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  1. I dont like the nail strips! I wrote a blog post on my blog too... the design was pretty but I dont like the application AT ALL
  2. i felt like my box was a bunch of junk..lol..i can appreciate the eye tint because its highly pigmented...but theres nothing in the box that stood out. especially for it being a $12 box and not $10
  3. I have another random question, does anyone know the nutritional facts for the candy they send? I ate the chocolate from februarys box and I am on a diet, I am not sure if its on a card or something as I just throw out everything but the contents as soon as I get a box..lol
  4. i saw that! came up as one of my choices but no makeup choices stops me from choosing 6 and continuing with BA
  5. wow! now ill be dissapointed if my bag is not like this LOL
  6. I finally got my box, I wrote a blog post about it. I love it, was worth the wait! and my tarte came in good condition!! woooo hoooo!!!
  7. Mine says the exact same thing, I am in NYC, last time it came sooner than predicted!
  8. ***Lurks within beautybar website for more oscar perfumes, finds "live in love" with rave reviews on amazon and macys... bites back the urge to buy a $60 perfume for $30*** I sincerely hope nobody has tried that perfume, and if they have, I hope it smells horrible (please someone tell me its terrible)!!!!
  9. Its great that you can use your monthly $15 credit with any other code! (its almost like the code is not there, but it is) you can pull off buying a $50 item for $25! I was almost going to buy the fekkai repair masque and serum BUT I told myself I wouldnt purchase anything unless I absolutely NEED it. My cart would add up to $57, with the codes -$32....
  10. Mine is lost, i keep checking usps site and it still hasnt updated until the 6th. If your package is stuck and not moving id email them. Good thing yours is ok.
  11. mine hasnt updated since march 7, It says its in NJ...I emailed them to ask why it hadnt come one monday and they said it was nothing, and that it will be coming soon. I saw most people got theres on the 10th (monday). now its the 14, so I emailed them today and they said they looked into it and looks like its been lost along the way. I knew it had to be something.
  12. I hear some people get points when something goes wrong, they didnt even offer me that, and I had to email them 3 times for them to even acknowledge that something had gone wrong with my package. Either way its a service I pay for, so I have a right to be upset. I have been dying to get my package, and had gotten really excited about it. And now I might not get it.

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