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  1. Wonderful!! I'm glad I could help. :-]
  2. That's interesting! How it grew back? I actually never read reviews about that happening. It hasn't happen to me (hope it doesn't) however I am not finished with all of my sessions. We'll see but I agree with you 100%
  3. I have that same issue! But I've actually purchased a Groupon [referral link removed, replaced with link directly to groupon] back in April for laser hair removal for $160 (I also upgraded for another $160 retailed at $1200) so it was definitely a deal, I seen results after my first session, they're almost always having deals for laser hair removal on that site, and for a great price (best I've seen $145). So if you can afford the little extra money, I'd recommend it! Or your best bet is waxing..or perhaps trimming? Hope you get it all figured out
  4. I looked on YouTube for a while and I ran into this girl, she's absolutely gorgeous and she has quite a bit of makeup tutorials you make want to check out! I think I'm going to sub to her, as well. If I lived closer to my boyfriends family, I'd ask them (they're Vietnamese) but I can't sadly so I have no advice that I know of! I hope this helps you somewhat..check out her other vids because her trick here worked very well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bP9HN55wwc&feature=related
  5. Wow, thanks for the replies, guys! Sorry, I was on vacation and didn't reply sooner, I'm back now though! :-D I actually just ordered 4 Urban Decay eyeshadows from HauteLook.com they were $5 each, it was a huge sale. lol I really want to try MAC and perhaps too faced and a few others, just have to save up money for them : Thanks for the input! <3
  6. Oh how beautiful!! Nicely done, I love it
  7. Hello, everybody! I was wondering what are the best high pigmented eyeshadows you've used? I've read on Sephora.com reviews, that even the most expensive brands can lack in high pigmentation. So I want a little input, please! ] Thank You <-- (Love that face LOL)
  8. Congrats! You sound like you nailed it! Good job =)
  9. I agreeeeeeeee but you know what else is worse?? They haven't even contacted me back YET! I called and left a message immediately ...since it was after hours, THEN on this past Sunday, I sent them a email just to let them know again. It's now Thursday, and I haven't heard one thing back from them!!!!!!! wth!!!! Have you contacted customer support?
  10. Lucky ms. Jolie-like Lips It's always like that..I was picked on, too. I can relate. Wow thanks so much for this I will try it. Where can I buy peppermint extract? At a Health Store I'm assuming? I'll call up and ask if they have it so I can experiment!
  11. OH MY GOODNESS! I just received my E.L.F order yesterday and I ordered the minerals eyeshadow primer that i've needed for a while now, and a few other things. The other things were fine, but when I opened the primer it was completely clean too W T F !? I called customer service and left a voicemail..haven't heard from them yet. I am pissed..lol Like how can this happen? I'm shocked i'm not the only one.. )) E.L.F F.A.I.L !!!!
  12. Why I Should Win these tickets to see the makeup show is because in the fall I'm starting school to become an Esthetician, and it would be fantastic to take this experience with me! I have so much to learn about make up, since I recently started to enjoy and practice with it with my first Sephora makeup palette a little under a month ago. I used to just buy cheaper, more affordable products because that's all I could buy at the time. I've only had the opportunity to use professional makeup (thanks to my friend for applying it on me) a couple of times and I love it! The education of all the newest products and learn tips to applying it would be excellent as well as complexion and best colors for an individual! I would love to go because I have never been to New York! I've been to many places, but there! It would be a great experience to see New York for the first time as well as have a productive educated visit. I'm excited to see if there are more all-natural type products on the market for the future! Can't wait to see professionals share what they believe in and put all their heart into!
  13. I've never tried it...when I heard it it sounded ideal, then when I read more about it I was like, no never mind. lol I don't really think it matters, just eat healthily! ;]
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