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  1. Amber204

    Zoya in Canada?

    Nailpolishcanada.com They don't have as many as they used to right now but you just have to keep checking back, I have got quite a few Zoya's for as little as $4.50!! Enjoy!!
  2. Amber204

    Zoya nail polish promo

    I got Adina and Kristen so excited!! Thanks so much for posting this thread!!!
  3. Amber204

    Julep Maven Box

    If those hand scrubs are as good as some of the one's I buy which are $25 and that's all you get than it is well worth the twenty dollars. I love how smooth your hand are after using those scrubs!! ))
  4. I am really into red wine or black cherry colors atm and have a similar skin tone was always told that warm is my color and light pinks or peaches are for pale skin tones and reds and purples compliment mine better,
  5. Amber204

    Best drugstore facial moisturizer

    I have used Nivea cream since I was a teen and still do I also just bought a Marcel's Climatik which I love and will purchase again~!
  6. Amber204

    Subscription & Sampling Programs

    I did some research into the variety of boxes available and am absolutely positive I found two or three for the uk keep looking Ruby I know one is called a JolieBox. http://joliebox.com/ I want to try luxebox myself I heard awesome reviews and I think there is one other but I need to stop buying and use up some of my stock items before I do, living in the country makes me a hoarder and I have loads of products atm!!! O.o Canada also has a topbox has anyone heard of them you get 4 delux samples they show stila and nars on the front page and are sold out til March 2012 already??
  7. Amber204

    Feather Earrings/Hair Extensions

    I have a long owl pendant with feathers attached to the bottom it is stunning and a steal at 7 bucks a week before black friday. I make feather earrings rather than buy them with the wild chicken feathers we hunt out here in cabin country lol. They are the same natural partridge feathers they sell in the store but we get them free!! When people say where'd you get those awesome earrings I say from last nights dinner!
  8. Amber204

    Seche Vite Top Coat

    I used cheap top coats before I tried it a few months ago and after using it I have fallen in love and always have two bottle on hand in case I run out lol!!
  9. I can't believ no opne has said the chinese apple/pear hybrid yet.... I have no idea what it is called but it is exquisite!!
  10. Amber204

    Do you have a afternoon nap?

    If it takes being pregnant to nap I just might try that some day soon lol! I find my mind is always going a million miles a minute and I can try to lye down for an hour or more and it's a complete waste of time because I will never fall asleep. Funny thing is though I can hardly keep my head up on long rides on a motorcycle, I took a few trips this summer and had to pull over multiple times cause I was falling asleep, must need a Harley the Suzuki is just to calming!
  11. She looks Incredibly young and vibrant, nice change from the usual conservative look the last few years!! She is one my all time favorite artist growing up she is an icon and has revolutionized the female image that people like myself will thank her for our entire lifetime... She acted in one of my all time fav movies as a kid "who's that girl" if you haven't seen it you should!!
  12. Amber204

    VS reward card haul!

    I used my suprise card at la senza toady and it was 50 bucks whoo my 7 panties for 27 were free and i have 20 leftover to spend on the next sale!! They should give those out every year!!
  13. Amber204

    VS reward card haul!

    Right on you got some great finds there, I got some of the suprise gift cards myself at victoria's secret that's what I thought you were talking about lol even ten bucks is better than nothing!!
  14. Amber204

    Your favorite perfume

    Bath and body came out with a new one when I was in the store a few weeks ago and I fell in love it's called enchanted and is the perfect combination of fruity candy. My all time favorite perfume is allure, second is jadore, and third is cheri but I also have tons more bottles like hugo boss, 2 paris hiltons, britneys, a ralph lauren to name a few so I have had to put myself on a perfume no buy for the last year and probably the next lol!
  15. Amber204

    Nail Polish you're wearing right now?

    I don't have a pic but I am wearing Zoya's Heidi/(bright orange) on my fingers and my favorite is hope/(dark purple) on my toes. That gold and black shatter is stunning. I ahve to know where you got the unicorn puke it's beautiful!!
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