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    FOTD May 9, 2012

    FOTD May 9, 2012
  2. Thank you Zadi... The lady made me so angry. I also do think she didnt go for the proper course...
  3. So yesterday for a workshop at work a image consultant was asked to come thru and do a presentation. She did the clothing speech and so on... Then she got to the make-up part. This is where it starts, she told the ladies that when working in a office you dont want to over-do it and she looked at me... I got soo angry it was not even funny... Then she also adds in that you dont want to plaster your face. Note plaster your face with foundation. She get a lady from the crowd to do a make over on... It was astonishing with the amount of foundation she put the poor girls face... You could run your nail and it would get stuck... Now this is a lady who supposadly went to a college for make-up training... I dont understand this, why point to me and say that in the first place and then go against with what you said in the first place... I love looking good and doing my make-up, i dont wear a lot of foundation especially now with the heat i wear none i only do my eyes...
  4. Hmmmmm... Sneaky peeps... I have always been fat... I am currently at a stable 176lbs... I wish i could weigh 120lbs dammit... But i am happy... I just have fat thighs and ass... But i dont care...
  5. Ok so now i dont feel bad anymore.. I also have a coffee addiction... My fiance is currently in spain where its nice and warm and i am stuck in the cold in sa.. He says i use the cup to warm up my hands.. But i do love my coffee.. I have also walked away from a shoe sale and make up sale yesterday... YAY me...
  6. Ok ladies i have to admit... Since i started coming onto this forum... I have also been buying makeup like crazy... but i wait for the specials... now i have a shoe addiction and a make up addiction... I also dont buy as much clothes anymore as i have to loose weight... But what must we do if we love looking good....
  7. i have also been cutting my own hair for a while now... i have alsso been cutting my fiances hair for the past 3 years now. He doesnt complain... I have long hair but i am also getting bored of my style, so i have been thinking of going to the hairdresser for some change but its just too expensive...
  8. You guys look awesome.... I will so look odd with this... My skin is too pale.... Good going all
  9. I love the yellow....
  10. @Andrea - You have such beautiful eyes... You kinda look like kat von d... @jean - You always look pretty and always in such a good mood... @kat- I would so love to pull off your look but i sooooo do not have the confidence... All ladies just look awesome...
  11. Ladies please tell me how you guys all look so happy...? Jeanrick you always look so bubbly... Bonnie the blonde suits you..... you look hot
  12. Bonnie thats looks awesome... Ladies you all look great
  13. Looking very nice Beauty... Foudation: Clarins Full Cover Nude Eyes: Black Eyeshadow Vixen Quad Eyeshadow- Blueish green Pink along the brow Lashes: Maybelline - The falsies Lashes are from Vivi Nail Lips: Some Lipgloss i found the name scratched off
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