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  1. Again, love the blending job. Are you using tape on the sides of your eyes? Cuz your eyeshadow looks so sharp and perfect on the outer edge, looks like the way mine does when I use tape.
  2. I absolutely love your blending job and your color choices. That's something I would do.
  3. Well, I'm not one for going on dating websites anymore. I'm way too busy to be bothered with it and I went on them before and found nut bag losers on there, so really turned me off, the ones who say they are Christian ended up being the craziest. One time I ended up meeting this really good looking Christian guy who even had the "look" of what I like, which is tall/dark & handsome, hahaha.. I say that jokingly about the tall/dark & handsome, but I do like a man taller than me and preferably at least taller then me in heels so I could be able to wear heels and not look stupid.. also I like men of italian, greek or spanish descent.. so there goes the dark... and of course handsome.. but i realize the better looking, the bigger the jerk... hahaha... BUT ANYWAYS I met the guy who had all those qualities, plus he even went to my church, lived local, liked the same music, I mean everything... but then I slowly started to realize why such a great catch was single? He was the king of head games and weirdness... plus when I was on dating websites, I would get messaged EVERYDAY from older men like in their 50's thinking they are young and good looking and would say "wellll i know im a little past your age range but i figured i would message anyway" umm what part of of 29-34 did you NOT get? basically, i would get a lot of responses but from people i wasnt into and then God forbid you dont respond you either get hate mail saying "what?? u think you too good for me you cant respond?" or "you arent that pretty anyway so i dont even care if respond at this point, you missed your chance" .. like, really? shut up! I got to the point where I would actually get ANNOYED when I would sign on when I saw I had messages because I knew it would be some bullshit or some guy from africa sending me a chain letter of marriage proposal he has sent to 100 other girls or some weirdo from turkey with another chain letter poem about my beauty that he has sent to 100 other girls.. hahahahha... i used to try to just keep it "just in case" cuz i thought oh wow what if my soul mate or something was on there? well.. God knows my tolerance and my annoyance level so if my soul mate is even such a thing, he prob aint gonna find me thru a website at this point.. and as far as singlers mixers? been there, done that.. just not my scene either... nothing seems to be my scene except my house with my mom and puppy, haha
  4. Haha, thanks but if you can actually re-create the look, I'd love to see that because I listed the products so crappy and I used a lot of products, haha.. probably too many products
  5. Technically this was yesterdays, but I still have it on and it's April 30th.. so why not start a fresh thread? Anyways, I missed you guys! Havent posted in quite awhile in this particular forum! Eyes- Petal Pusher palette by Wet n Wild... the right side of the palette crease labeled color in my crease NYX - pink w gold shimmer on my lid NYX- deep purplish color on the outer corner NYX- Loose powder pigment pink color in my inner corner NYC- whiteish bone color under my brow MAC- rice paper under my brow (on top of the NYC) ELF- Purple cream eyeliner on my top lid and bottom lid water line and under eye, also with a dash of NYX deep purplish under the bottom lid Then two different browns on my eyebrows, a dark brown and a taupe brown pencil, then a brown shadow Oh and Falsies MAscara Face - Bare minerals foundation Bare minerals light pink blush Bare minerals pure radiance shimmer on my cheek bones Bare minerals faux tan on my face for warmth then a light dusting of JANE bronzer all over face Loose powder to set makeup and finish it off Then hairspray, lol. Lips- NYX burgundy ish lip liner MAC Viva Glam 2 lipstick MAC pinkish shimmer sparkle lip gloss Sorry I don't have the specific names because I'm too lazy and I'm not near my makeup, but if youre really that dying to know, I can find them out for you
  6. Oh that sucks girl! Not only does Target near me have it, but also the Dollar Tree dollar store right around the corner of my house carries some of their products including brushes, it's crazy! I was shocked to see it there, I mean yea, some items are a dollar anyways, but I just didn't expect to see it at the dollar store of all places because the dollar store usually carries shit makeup like LA Looks and stuff, but believe it or not the Dollar Tree actually has been having some decent items like L'Oreal lip glosses, the one that look like the Lancome Juicy Tubes... and also they have this NYC Mineral eyeshadow with liner sealer so it makes this AWESOME eyeliner, I bought out every color they had except white.. and I bought tons of the lipglosses for my kit because they had a lot of great colors and they have pretty defentnlasting power and look good on... so they will be great to use as finishing touches on clients and so forth, and then I could even just sell my client the lipstick and lipgloss and charge a little more and make a profit.. because it is always recommended that a client have the lipstick and gloss to touch up during the night.
