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  1. That's disappointing. I usually like the brand. Do you remember which line it was? I think the Organic Wear varies a bit from the other two, although now I'm thinking this might be a buy-then-return situation
  2. Has anyone tried it? I like PF, but I've never tried any of their foundations, though the price seems better than some, worse than others. Would you recommend it? Hate it?
  3. This is way cheaper than buying makeup. I'd love to see you play with either picture, things you think would look good, or extreme looks you want to see on face. Or, put what you're wearing/hait and eye colour on me, for curiousity's sake. Whatever you like, I'm just in it for th attention, aha
  4. I never thought of that! Not vegan myself, but I think I'druther buy vegan products anyway
  5. I like the MAC and Micabella loose powders, but lots of people have horrible experiences with Micabella salespeople. Oh, and looking at your signature, I don't know whether they're vegan products.
  6. Do a semi-matte tinted moisturizer for casualer things, then a very good primer for your skin (I have no reccomendations, and mineral makeup or foundation+HD powder on a makeup-y day. Just my opinion on the how- Not recommending brands, everyone else beat me to it
  7. I use Body Shop, it's the first one I've tried though and I don't have the moneys to try out another. It's definitely better than no primer though
  8. I love pinup girls! (I've got the next thread, teehee) And you eyes are so blue!
  9. I got a polka dot dress, so this was inevitable. I don't have all of them at the moment, but I'll add them when I do. Jessica Harper face, to be sure. Trying to be demure Classic chair pose So that was great fun, makeup by me, photos by Boyfriend, poses compiled from pin up girls. I'll add the pictures other than these when I get them, but at least you ladies can see the makeup. If you're wondering about the lack of eyeliner, we were time-pressed and I didn't want to worry about getting it even or having to redo my eyes if I slipped. Tell me what you think?
  10. 1. Warm or cool shade? Warm, definitely 2. Brands and shade of foundations Lise Watier Teint Mousse Mattifant in Naturel 3. Brands and shade of concealers Physicians Formula concealer twins in Green/Light, Lise Watier Colour Wheel (light), and Lise Watier Undercover in 70697 Clair 4. Do you use primer? What brand? Yes, moisturizer and Body Shop primer
  11. Really? I cant use gel liners on my waterline without it looking uneven. I guess I'm a pencil-type person...
  12. I love ecotools, except the bronzer brush. The angle brushes I find amazing, and the rest are medium quality I could see spending more on them with another brandname. They go for $5-$15 each, or the sets of five are around $15-$20. I love the eye brushes, again, the face powder brush and kabukis are medium, foundation brush is a little better, and the bronzer is no. The set of mini eyeshadow brushes is worth it, at 6 for $6 (in canada, at least). I use them whenever I need to carry them on me, or I just don't have time for fooling around with all my brushes. Also, if you have Icing (by claires), they have three brush lines. Super crappy ones with black bristles, medium ones with brown bristles, and really really high quality ones with brown and white bristles. They all go for between $5-$10ish each, or a roll of five or six for $20. I bought them in doubt, but I love them. The duo tone bristle ones are better than some of my higher end brushes and don't shed at all, the brown ones are better than you'd expect from Icing, and the black ones you'd expect to pay about 50c for. I also got a roll of seven from Urban Planet for $3, and only the face brush was crap, the rest I use all the time. Not great, but more than useable and helpful to have on hand. They don't have a label, but they were in a little grey/silver/black leopard print roll. I'm assuming they were LA colours, because they only sell LA Colours and ELF there, and they don't look like the only ELF brush I have, and I don't see the roll on ELF's website. I'll look online, see if I can find their brand. (No, I can't, and Urban Planet doesn't list cosmetics online). While I'm at it though Urban Planet always has really cheap basic clothes, like tank tops marked down to $3 and sweaters at $10, so while you're moneyless, you might remember that. If you shop at Body Shop (if you don't, don't listen to this), they often have promotions with their brush roll, which I really have liked. Usually it's if you spend $30 you can get the roll for $10 or free, and it's a nice and large roll. So, if you shop there anyway (for your skin care or whatnot), wait until that promotion's going- it should be on the website, it's not usually one of the ones up on signs in the store, the reps usually tell you- then by it ll at once and get the roll for free. If you don't shop their anyway, it's obviously not worth it. If you do, it's a good quality five-piece roll with two extra slots, so if you shop there, I recommend. It's not worth the regular price $90, but for free-$10, it's amazing
  13. Mine won't be direct seller- they're mailing me via Canada Post a giftcard and a catalogue, then I never have to talk to them again. The only bad part in that is that of course, I can't look at the brushes and things, hence asking here. I'll look for reviews still though. But I'm thinking to go along your route, DreamWarrior. From what I've seen, product reviews vary a lot, so I'll probably, again, go with nofail things like brushes. I mean, it's free, but might as well get good free things I can use. Everyone hates the salespeople, but that's okay, since I won't be seeing one. And it sounds like the salespeople are either brainwashed or stopped working there because they were being jerked around. Oh well, like I said, I won't be seeing them. Since there aren't really any reliable reviews online (either it's hit and miss or everyone's bad at judging), I'll get either the brush kit or travel brush kit- travel's half the brushes, half the price- depending how much else I want, and I'll post a review here and maybe youtube it, since the only one there is a year old and hasn't been updated.
  14. Relocation


    Has anyone heard about or used cosmetics from Arbonne? http://www.arbonne.ca/ArbonneCosmetics/ There's a spa local to my boyfriend (3 hours for me) for which I just won a Spa Party with $100 worth of Product or whatnot, and they said since I'm out of town they'll mail me an equivalent giftcard plus a catalogue. Of course, I went straight to the website to look at the makeup. It's regular-expensive priced; eye products are more than I'd usually spend, but brushes are $80 for a kit of ten, so pretty fair priced. I like the looks of their lipstick too, but it's not cheap, even if it's free. Not that that makes any sense. Has anyone used the face/eye/etc products, and are they good? Are the brushes, seeing as I love brushes and could always use more? If not, I'll either gift it for someone closer to the spa or find good skincare there, but either way. And hey, if they're just medium or barely worth price, I'm still getting them free, so. Thanks all.

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