really shouldn't be here on MUT since MUT is not Memebox's support site.
  8. If you feel so strongly take it to Linkshare or Memebox but frankly MakeupTalk is not the place for you to complain about Linkshare or Memebox's affiliate program. That's your issue not MUTs.
  9. No you don't need to justify your feelings but you just proved you're being overdramatic.
  10. You're being overdramatic and it's coming across that you think Linkshare is out to get you, they didn't "threaten you". They need to weed out bloggers and vloggers who do pay for traffic. Your site does come across as suspicious because of how heavily you promote Memebox. Linkshare wants to know what's going on and that's their right. Even ShareSale and other affiliate companies like Commission Junction have similar policies in place to prevent fraud.
  11. Affiliates are not being hassled. If it's an inconvenience then it's an inconvenience meant to drive away bloggers who pay for readers/followers and yes we all know there are such bloggers and vloggers that do. I joined the Memebox campaign and was not sent those questions but I'm an established Linkshare user. That said I do see in my Account Profile there are similar questions so it's definitely part of Linkshare's process.
  12. Now available on Sugarpill's website for $13 each. Pastelle Limited Edition Loose Eyeshadow Charmy Loose Eyeshadow Clickbait Loose Eyeshadow Countess Loose Eyeshadow Grand Tiara Loose Eyeshadow Holy Ghost Loose Eyeshadow Hug Life Loose Eyeshadow Mint Soda Loose Eyeshadow Penelope Loose Eyeshadow Strangeling Loose Eyeshadow
  13. I've been using my Fortune Cookie Soap wax tarts on a daily basis. LOVE the smell of all the scents so it's really hard to choose one. Sometimes I'm melting two at a time together - not in the same pots but in little glass ramkens side-by-side.
  14. There is also Fair Use laws if the blog post is done from a research point of view.
  15. https://rakutenlinkshare.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201250473-Is-there-a-minimum-payment-threshold-

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