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    I grew up a tomboy. I love playing sports and video games, wasn't really that into fashion or makeup. Even now most of my friends are boys. I went to school for 3D animation and modeling. Member SQOATZ is the ♥ of my life (no he knows nothing about makeup/beauty etc)
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    makeup, beauty, fashion, computers, video games, shopping, movies, 3d modeling, 3d animation, photoshop, html
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    3d artist
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    anything and everything
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    way too many to list but Boondock Saints is in the first 3
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    Mostly punk rock and techno, but I listen to everything...except country
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    anything vc andrews
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    No fave brands, only fave products
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    I'm adopted
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    http://www.facebook.com/people/Bonnie-Krupa/569980217 It's my personal FB but feel free to add me :D
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  1. yeah those have got to be fake. Theres no way!
  2. omg those organizers are awesome! I'm gonna have to run to Michaels now lol
  3. I have only bought a few things from the Ulta line and they are hit or miss. Some eyeshadows work wonderfully while other have like no pigment unless I really dig in. The waterproof automatic eyeliners do not stay put very well. The palettes are also very hit or miss with the eyeshadows. The face powders/blushes and lipsticks pans are all good. The nail polish is also good.
  4. You couuuuld even buy a lighter brown gel eyeliner and work it into your eyelashes if you cant find a light enough brown mascara.
  5. I dont think using an eye cream will hurt. I started using one last year since I'm noticing fine line under my eyes (waaaaaaah) lol
  6. I know every company has a brown mascara but they tend to be kind of dark. The best drugstore waterproof mascara in my opinion is maybelline (any kind). It stays put all day while other brands end up under my eyes and stuff
  7. I love the packaging and maybe the baby pink lipstick (not on myself) buuuut thats about it : /
  8. I've always liked the acne cleansers,. I don't really break out that much and these types of cleanser seem to really help keep it minimal
  9. Have you ever tried the L'oreal true match? Also are you using primer before you apply your foundation?
  10. I've gotten a bunch of those 2 tone lipsticks as GP I have never liked them haha
  11. I think cream/liquid bronzer would be your best bet. Or if you like powder make sure to use facial moisturizer before applying makeup
  12. I agree with commando or the seamless thongs

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