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    <p>I am a single male in my forties.</p>
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    OPI, Rimmel, Nivea and Astral.
  1. I saw this adorable brand when on holiday in Ireland. We cannot buy it here in the UK. Are you lucky enough to have it where you live? Also, what brands do you like, but do not have where you live?
  2. For me: OPI Rimmel Clinique Boots No7 Max Factor
  3. I have just done the questionnaire. Although male, I have not bought a product as a result of watching a vlog. I once bought a lipstick as a result of a television advert, but have no idea if the model on the advert was a celebrity or not.
  4. Do you have male friends/an SO who displays an interest in what make-up you wear? I am a male, have a close female friend and love to look at her new lipstick purchases. She enjoys wearing the new lipsticks for me as well as passing me the products to read their names/numbers etc.
  5. I really like doing make-up and nail care for women friends and have wished, for a long time to study beauty, particularly nail care/manicures/pedicures. Would you feel comfortable if you were studying this and a male student was on your course? Thank you.
  6. I first tried a cheap orange lipstick of mom's, which came from a UK store chain called Woolworths. I used it without asking and it was drying, itched a lot and tasted horrible. Also it took an age to wipe off as it stained my lips. Serves me right for not asking. lol!
  7. Do you spend equal amounts of time doing your make-up for work as you do socialising etc? I only wear it on nights out.
  8. Vey pretty. As I've mentioned in posts, I wish red lipsticks look good on me.
  9. Do you use their products and how popular would you say they are where you live? I ask because I remember mom using their pressed powder in the late 1970s/early 1980s and don't know anyone who wears their products today. I am in the UK.
  10. I love helping mom and female friends choosing.

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