  7. Yeah guys, I'm going as well and I will be writing several different interview scripts for each company that I know and am interested in asking particular questions, but if you guys have some questions for me to ask any cosmetic or brush or whatever company, please submit them via PM to me because that way I will definitely get them and I will add them to the list. I really would like some questions from you guys because it will help me out a lot. I don't have particular questions for all of the companies, just some so far, so it would be good to get other input for other people on here, cuz maybe you guys have burning questions for companies I'm not really familiar with. There will be a general question and answer script for all of the companies, but I'd like to have some other more special questions to ask. Thanks a lot guys! I am so excited to have this opportunity to do this, and I am so appreciative to Tony for allowing me to be able to take part of this. This will be my first time to any makeup show and I am so excited! I can't wait to represent Makeuptalk.com and tell everyone about the site and give the site a lot of exposure and in return get a lot of great exposure for the companies by having these interviews and showcasing what they have at show and getting it up on our website. It will definitely be a win/win for both parties! This is going to be a really great event, and I'm just sooooooo looking forward, I'll be counting down the days! I'm so excited about who I am going to meet. I def am excited to meet the owner of Dinair being as though I have a Dinair airbrush system and makeup, and absolutely love it!
  8. Haha, I knowwww I've been so busy and then I come home and I'm so tired I go right to sleep, I've been neglecting the computer but I'm gonna make up for it this weekend and be writing blogs for my own site and for makeup talk and all that jazz! hehe.. Anyways... No, did not have the fashion show yet, its supposed to be in may but they are being kind of annoying with getting back to me with the details, it's like hello, im doing your makeup and hair for free, try to be more on top of filling me in with details like WHEN IT IS, etc, lol.
  9. I just looked at my Petal Pusher palette and I swatched them and I could not believe this one dark blackish color with red sparkles is an exact dupe for a MAC color
  10. I just had a serious ELF haul at Target, LOL.
  11. Ha, didn't know loving the Lord and being a Christian was such a turn off for people. I hope my love for Jesus turns men off so much they leave me alone and never talk to me again because I would never compromise my beliefs to date someone. Jesus who died for my sins vs. some guy who just wants to get in my pants.. hmm.. I'll take Jesus! PS- where are you finding these "religious" men? I'd love to find a guy who loves the Lord and shares my faith, but I never have any luck, and then any guy who does love the Lord is either like really crazy or just nerdy, from my past experiences in dating. I know the Lord will eventually place the right man in my path, but sometimes I feel like it will be impossible to find a man I'm attracted to that is also a Christian.
  12. Wow, I want to die or laugh.. haha I just saw this post and my friggin red lips face on the main page. Haha!
  13. Okay, well firstly, I had said that the red lipstick pucker face was a joke and that it makes me look like I have those candy wax red lips on. Secondly, I am not going out of the line with the second lipstick, I have natural big lips and have NOOOOOO need or desire to go out of the line. Also, everyone keeps calling that lipstick nude but it's not. It's 3 lipsticks mixed together with a darker shade on the outer lip and a lighter shade just in the center, and then a different colored gloss over it... Also, I will never wear this red lipstick or any red lipstick period, around here that's very 80's and high hair guidette looking. Unless I was some sort of Dita/pin up girl, it would be okay, otherwise the only people I see wearing lipstick in this area is John Gotti Mob Wives or a washed out 80's rocker. Also, I hate red lipstick. I just posted this picture as a goof to see if anyone else can actually pull red lipstick off? Cuz not everyone can!
  14. Well, Darla, I am from the Jersey Shore, I'm about 15 mins north of Seaside in the same exact type of town w/boardwalk, rides, beach, etc. LOL. I never thought I was Jersey though b/c I hate Jersey and I lived in NY for a long time, so I would always say, no I'm not like a typical Jersey person bc I don't act like them.... to be honest with you, people from around the Jersey Shore do NOT act like people on the show for the most part, people around here are like very preppy/surfer, I have always stood out here, lol. Now it's cool all the sudden and people always call me JWoww, lol, I'm like whatever!! And that is definitely a first Maris, that I read someone who is turned off by someone who loves the Lord and quotes Bible scripture. I'm actually quite the opposite, I am a born again Christian and I can not date another guy who is a non believer because it just never works out. I would love to meet a nice Christian boy however, they are usually kinda dorky, but who knows!
  15. haha, I smile all the time, infact I have smile lines from it... but other than that, its very hard for me to show the full look when I'm smiling, lol..

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