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  1. I love Arbonne Cosmetics. I'm an Arbonne Consultant to I have access to them all the time. They aren't sold in stores, you can only order them through a consultant. They are available to order online, you just need a login code. I LOVE their primer. I've tried dozens of other primers. I've used MAC's I've used Makeup For Ever's and a bunch of others, but none of them had the same effect. Arbonne's primer is silky smooth. It feels like you haven't even put anything on. Other brands I've tried feel water-y, or they seem to bring out redness on my face. I also love their eyeshadows. They don't have a huge selection color wise as their products are all natural so unless you find an electric blue colored plant somewhere in the world, chances are, they won't have that color. But as far as the basics go, brilliant. They also have a lash enhancer that is similar to Latisse but without the weird side effects.
  2. I would have to say that in the last year I have cut back a bit on spending money on beauty products. For the most part though, I just became more aware of different deals and discounts. I would shop for things towards the end of the month with the left over cash after all my bills were paid. I also made good use of gift cards that I'd been saving for bigger ticket items. Overall I think the biggest expense that I cut back on would be coloring my hair. I used to color my hair all the time. Now I let my regrowth sit a little longer before I touch it up and I've been sticking to colors closer to my natural color so that it's easier to grow it out a bit instead of the brighter colors I used to do. I used to get my nails done all the time but since the recession, I've gotten more patient with the brush and now I mostly do my nails myself.
  3. Like someone else said, it depends on the person. If it's a stranger, I usually just say thank you and I compliment them back for something that I like. If they ask about what I'm wearing or how I did my makeup I always tell them. I found that a lot of the MUA's at least where I live expect you to compliment their makeup but they act like it's supposed to be a big secret on how to create their look. I'm always happy to share tips and tricks that I've picked up with other people. Most of the time my students compliment me on my makeup. I have about 8-10 girls in the class I work in that ask me for tips everyday. It's fun to share what I know and sometimes if we have time in between activities, I might show someone how to apply something. For the most part, I just say thank you and I throw a shout out to my Sephora girls who sold me the products.
  4. I am "lucky" to have both of these kiosks in my mall.....and of course they happened to be RIGHT next to each other. I usually duck into a store if they're trying harder than normal to get me to try something. I had a similar experience with a hand creme guy that makes me wonder why I didn't press charges. You know those fun happy go lucky metro guys that you love to take with you when you're shopping? He was one of those but obnoxious. I had just gotten acrylics put on for my sisters wedding and I was doing some last minute things for the wedding. I was in a hurry and tried to get past the kiosk without getting harrassed. No such luck. Mr. Grab Hands takes my hand, pulls me toward his station and starts talking about some kind of new cuticle oil. He asks if my acrylics are my real nails and of course I tell him no. So he's like "oh, well I must show you this oil it's good for you, helps repair the damage from the acrylics. This one looks loose." He tried to pop one of my hr old acrylics off. I nearly decked him. The sales girl next to him looked surprised that I started screaming in his face. I marched right over to the security office which was conviently located only 20 ft away (gee I wonder why) and wrote a report on what happened. The next time I went past the kiosk in the mall Mr. Grab Hands glared at me. A few weeks later I heard that he'd been fired for doing the same thing to another girl. I just don't understand why companies take the time to hire someone who obviously doesn't know what they're doing instead of hiring someone who yeah might expect to be paid more, but that can actually talk to customers and sell them the right products and build a clientele. I don't know about Sephoras nationwide, but I absolutly ADORE my Sephore girls and guys. Every time I come in they say hi, they know me by name (could be because I'm in there about once a week). They show me new products and we talk trends or swap tips. It's like gabbing with your girlfriends about the things you love most. They are never pushy. They understand color, application, and price range. If you ask to try a product, they grab one of their trained makeup artists to show you how to apply the product, what colors look best on you, even little tips that they know are used in the industry. It'd be awesome if companies trained their sales people like the Sephora people are trained. I have to say that I like working with my Sephora girls and guys better than my MAC girls.
  5. I just found this site after trying to find reviews on Micabella. Like most of you I was harassed by a sales girl. I walked by her once and was able to say no. I walked by again as the mall was closing and she got in my face, dragged me over to her cart and started doing the 30 second demo on all of the things their product does. As a makeup artist, I've seen this kind of product a hundred times. I first saw them in the late 90's/early 2000's. There was actually a different kiosk in my mall at the time selling the stackable sets. I allowed the girl to make her sales pitch because as a makeup artist and a cosmetic consultant, I understand the point of trying to make a sale. I know that they work on commission so I over looked her pushieness and gave her a chance. Once she told me the price I heckled her a bit and she said that since I was her last customer she'd sell me one color for $10 but that I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that I got a "$25" product for $10. So I got a color I wanted to experiment with and she put it in a bag. Then she started mumbling something about selling me their "special lipgloss" which we all know isn't special at all. She got really annoyed when I told her that I only wanted the eyeshadow. So I'm about to leave and her partner comes up and starts badgering me about not being able to afford a $25 eye shadow but I had a Sephora bag. She asked me what I bought at sephora. I told her I bought brush cleaner and she kept trying to convince me that if you soak your brushes in a sink full of really hot, soapy water, it cleans them better........ummm, hi, if you're going to make claims about being in the business you should probably know what you're talking about. Long story short, as a makeup artist and makeup consultant for a company that sells toxin free makeup, Micabella is not the best stuff out there. It's way overpriced and like someone else said, the company should give some sort of training on how to talk to potential customers. If nothing else, I'll use the makeup on face charts and wont have spent much.
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